Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2021

Currently, 77% of the world's population is online. There are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units. Commonly, everyone uses smartphones for their day-to-day activity.

So it is the best platform to reach your customer efficiently. You can leverage the powerful mobile app platform for your own business by integrating the best Mobile App Solution. It may be an Ecommerce App, Learning / Online education app or any other app which acts as a bridge between you and your customer. Read this article completely to know why you need to build your own mobile app for your business.

Benefits of mobile app

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When and where are people using mobile devices?

  • 91% at home
  • 83% while in the washroom
  • 73% while having dinner
  • 72% at work
  • 79% when with family/friends
  • 63% while shopping
  • 78% while watching TV

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

  • Increase your Brand Recognition
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Stay ahead of Competitors
  • Reach new Audiences and Market
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking to locate & track User Location
  • Offers, Referral Points, Coupons & Cash back
  • Hassle-free monetary transactions
  • Gain User analytics and Customer insights
  • Sending Push notifications to active users
  • Customers support (in-app calling/ Messaging)