Digitization has become the need of the hour these days. Every business that can have an online presence is developing the facility or already has it. This is due to the global reach and clout of the internet.

It is the same scenario with meat and fish delivery businesses. Every meat delivery business is developing an advanced meat delivery app for itself to have an edge over its competitors and heighten its reach, business volume, and profits.

That being the case, you might be thinking of developing a cutting-edge meat delivery app for your meat store but you might not know whom to approach or the cost to make an on-demand meat delivery app.

That’s where we come into the picture. Kindly continue reading this blog post and you will certainly get a fair idea of meat delivery app development cost by the end of this article or you can simply contact us now to get a free quote.

The salient features of a meat delivery apps

Every top-notch meat delivery app will have the following advanced and convenient features and four variants of the app that benefit both the meat delivery business as well as its customers.

Customer app

The customer app will have the following set of sophisticated features to make the process of meat ordering convenient for users.

Easy account setup: This feature enables the app users to set up an account on the app or login using their gmail or social media accounts. In the case of registration on the app, users register themselves using their mobile phone numbers or emails.

Instead of a permanent password/registered password, registered users log in to the app using only OTPs sent to their registered mobile numbers or email ids.

Showing nearby meat stores: In the case of a meat aggregator app, the meat stores and cloud kitchens in the customer’s vicinity are shown and the customer can order meat from the meat store of his choice. Nearby meat stores (meat stores within 10 kms radius) are displayed on the meat delivery app to reduce delivery charges.

Easy order placement: Modern meat delivery apps enable their users to place orders for various types of meat by just clicking a few buttons and adding various meat items to the cart. The meat items listed on the app can be searched by their respective categories or by simply typing the meat item’s name in the search bar.

Placing an order for meat items has become a breeze for customers thanks to the convenient features of modern-day meat ordering apps.

Live order status updates: The real-time status of meat orders is given to users via in-app notifications. Meat delivery apps these days also enable users to track the live location and movement of meat delivery executives via an accurate GPS feature embedded in the app. This feature prevents anxiety for customers and Keeps Customers Informed (KCI).

Secure and swift online payments: All the meat delivery apps these days have secure and swift payment gateways embedded in them. They provide a plethora of online payment options to customers.

This feature facilitates easy and convenient payments for online meat delivery orders. It eliminates the need for customers to have the exact change with them.

Customer ratings and reviews: All the modern-day meat delivery apps enable their users to give their reviews and ratings on the quality of the meat items delivered and the delivery speed and behavior of the respective delivery executives.

Your customers’ reviews and ratings should be taken positively to better the quality of meat items and delivery service provided. Effective implementation of your customers’ feedback alone can preserve the integrity of your meat delivery business and enhance its reputation.

Attractive discount coupons and loyalty programs offered: These days, most of the meat delivery firms list attractive discount coupons and loyalty programs on their meat delivery apps.

This is done to heighten customer retention and customer loyalty. After all, most of the people, especially in India, are only interested in earning and saving money these days.

Delivery Executive app

The delivery executive app should have convenient features like the ones listed below to enable your delivery executives to perform their duties efficiently.

Personal details registration: The personal details of your delivery executives such as their address, bank details, blood group, etcetera should be registered on the delivery executive app so that any form of assistance can be provided to them in cases of accidents or deaths (God forbid).

Easy account setup: Registering on the delivery executive app should be a breeze for your delivery executives. They should be able to register themselves using their mobile numbers or emails and get an OTP to login. The easier the account setup process is, the faster delivery executives can join your organization and work for you.

Accurate GPS navigation: This feature is essential to enable your delivery executives to precisely navigate to your customers’ locations and deliver their orders. The embedded GPS feature always shows your delivery executives the shortest route to reach their customers’ locations. This is hands down the most important feature of the delivery executive app.

Chat and call option: In case any difficulties arise during the course of order execution, delivery executives should be able to call or chat with their respective customers and seek help.

Ratings and reviews: Delivery executives should also be able to rate and give feedback on their respective customers because sometimes, even customers mistreat delivery executives and such abuses should be reported and taken corrective action upon to keep the morale of your delivery fleet high.

Earning information: Any delivery executive should be able to see on the app information regarding their working hours and earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. This will motivate them to work harder and earn more.

Store manager app

The store manager app will have the following set of sophisticated features to enable store managers to easily and swiftly handle business operations and customers’ complaints.

Inventory management: Store managers can update the status of the store’s inventory on the store manager app and also order meat items that are low in stock or depleted.

This practice ensures that the meat items listed on the app are always available or at least available as soon as possible. That way, customer’s won’t be disappointed when using the app.

Live order monitoring and management: Via the store manager app, store managers can monitor the live status of their customers’ orders and take corrective action if necessary. They can also address customers’ complaints regarding their orders if any.

This practice will ensure 100% customer satisfaction and preserve the integrity of your meat delivery business.

Delivery fleet management: The store manager app enables store managers to manage their store’s delivery fleet efficiently and effectively. They will monitor the current statuses of their delivery executives and coordinate with them in case any hassles arise during the course of order delivery.

Business operations database: A detailed database of the store’s business operations and staff can be built on the store app. It can be analyzed to streamline business processes and maximize profits or to handle customers and their complaints effectively.

Admin app

The admin variant of the meat delivery app is the most sophisticated among all. It enables meat store owners to handle all aspects of their business operations seamlessly and swiftly.

Cloud backup storage of data: Admin app variants enable business owners to store their business database on any cloud platform as well so that in case of any corruption or theft of data, the backup of the business data will be available.

Logistics management: Your meat stores always need to have their inventories at the optimum levels to meet your customers’ demands and ensure customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, your logistics fleet will have to be managed optimally and the admin app has advanced features that will enable you to optimize the operations of your delivery fleet thereby minimizing your expenditure.

App display management: On the admin app, you get to control the content displayed on the other three variants of your meat delivery app.

For example, you can control what meat items are displayed as available or not available on the customer app, you can control the discount coupons available on each store manager app, you can control how much your delivery executives get paid per kilometer they travel to deliver customers’ orders, etcetera. In short, the admin app gives you granular control over your business operations.

Push notifications: Via the push notification feature on the admin app, you can send informative notifications to your customers, store managers, and your other staff to maximize the efficiency of your business operations and your profits.

For example, you can inform your customers about new discount coupons that are available on the customer app to maximize their buying. You can inform your store managers about business process updates and performance incentives. You can inform your delivery executives about pay rate updates and festive bonuses, etcetera.

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Is there a definite cost for meat delivery app development?

Now having known the hallmark features of a top-notch meat delivery app, you might be thinking of developing one for your meat store but might not know about the cost to build a meat delivery app. We’d advise you to read further and by the end of this section, you’ll get a fair idea about meat delivery app development cost. Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no definite answer to the question, “What is the cost of Meat delivery app development?” The cost to make meat delivery app depends on a multitude of factors which we will discuss shortly.

Number and complexity of the required app features

This factor is quite intutional. The more the number of app features you require, the more it’s going to cost you as it requires more coding time. If you require a few advanced app features, then too it’s going to cost you more as complex app features require more technical expertise and app development time.

Experience of the app development team

An app development team composed of mostly freshers will charge you a lesser per hour rate whereas an app development team composed of mostly seasoned app developers will charge you more for their service as they have proven experience in app development and can surely deliver you the desired results.

Region or country in the world you are developing your meat delivery app from

App developers in different regions of the world charge differently for their services. Generally speaking, app developers in developed countries tend to charge more for their service when compared to app developers in developing nations owing to lesser competition in developed nations for the same service/job.

The list below gives an idea of how much app developers in various nations charge for their service.

    • USA: App developers from the states are the costliest to hire. They charge between USD 50 to USD 250 per hour for their app development services.

    • Australia: Australian app developers are considerably less expensive to hire. They charge between USD 80 to USD 120 per hour for their app development services.

    • Europe: European app developers may be cheap or expensive to hire. They charge anywhere between USD 30 and USD 150 per hour for their app development services.

    • India: Indian app developers are music to the ears of many store business owners wanting to develop their own delivery app.

This is because Indian app developers develop high-end on-demand delivery apps at low hourly rates. Indian app developers charge only between USD 10 to USD 80 per hour for their app development services.

This could be due to the cut-throat competition in India to get a high-paying (relatively) white-collar job like mobile app development.

Generally speaking, good quality meat delivery app development cost will fall anywhere between USD 5,000 to USD 50,000 depending on the above-mentioned factors.

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