What future holds for the grocery delivery app. What is the expected credit of the grocery delivery app?

The entire world is going digital these days. Most of the businesses who can get an online presence are developing or have already developed an official app for themselves. Just about ten years back, the field of digital marketing was not very popular but today, there’s cut-throat competition between firms in various industries to take their business online and acquire as many customers as possible.

Seeing these new trends, you might be thinking of developing an app for your business (whatever it may be) but might not know where to begin, how much it’ll cost you, and how much ROI the app will give you. That’s where we come into the picture. Just continue reading this article or contact us and you’ll get a fair idea of the whole official development process.

There are many on-demand delivery apps like food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, meat delivery apps, and many others. An on-demand grocery delivery app is one of the most profitable and feasible ideas for app development.
If you’re thinking along those lines, you must have a query about how to develop an On-demand grocery delivery app or how to build it from scratch, and more. The following sections in this article will give you a fair idea of the grocery app development process.

Sketch your idea to Create On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Developing a wireframe for the MVP of your app is an excellent way of getting a fair idea of what your official app will look like. The wireframe of course, will undergo numerous modifications to suit your final visual design requirements. Additional features, adhering to the layout of the app, can also be added later on
Apart from offering users the convenience of ordering groceries from their homes, grocery delivery apps also offer several other benefits to their users which is why they’re a hit with the masses these days. Let’s have a complete overview of the benefits they offer to people in the following section.

Why build a Grocery delivery app? Is it worth it ?

The convenience of ordering groceries from one’s home, a plethora of secure online payments, 24/7 customer support, and attractive offers and loyalty programs are the reasons why people prefer to order groceries online these days and there is a huge demand for grocery delivery apps.

If you’re looking to develop a top-notch grocery delivery app for your grocery store business, there’s good news for you. The demand for grocery delivery apps is truly enormous.

According to a report by Statista, it is estimated that the grocery delivery industry in India will balloon to USD 187.7 billion by the end of 2024.Hence, this is a great time to seriously consider creating an on-demand app development.

The different types of grocery delivery business models

Grocery delivery businesses can be classified into the following three main categories.

Single Grocery Store

In this business model, one grocery store will have its official app for online grocery ordering and manages all of its business operations from updating the online menu to delivering the customers’ orders to handling online payments for the orders to resolving its customers’ queries and order issues.

Store Chains

This grocery delivery model is often employed by established firms in the grocery delivery business like Big Bazaar. The organization will have an admin app variant of their grocery delivery app. The admin app will be fully-featured and will enable the grocery business owner to handle all of his business operations via a single dashboard on the admin app.

Grocery aggregator

An on-demand grocery delivery app can be built with customized features to act as an aggregator platform and enable grocery ordering and delivery.

When the customer orders via the app, the delivery executives will deliver the groceries from the grocery store (branch store) nearest to the customer’s location.

A plethora of secure online payment options and attractive discounts are also offered on all orders. These features heighten customer retention.

Must-Have Features for Grocery apps

Easy sign-up process

The initial steps a customer goes through are the sign-up and sign-in processes which are simplified by the grocery delivery app. The grocery delivery app will make account creation and signing in, a breeze for users.

Grocery delivery apps these days also enable users to sign into the app via their gmail or social media accounts so that they don’t have to create separate accounts on the app.

Enhanced search

As grocery delivery apps have hundreds of products listed on them, it becomes automatically confusing for the users to select their desired items. The grocery delivery app enables users to search for groceries by their categories, by typing the items’ names in the search bar, or by grouping commonly shopped grocery items.

Add to cart option

The add to cart option enables users to slowly build their grocery order by adding one item to the cart after another. The number and value of the purchased items is displayed on top of the cart icon so that users can be aware of how much they’re buying and spending. A quantity number is also displayed besides each grocery item. It can be incremented or decremented based on the users’ needs. It provides users with full control of their grocery purchases.


The recommendation feature makes using the grocery delivery app very convenient for the user because it gives purchase recommendations based on the user’s past purchases and preferences. Users also get the reorder sub-option in the ‘Order History’ option. This way, they can re-order their past, favorite orders in a giffy.

Save for later feature

If a user is very interested in any particular product on the grocery delivery app but doesn’t want to buy it immediately, he can bookmark that product or “save for later”. The next time he opens the grocery delivery app, he will be reminded (via a notification) of his interest to buy that product. The user may then decide to purchase that product, save it for a yet later date, or discard his interest altogether.

Push notifications

The push notification feature will help the user to get real-time updates via the app. Users get live updates on ongoing offers, festive offers, new product listings, and updates to the grocery delivery app. This feature Keeps Customers Informed (KCI) in all aspects and prevents anxiety for them.

Safe and convenient payment procedure

After completing the order placement process the user finally comes to the payment process where he makes the payment and finalizes his order. The availability of a plethora of swift and secure online payment options is one of the reasons why people dote on grocery delivery apps.

Live order tracking feature

This is one of the most advanced and important features that a grocery delivery app can have. The live order tracking feature shows a customer, the location and movement of the delivery executive and the estimated time to reach the customer’s location. Keeping your customers updated about their order status will relieve a lot of anxiety for them.

Customer reviews and feedback

Customers’ reviews about your products or service must be taken positively and implemented to better your organization in all aspects and enhance your organization’s reputation in the future.

What are the Technologies Needed

  • App Platforms:
  • Back-end:
  • 3rd Party Apps
  • Push Notifications
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification
  • Cloud Environment
  • Payments
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Mandrill
  • Database
  • Traffic Analytics

Choose the right app development partner company

A good app development partner firm can make you realize your business ambitions faster.

There are four project deliverables which you can negotiate with your app development partner company. Those parameters are your budget (cost of Grocery App development), technology framework, deadline, app layout and functionalities, and the duration of future technical support for your grocery delivery app.

Negotiating these deliverables properly with your business partner firm will enable you to get the most suitable grocery delivery app for your grocery store business.


We believe that we have covered all the aspects of how to make a grocery app. Even so, if you think that queries or concerns have not been discussed in our blog post, you can certainly contact us for further clarifications and for building an app development roadmap.