Is restaurant app development cost affordable or costly?

“Mobile apps” is the buzzword these days. People of all ages and professions use various types of mobile apps for various purposes. This is because modern day mobile apps are very sophisticated, versatile, fast, and secure. Mobile apps also have a large user base, owing to their popularity with people, which many businesses find convenient.

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It is the same scenario with the restaurant industry. Many restaurants already have a dedicated mobile app for themselves or are trying to build one in order to leverage the manifold benefits that restaurant food ordering apps have to offer.

We shall have a detailed study of the benefits of restaurant food ordering apps for restaurant business owners in the coming section.

The innumerable and invaluable benefits of restaurant food ordering apps

Restaurant food ordering apps offer innumerable and invaluable benefits to restaurant business owners. They help improve the restaurant business in all aspects. Here’s how.

Reaching a wider target audience

Due to the reach and the clout of the internet and social media platforms and due to the precise and feature-rich digital ad campaign manager tools available these days, promoting your restaurant’s app on various social media platforms and groups has become child’s play.

You can effectively reach and influence a wider range of your target audience. Your restaurant’s app can be promoted on relevant social media platforms and groups free of charge or you can run targeted paid ad campaigns on relevant social media platforms and groups.

Even these targeted paid ad campaigns are far more cost-effective to run than traditional forms of advertising like newspaper ads, radio ads, billboard ads, etcetera and give far higher ROIs.

Flawless execution of customers’ orders

Until about a decade back, takeaways used to be ordered by customers via landline phones. Hence, there was always the chance that any restaurant’s customer care executives could misunderstand their respective customers owing to their vague accents and deliver some inappropriate (unordered) food items thus incorrectly executing their respective customers’ orders.

The problem of incorrect execution of customers’ orders is eliminated if customers use their desired restaurant’s food ordering app to order food from the restaurant. The order details in the restaurant’s food ordering app will be in the form of simple English and numbers which are very hard to misunderstand. Hence, near flawless execution of customers’ orders is certain.

Restaurant food ordering apps also employ an impeccable and efficient Order Management System (OMS) which aids in seamless and swift execution of customers’ orders. The OMS streamlines restaurants’ business processes, minimizes delays and errors, and makes the process of food delivery, efficient and dependable. Modern day OMSs reduce operational costs and give restaurants high ROIs in the long run.

Granular control of business operations

The admin app variant of restaurant food ordering apps are feature-rich and sophisticated. They have versatile and elaborate features that give restaurant business owners granular control over their business operations.

Using the features of the admin app, restaurant business owners can issue orders to and coordinate with all their staff in any department like delivery executives, branch managers, chefs, logistics partners, and maybe even farm owners to ensure the smooth execution of business tasks and to maintain the inventory levels in all the restaurant branches so that the restaurant’s customers can always order what they want via the restaurant’s food ordering app.

The admin app variant will also have robust features that enable restaurant business owners to impeccably handle all their business’s monetary transactions. They can pay their staff’s salaries and incentives and supervise the payments received from their customers.

They can also introduce new, attractive offers and loyalty programs or make informed changes to existing offers and loyalty programs to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The admin app will have in-built and automated business analytical tools that will provide valuable and actionable business insights to restaurant business owners so that they can make informed business decisions.

All the above-mentioned business tasks can be done by just clicking a few buttons on the admin app. Isn’t that convenient? Hence, we can safely conclude that restaurant food delivery apps have made handling business operations a breeze for restaurant business owners.

Scaling up the business is easy and cost-effective

Every restaurant is limited in its seating capacity and its ability to serve customers at any given point in time. If a restaurant business were to build new branches and hire additional staff to meet its increasing order flow then it would cost the restaurant quite a lot of money and the restaurant would get a marginally positive ROI at best.

On the other hand, if it had developed its own food ordering app then it would be able to easily meet its rising business volume and serve a lot more customers at any given point in time.

Since the restaurant’s customers are ordering food from their homes via the restaurant’s food ordering app, the seating/serving capacity limitations of the restaurant do not come into play and the restaurant can scale up its business with ease and with minimal additional infrastructure and staffing costs.

Last but not least, restaurants also need not worry about the visibility of their restaurant business on third party food aggregator apps if they have their own app for food delivery. Restaurants can save a lot on paying commissions on their profits earned to third party food delivery firms if they have their own app for food ordering.

Thus, the benefits of food ordering apps for restaurant businesses are innumerable and invaluable. Hence, they should undertake serious efforts to develop a top-notch food delivery app for themselves. It’s the only way to grow their businesses easily and cost-effectively and be ahead of their competitors.

If you want a high-end food delivery app for your restaurant business which will improve it in all aspects, then come straight to us and we’ll make it happen. Our app development services are world-renowned and cost-effective. So, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by consulting with us.

Is the cost to create a restaurant app influenced by any factors?

Certainly! There is no fixed restaurant app development cost. It’s determined by quite a few factors which are listed below.

Number and complexity of the desired app features

Obviously, the more the number of app features you want, the more development time it’s going to take and the more it’ll cost you. If you want advanced and complex features to be installed in your restaurant food delivery app, then too it’s going to cost you more as developing complicated and elaborate app features requires a great deal of technical expertise and app development time.

UI/UX design

A simple restaurant food ordering app interface will only cost you an average of around USD 4,000 to design whereas a swanky and feature-rich UI that is versatile yet simple to use will cost you between USD 15,000 to USD 20,000 to design. Advanced yet simple to use UIs have a higher user engagement rate when compared to simple UIs.

The nationality and experience of app developers

Experienced app developers will obviously charge you more for their app development services as they have more proven technical experience and expertise whereas freshers in the app development domain will be a lot less expensive to hire as they’ll be facing high competition, yearning to get good app development projects, and have to prove themselves first before they increase their hourly rates.

App developers from different regions of the world also charge variedly for their app development services.

App developers from developed nations like the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etcetera charge more for their app development services when compared to app developers from developing nations like India, China, Malaysia, etcetera.

This could be due to stiffer competition in developing countries for high-paying, white-collar jobs like mobile app development. The table below shows the average per hour rates of mobile app developers in various nations.

The US: Mobile app developers from the US are the costliest to hire. Their average hourly charge ranges between USD 50 to USD 250. This could be due to the sparse competition in the US in the mobile app development domain and also due to the high technical expertise of mobile app developers there.

Europe: European app developers may be costly or cheap to hire. Their hourly app development charge varies widely between USD 30 to USD 150.

You may hire a cost-effective European app developer depending on your budget and app functionality requirements but kindly ensure that you get value for your money and not a poorly designed app that will bodge the public image and reputation of your restaurant business.

Australia: App developers from Australia are somewhat expensive to hire. They charge anywhere from USD 80 to USD 120 per hour for their app development services.

India: Indian app developers are the most sought-after by firms around the world. This is because they are skilled yet cost-effective to hire. Indian app developers charge only between USD 10 to USD 80 per hour for their app development services. This could be due to the exceptionally high competition in India to secure high paying, white collar jobs like mobile app development.

The app development platform used

Different app development platforms and coding languages are used to develop native or cross-platform apps for Android or iOS. The “Kotlin” programming language is used to develop native Android apps. The “Swift” programming language is used to develop native iOS apps.

Certain app development platforms like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter are used to develop cross-platform apps. The employ different app coding technologies like Javascript,, and Dart respectively to design cross-platform apps.

The different coding technologies differ in their capabilities (the functionality of the respective features) and complexity. Hence, app developers using different app development platforms and coding technologies charge varied hourly rates for their app development services.

After release services

If you want your app development agency to optimize your restaurant food delivery app to rank on various app stores (Play Store and The App Store) after its release into the market, then obviously they will charge extra for the service.

If you want to employ Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques as well to promote your app on appropriate social media platforms and groups then too, it’s going to cost you more. In short, availing additional services after the completion of app development will always bring you additional costs that you’ll have to be ready to bear.

If you’re looking for additional services after the completion of restaurant food ordering app development like App Store Optimization (ASO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), etc., you can always discuss your plans with us. We will provide you the best-in-class services at very reasonable prices.

Generally speaking, the cost of restaurant apps varies between USD 6,500 to USD 40,000 depending on the app features, UI, and additional services you require post the release of the app.

How we can help you realize your business ambitions

Having seen the umpteen benefits of an app for restaurant food ordering, if you intend to develop a food ordering app for your restaurant business, kindly knock at our doors at any time and we’ll be glad to help. You need not worry about the cost to create a restaurant app too much as we provide our top-notch app development services at very reasonable costs.

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