The prominent features of laundry delivery mobile apps

The modern lifestyle has become very hectic and fast-paced. Hence, people find little time to do their daily chores like washing, drying, and ironing their clothes. So, people have turned to on-demand laundry delivery apps to fulfill their daily or weekly laundry service requirements.

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The Noteworthy Benefits Of Laundry App

The Advanced Features Of Laundry Applications

How we can make your laundry service business a success story

This isn’t a bad idea as modern-day laundry delivery apps have numerous multi-purpose features that can fulfill users’ laundry service requirements. Plus all the laundry services are provided at affordable costs. So, customers have everything to gain and nothing to lose by downloading and using laundry service ordering apps. 

If you’re thinking of starting your own laundry service business and developing an official app for it, you might also be thinking about what benefits on-demand laundry delivery apps give laundry service business owners, how laundry delivery apps work, and what variants and features top-notch laundry delivery apps would have. 

We’d advise you to continue reading this blog post as all those questions will be answered by the end of this blog post.

The noteworthy benefits of laundry app

On-demand laundry delivery apps provide quite a few tangible benefits to laundry service business owners. They are as listed below.

Low app development cost

The cost to develop an on-demand laundry delivery app depends on many factors including what features you want on your app but the most basic laundry delivery apps can be developed for as low as USD 3,700/-. This is especially true if you have adopted a home laundry service model.

So, if you have a mental blockade that only aspiring aristocrats can develop an on-demand laundry delivery app for their laundry service business, please remove it now. Anyone with a fairly decent budget can develop an on-demand laundry delivery app. 

Ofcourse, you’ll also have to invest in building at least a small delivery fleet, buying a license for your business, getting your business insured, and optionally, developing an official website for your business. 

Option to setup a home laundry service

Generally, people who don’t have a big budget for their laundry service business choose this option. This type of laundry service can even be done on a part-time basis in case you’re a working-class person and want to earn some extra buck in your free time. 

This laundry service business model provides a great deal of operational flexibility which entrepreneurs find very convenient. There’s no shame in starting this type of laundry service as all great businesses had once upon a time started small. 

Profitable industry

The laundry delivery business in India is presently booming. The size of the on-demand laundry delivery industry in India during 2015 was only USD 2.93 billion. By the end of 2020, the industry’s size swelled to USD 3.58 billion and by the end of 2025, the industry’s size is expected to reach USD 15 billion. 

Clearly, you have a lot to gain by starting a laundry delivery business and developing your official on-demand laundry delivery app. The phenomenal growth of the laundry service industry can be attributed to the advancement of mobile app technology, the advent of the pandemic by the end of 2019, and the changing requirements and trends of people.

Large customer and/or client base

As far as the on-demand laundry service business is concerned, you have a lot of opportunities to earn money. 

Either businesses that require regular laundry service like hotels, restaurants, spas, railways, gymnasiums, etcetera can be your clients or you can address the laundry service requirements of people in you locality among other localities. 

Thus there are many opportunities to earn a lot of money in this industry, which cannot be said about many other industries.

The advanced features of laundry applications

Any high-end on-demand laundry delivery app will have the following advanced features and at least three variants of the app. They are as follows.

Customer app

The customer app will have the following versatile and convenient features to ease the process of ordering laundry service for customers. 

Easy user registration and login: Top-notch laundry delivery apps enable users to register on the app using their mobile numbers or email ids. Alternatively, they are also allowed to login on the app using their social media accounts. 

An OTP is provided every time the user wishes to login rather than storing dedicated user passwords to minimize the risk of users’ accounts getting hacked. After all, users’ accounts are as precious if not more precious for a laundry service firm than its profits.

Availability of a plethora of laundry service options: The kind of clothes that customers have are bound to be different and each type of clothing will require a unique set of laundry services. 

Hence, most laundry delivery apps provide a wide array of laundry service options to users like washing, dry cleaning, cloth softening, steam ironing, folding, doorstep laundry pickup and delivery, etcetera. 

Live estimated total cost: Every time a laundry service option is selected for any article of clothing, the estimated cost of the service is updated and displayed on top of the cart icon. This feature keeps users informed and ensures that they order their respective laundry services that fall within their interim budgets. This feature heightens brand loyalty and prevents shocks for users regarding the cost of their chosen laundry service. 

Scheduling laundry pickup and delivery: This option is provided to ensure the availability of the customer at the time of laundry pickup and delivery. Ensuring the availability of customers at the time of laundry pickup and delivery is vital to maintaining the efficiency of the laundry service business and in reducing the costs involved in providing laundry service. 

Umpteen swift and secure online payments: Money is precious to everyone. Therefore, naturally, modern day laundry delivery apps have a plethora of swift and secure online payment options embedded in them. This feature augments customer retention and brand loyalty. 

Live order status updates and delivery boy tracking: Live order status updates via push notifications are provided on the laundry delivery app to Keep Customers Informed (KCI) and to prevent anxiety for them. Even the live location and movement of delivery executives can be tracked on most laundry delivery apps. This feature ensures customer satisfaction and heightens customer retention.

Ability to reorder past services: Modern day laundry delivery apps enable their respective users to view their order history and reorder any one of their past laundry service orders. This feature enables swift placement of laundry service orders, saves time and effort for users, and provides a great deal of convenience for users. 

Ratings and reviews: In a democratic country like India, people should be allowed by organizations of every sort to voice out their concerns and opinions. Naturally, they should also get value for their money. 

Hence, modern day laundry delivery apps have the rating and review feature built into them. Via this feature, users can rate the laundry service provided and voice out their suggestions and complaints regarding it. 

The laundry service provider should take his respective users’ suggestions and complaints positively and try to improve the laundry service provided.     

Delivery executive app

The delivery executive app has features that enable delivery executives to receive and then accept or reject customers’ orders. The app variant also has other features that provide a great deal of convenience to delivery executives. They are as listed below:

Order alert: Every time a new customer’s order is assigned to a delivery executive, he gets alerted about it via the push notification feature embedded on the app. The delivery executive then has the option to accept or reject the order depending on his availability and shift timings. 

Accurate GPS navigation: This is perhaps the most important feature of the delivery executive app. It enables delivery executives to precisely navigate to their respective customers’ locations and pickup or deliver their laundry. This feature preserves the integrity of the laundry service business. 

Call and chat help option: In case delivery executives are unable to find or navigate to their respective customers’ locations or in case any other hassles arise during the course of order pickup or delivery, delivery executives can always call or chat with their respective customers and seek help via the call and chat help options embedded in the delivery app. This option too aids in safeguarding the integrity of the laundery service business.

Earnings and completed orders tracking: Via these features, delivery executives can view their daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly earnings. They can also view their number of completed orders every working day and strive to do better and thereby earn more. 

Admin app

The admin app is the most feature-rich and versatile among all the laundry delivery app variants. It has the following advanced features that give laundry service business owners complete control over their business operations.

Logistics and inventory management: This feature enables laundry service business owners to supervise and control the supply of raw materials like detergent liquids, fabric softeners, equipments like washing machines, steam irons, etcetera to the company’s laundry service centers to maintain inventory levels at all times. This practice is vital for the smooth flow of business operations. 

Maintaining and managing staff and service center records: Via this feature, admins can update the information on their company’s staff and service centers. If new staff join or leave the company or if new branch laundry service centers are opened or if existing branch laundry service centers are shut down or relocated, all that information is updated on the company’s records to ensure the correct execution of business tasks. 

Monitoring and controlling monetary transactions: This feature enables admins to view and control if necessary all the monetary transactions taking place pertaining to the laundry service business. After all, money is precious to everyone and should be transacted safely and accurately. 

How we can make your laundry service business a success story

Having known the benefits of laundry apps and seeing that the laundry service industry has a massive scope for growth in the near future, you might be thinking of starting your own laundry service business and developing an official on-demand laundry delivery app

If so, kindly discuss your business plans with us and we’ll build you a hi-tech on-demand laundry delivery app that will help in making your laundry service business a success story. 

We have quite a few years of proven experience in the mobile app development domain. Our app development portfolio and jubilant client testimonials speak volumes about our technical expertise and professionalism. So, you will certainly get good value for your money if you consult with us.