Why You Should Create Your Food Delivery App ?

The COVID19 pandemic has brought about substantial losses to many companies, Food enterprise is no exception. Social distancing measures and usual warning in public locations have brought about humans to devour much less and less to dine out. This is why most of the Restaurant business owners agree to establish their presence online through the Food ordering App to offer the best food ordering experience to their loyal customer.

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Using mobile app, It help buisness owners to attract new customers, retain existing ones, grow business and drive revenue and precise information of customer location, contact information, payment info, unlocked discount offers, order placing, order status to estimated delivery time — everything is displayed which creates transparency and credibility for the brand and This has revolutionized many restaurant entrepreneurs. More features can be acquired with one click. So let’s begin the usage of mobile apps to amplify your restaurant business.

Currently, there are 45.6 million people who use mobile food delivery apps. That number is expected to reach 53.9 million by 2023.

Types of food delivery Industry

Order only Model:

The app allows user to place order at restaurant of their choice

Order & Delivery Model:

From a restaurant standpoint, this model brings many benefits

Fully integrated model:

The app owner will manage everything from preparation to delivery

Impact of Food Delivery Services on Small Scale Restaurants and Food Businesses

Extra Commissions

82% of the restaurant owners says the commissions are way too high

33% of them says that it’s not worth paying so much

No Customer Relations

43% of restaurant owners believe that using food delivery apps interfere with the customer’s relations with the restaurant

78% of consumers prefer ordering food directly from the restaurant’s app or website rather than a food delivery app

Reasons behind the Post pandemic food delivery growth in restaurant business

  • To ensure social distancing
  • Contactless deliveries and orders
  • Digital payment
  • Strict lockdown rules in certain regions
  • Hygiene and safety

Must have features in Restaurant Food delivery app

  • Registration and Profile Creation
  • Searching Food
  • Add to card / Schedule order
  • Easy Online Payment
  • Tracking in Real-Time
  • Reviewing Order History
  • Rating the Food
  • Additional Features—Offers, Promos, Push Notifications