Certain fish and meat items are considered a delicacy around the world. Many fish and meat items are in high demand in many nations around the world. Added to this, many people these days are using mobile apps in almost all their walks of life. Therefore, anyone who develops a high-end on-demand meat delivery app can mint money in the meat delivery business, especially in India.

The size of the meat delivery industry in India was USD 18 billion in 2015. By the end of 2020, its size swelled to USD 33 billion, and by the end of 2025, its size is expected to balloon to USD 46 billion.

Seeing these facts and figures, you might be tempted to develop online meat and fish delivery app for your meat and fish store business but might not know how to do it or where to begin.

That’s where we come into the picture. By the end of this article, you would understand what benefits top-notch fish and meat delivery apps give to fish and meat store owners and the processes involved in developing an advanced fish and meat delivery app.

The benefits of meat delivery apps to fish and poultry store owners

High-end fish and meat delivery apps give innumerable and invaluable benefits to meat store and livestock aggregator business owners which are listed below.

Securing seed funding from angel investors is easier

A well-designed, fully featured, and engaging on-demand meat delivery app is the hallmark of any successful meat store business. Therefore, if you develop the best-in-class meat delivery app for your meat store business, it is bound to impress and convince your potential angel investors when you negotiate with them on appropriate social media platforms.

Remember, every successful business was once a budding startup and every promising startup needs a financial heave to sky-rocket its way to success.

Heightened reach and brand awareness

If you sell good quality meat at your meat store, it is not enough even if your meat store is popular in your locality. You must take the effort to digitize your business by developing a hi-tech on-demand meat delivery app for your meat and fishery store business.

You can leverage the enormous reach of the internet to effectively reach a larger number of your target audience. A fully-featured meat delivery app can also be promoted on various social media platforms with ease. It can be promoted in appropriate groups on appropriate social media platforms to effectively reach your target audience and heighten your conversion rates.

Even paid-ad campaigns advertising your on-demand meat delivery app can be run on appropriate social media platforms to have a big impact on your target audience who could convert into your brand’s customers and even your brand’s evangelists over time. After all, the more customers your business has, the more revenue and profits you get.

Gives you granular control over your business operations

The admin variant of your on-demand meat delivery app will be versatile and fully-featured. It will enable you to seamlessly and swiftly handle all of your business processes, logistics, and staff by just clicking on a few buttons or typing appropriate messages to your staff in various departments.

Managing your business flawlessly will become a breeze for you thanks to the advanced features built into the admin variant of your on-demand meat delivery app. Flawless micromanagement has been the key to success for many MNCs and Fortune 500 firms so far.

You can get valuable and actionable business insights

Most of the on-demand meat delivery apps are sophisticated and automated these days. They have automated business analytical tools embedded in them that give meat store business owners informative and actionable business insights.

The business insights given by the app includes (but not limited to) information on customers’ tastes, preferences, buying trends, app usage information, your customers’ suggestions, product and service reviews, information on your customers’ birthday and wedding anniversaries, etcetera.

You can make use of this information to streamline your business processes, convert your existing customers into your brand’s evangelists, acquire new customers, devise ways to heighten your revenue and profits, etcetera.

Scaling up your business is easier and cheaper

Your meat store will be limited in its serving capacity. If you build new meat outlets to meet your rising demands, it will cost you a lot in terms of additional infrastructure setup and staffing charges.

On the contrary, if you develop an advanced meat delivery app for your meat and fishery store business, you can scale up your business with minimal additional infrastructure and staffing costs.

This is because the serving capacity limitations of your meat store will not come into play when your delivery executives deliver the ordered meat items to your customers’ homes. So, you have both the serving capacity of your meat store and the vast reach of your on-demand meat delivery app at your disposal.

Handling monetary transactions will become a breeze

In the case of on-demand delivery apps, most of the monetary transactions are done online via the respective apps. Even by that rare chance, if a customer selects Cash on Delivery (CoD) payment option, they will usually have the exact change.

Even if customers don’t have the exact change for their meat orders, it’s your delivery executives who’ll have to worry about it and not you. They’ll just have to be advised to carry adequate change with them all the time. That’s all. Problem solved!

So, developing an on-demand meat delivery app for your meat store business will truly make handling monetary transactions a breeze for you.

If you need a hi-tech meat delivery app to enable you to easily scale up your meat store business, just consult with us. We have proven experience in this domain and won’t let you down.

How to develop a meat delivery app like Licious/Tendercuts?

Having known the priceless benefits that advanced meat delivery apps give to fish and meat store owners, you might be thinking of developing a high-end fish and meat delivery app for your fish and meat store business but you might now know about the processes involved or which app development agency to consult. Kindly read on and you will find all the answers that you are seeking.

Come up with an innovative and feasible app idea

Every fish and meat delivery app is designed to solve the business problems that the fish and meat store owner faces. Therefore, you must come up with an innovative app development idea that solves the business problems that your fish and meat store business is presently facing.

You need not come up with the business solution yourself. You can consult with people in your industry, browse the internet for solutions, or consult with genuine app development firms.

The success of your fish and meat store business will depend on the effectiveness of your business idea/app development idea. Hence, kindly consider all the business factors before finalizing your app development idea.

Design a wireframe for the fish and meat delivery app

Designing a wireframe for your proposed fish and meat delivery app is like bringing your app development ideas to life. The wireframe will give you a fair idea of the final layout and functioning of your fish and meat delivery app and a fair idea of the app experience your users will have.

You can of course suggest changes to the wireframe developed to suit your app requirements to the maximum possible extent. After all, the more feature-rich and engaging your app is, the more customers you will retain.

Develop a prototype of the app

Your app’s prototype can be developed relatively quickly when compared to the final app product. It will enable you to test if your app works properly under common or all customer scenarios. If your app’s prototype testing is a success, it strongly indicates that your final app product will work correctly as well.

Develop the fish and meat delivery app

While designing the fish and meat delivery app, only the latest and the most appropriate coding technologies have to be used. If you want your app to run only on the iOS platform, then coding the app using the ‘Swift’ programming language will be ideal. If you want your app to run only on the Android platform, then using the ‘Kotlin’ coding technology would be suitable.

On the other hand, if you want your fish and meat delivery app to be a cross-platform app, then using cross-platform app development software like React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter would be ideal.

You must consider the pros and cons of each cross-platform app development software before deciding on one for your fish and meat delivery app development.

It must be noted that the performance of cross-platform apps have been observed to be a shade lower than native apps. So you must take your business requirements into consideration before deciding to develop a cross-platform app for your fish and meat store business.

Only the best app development practices and the latest coding technologies must be used to design your fish and meat delivery app to witness the best results.

Final testing of the app

This phase comes well-after the prototype testing. Here the final variant of the fish and meat delivery app is tested in all aspects and under all possible user scenarios for bugs by an app testing team, located elsewhere from the app development team (to prevent conflict and corruption).

This level of scrutiny is needed to ensure that the app works perfectly and solves the purpose for which it was designed. If the app passes this final test, it implies that it’s ready to be released into the market/app stores.

App launch, ASO, and maintenance

Just releasing the app into one or more app stores is not the end of the road. Appropriate App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques need to be applied to rank the fish and meat delivery app on Play Store or The App Store.

Only if the app ranks on app stores, it will be visible in people’s searches and will get numerous downloads. The app also needs to be frequently monitored on the grounds of performance and periodically tested for bugs post its release on app stores to ensure that lasting results are obtained.

If you have app development ideas for your fish and meat store business, simply discuss your plans with us and we will ensure that you get what you want and what you paid for.

A generic idea of meat delivery app development cost

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. The cost of fish and meat delivery app development depends on a multitude of factors like:

  • The number of app features required.

  • The complexity of the required app features.

  • The experience and expertise of the app development team.

  • The region of the world you are developing the app from.

Generally speaking, developing an advanced fish and meat delivery app will cost you anywhere between USD 5,000 to USD 50,000. If you want to get a fair idea on the cost to make meat delivery app, get a free quote from us.

What is the best approach to build the Meat Delivery App?

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