The manifold importance of Content Marketing

No matter how marvellous a service or products you provide, if it’s not marketed aptly, you won’t get much engagement, sales, revenue, and profits which is the main objective of most of the businesses around the world. People have grown tired of direct advertising these days. They see direct ads so often that they don’t take most of the ads seriously enough. Hence, the field of Content Marketing is gaining traction these days but what exactly is Content Marketing? Does it have any relationship with SEO? Of what importance is Content Marketing to businesses? Kindly read on to find out.

The importance of Content Marketing for businesses

Content Marketing refers to publishing and/or sharing articles, photos, videos, podcasts, infographics, and other forms of content pertaining to your industry. The content could be about the current trends in your industry, the present problems faced in your industry, any promising innovation made in your industry, about government regulations imposed on your industry, any major scam that has recently taken place in your industry, or any other news that will attract and retain the interest and attention of your target audience. 

Content Marketing makes a brand unique and helps in maintaining customers’ interest and loyalty in the brand which will give significant benefits to the brand in the long run. The major benefits of Content Marketing for a business are as follows.

It will boost your DA, PA, and rankings

When you post content related to your industry on your official website, people who are searching for any kind of information pertaining to your industry are bound to read your blog post and get useful information. 

The more the number of visitors your website gets, the more the DA and PA of your website will increase overtime. Google appreciates and rewards websites that have a lot of useful information by making them rank higher on its Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

It helps to get backlinks from high-authority websites

When your website grows popular due to the high-quality and informative content posted on it, people who run high authority websites pertaining to your niche are bound to notice your website at some point in time and some of them may even give links to your website on theirs thus enhancing the overall authority (genuineness) of your website, which will give you tangible benefits in the long run. 

Makes your brand unique

The concept of Content Marketing is still not extensively used by brands and websites these days. Most of the firms are still bent of directly advertising their products or services on various platforms by various means. This practice bores readers who are eager to read some new, unique, and interesting content. 

If you employ appropriate Content Marketing practices for your brand, it’ll make your brand unique and create a unique “personality for it”. Your news or content will become interesting to your readers and keep them engaged who may later spread the word of your website and brand. All the great brands in any industry have made a unique identity for themselves. You should follow suit to stand out among your competition. 

Umpteen ways to connect and engage with your audience

Not all people like to know about or learn things the same way. Some people prefer to read blog posts, e-books, white papers, emails, etcetera. Some people prefer listening to podcasts, chat rooms, radio channels, etcetera. Some people prefer to look at pictures like Infographics, photo essays, etcetera and learn about things and quite a lot of people prefer to learn and known about things by quickly watching a video.

Since Content Marketing involves creating multiple types of content pertaining to your industry, you can connect with and engage with your target audience in their desired mode of learning. When it comes to addressing and engaging with your target audience, there is no one pajama fits all strategy.

Helps you connect with your brand evangelists via various social media platforms

Once you have acquired a few brand evangelists by creating and publishing high quality and engaging content pertaining to your industry, you can connect and engage with them on various social media platforms. 

You can interact with your brand evangelists to get a fair idea of the current trends and demands in your industry so that you address those pain points and publish informative content regarding them to widen your customer and reader base. 

The more you connect and interact with your brand evangelists, the more you’ll understand the “pulse” of your industry and the more your brand’s evangelists will spread the word of your brand. 

Helps you engage with your target audience at every stage of the lead conversion funnel

Since Content Marketing involves connecting with your target audience via various means, it is a useful practice in every stage of the lead conversion process. 

You can publish blog posts and social media posts to create brand awareness, you can send personalized emails to interested leads to heighten your conversion rates, and you can engage with your existing customers and brand evangelists via various social media platforms to better understand your industry problems, trends, and demands and to make them spread the word of your brand more.       

Thus Content Marketing practices will help you at every stage of the lead conversion funnel and make your brand more diversified and interesting rather than “run-of-the-mill” and boring. 

Helps you build your brand image by engaging with your audience in a variety of ways

When it comes to engaging with your target audience, you are spoilt for choice as far as Content Marketing strategies are concerned. 

You can create opinion polls on interesting and trending topics pertaining to your industry on various platforms (your website, your YouTube channel, and other social media platforms), you can interview influencers in your industry and create podcasts based on your interviews, you can voice out your opinions, issues, suggestions, and solutions in your YouTube channel, you can publish blog posts on interesting, trending, and pressing topics related to your industry, etc.

All these practices will heighten your user engagement and brand loyalty. After all, everybody loves to be consulted and be heard. People also love to know about new and interesting topics in various ways (via blog posts, videos, social media posts, opinion polls, etcetera). 

So, SEO content strategies, if properly applied, will make your brand the apple of your customers’ eyes and give you tangible benefits in the long run. It is a new and interesting way to build your brand image among your target audience. People always love and appreciate brands that are unique and are even inventive like Cadbury, Tesla, Amaron, Duracell, Tata, etc. 

Top 5 most effective Content Marketing strategies

As mentioned before, Content Marketing involves many different approaches and strategies but the five most effective ones are listed below.

Build an appealing official website

Your official website is like the face and identity of your company. Therefore it must be built as appealing as possible to maximize website traffic and reader engagement. The content on your website has to be concise, interesting, appealing, informative, and SEO optimized to keep your readers engaged. 

It would be better if your website had diverse content like blog posts, landing pages, sales copies, white papers, videos, infographics, photo essays, etcetera so that there is something in it for everybody. The more time your readers will spend on your website, the lesser will be the bounce rate and the higher your website will rank on Google’s SERPs.

Email marketing

This form of marketing is the most effective for lead conversions. You can send personalized and compelling emails to your promising (hot/warm) leads to maximize your lead conversion rate. It is expected that by 2025, people will send an average of 376.4 billion emails per day! Research has shown email marketing to be highly effective. 

It has been proven to have a very high ROI. On an average, businesses get a return of USD 42 on every dollar invested in email marketing campaigns. Emails have an average open rate or Click Through Rate (CTR) of 15.1% across all industries. So, email marketing campaigns are definitely worth undertaking. 

Video marketing

Ever since the advent of YouTube, ever more people are liking and preferring to watch videos for a variety of purposes. Videos presently have a big impact on people. They can be used to make people take any legal action, start any meaningful movement, they can be used to influence people’s purchase decisions, etcetera. 

Videos have been proven to increase lead conversion rates by as much as 93%! You can create a video to demonstrate your products or service. Videos can be used to educate your target audience on how to use your products or how to avail your service. Once any product has been demonstrated transparently, people become convinced of its quality or effectiveness and most probably (93% chance) end up buying the product. 


In every industry, there are influencers. The trends that influencers set and the recommendations that they give have a big influence on people and their purchase decisions. People love to hear from influencers in their domains of interest.

Therefore, you can interview influencers in your industry and make podcasts on those interviews. You can interview the influencers about the latest trends, current issues, any new innovations, any ground-breaking discovery made, their opinions on various events that have taken place in your industry, etcetera. 

Such podcasts will surely attract the attention and interest of your target audience and heighten your customer engagement and brand loyalty. Radio channels might be getting out of fashion but podcasts are surely becoming fashionable and trendy with millennials and netizens. So, creating interesting podcasts will surely bring you a high ROI.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This Content Marketing technique can never be ruled out in modern times. Ever since the advent of Facebook, social media platforms have grown immensely in popularity and influence. 

Many brands have now resorted to marketing on various social media platforms to heighten their respective brand awareness, lead conversion rates, and sales as Digital Marketing is highly effective yet cost-effective when compared to traditional means of marketing for businesses. 

Research has shown that appealing and concise social media posts can augment lead conversion rates and sales by as much as 81%. So, it’s not a bad idea even if you decide to hire an SMM specialist to digitally market your brand as you’ll get a high ROI.

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