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Our Online Fruits & Vegetables Delivery App Solution Can Be Tailor-Made For Any Business Model

Our customized and flexible online fruits and vegetables delivery app solution will enable you to scale up your business with ease and it can also suit any type of fruits and vegetables delivery business model.

Aggregator business model

Fruits and vegetables chain store model

Single fruits and vegetables store

Ready to start your online food delivery business with the customized app?

Avail Our Renowned Fruits & Vegetables App Development Services And Take Your Business To The Next Level

Being a top fruits and vegetables mobile app development company in Chennai, we at G Tech Solutions design high-end fruit and vegetable delivery apps for our clients to sell their products online. Our fruits and vegetables delivery apps, being the best-in-class, have at least four variants of them namely the customer app, the store app, the delivery boy app, and the admin app.

Our fruits and vegetables delivery apps have feature-rich dashboards that enable store managers and business owners to seamlessly and swiftly handle all their business operations. They can also be promoted on social media platforms with ease to augment your visibility, conversion rates, business volume, and profits.

The Distinct Features Of Our Online Fruits & Vegetables Delivery App Solution

We employ the latest mobile app coding technologies and industry best practices while indulging in the vegetables delivery app development process so that your apps are feature-rich and will enable you to beat the competition in your industry.

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How Our Fruits And Vegetables Delivery App Works

Our aim is to develop the latest fruits and vegetables delivery app which ensures a hassle free shopping experience for all users.

Benefit From Our Sought-After Fruits & Vegetables App Development Services

Customer Fruits & Vegetables Ordering App

Our fruits and vegetable delivery apps have an engaging yet easy-to-navigate UI/UX that makes browsing for fruits or vegetables and placing orders a breeze for customers.

  • User Registration
  • Order Items
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Re-Order
  • Ratings and Feedbacks
  • Manage Delivery Address
  • Multi Payment Options
  • Add to Cart
  • Real-Time Order Tracking

App for Fruits & Vegetables Restaurant Management

Our restaurant apps have a very secure and versatile dashboard. Using that dashboard, you can manage your restaurant orders, discounts that you offer, online monetary transactions, and your customers’ queries and complaints. Our restaurant apps have a very secure and versatile dashboard. Using that dashboard, you can manage your restaurant orders, discounts that you offer, online monetary transactions, and your customers’ queries and complaints.

  • Fruits & Vegetables Restaurant Team Login
  • Add/Edit/Delete Fruits &Vegetables menu
  • Manage Fruits & Vegetables availability
  • Fruits & Vegetables order dashboard
  • Fruits & Vegetables Offers & Coupons
  • Fruits & Vegetables order alerts
  • Manage Fruits & Vegetables delivery locations
  • Manage offers and coupons for Fruits & Vegetables
  • Contact customers
  • Multi payment management
  • Customers information

Fruits and Vegetables Driver app

Our driver app enables delivery executives to accept or reject customers’ orders. It also has an advanced GPS navigation feature embedded in it that enables delivery executives to navigate to their customers’ locations accurately. Customer calling and chat options are also built into the app in case any hurdles occur during the process of order execution. This app preserves the integrity of the fruit and vegetable delivery business and also ensures correct order executions.

  • Create Profile
  • E-Sign Page
  • Delivery History
  • Reports
  • Check Orders
  • Push Notification
  • Contact customer
  • Check Delivery History
  • Route / Navigation
  • Order alert
  • Geolocation
  • Delivery status
  • Help & Support

Fruits & Vegetables Admin app

Our robust admin apps enable fruits and vegetables store owners to manage all their business operations impeccably, swiftly, and with ease. They can conveniently manage all their business operations using a single dashboard.

  • Manage Stores
  • Stores Management
  • Manage Offers & Discounts
  • Manage Customers
  • Orders Management
  • Manage Payments
  • Notification
  • Manage Drivers
  • Feedbacks
  • Products Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Reports

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With our technology stack, we guarantee you that your app will function smoothly for many years to come.

Skyrocket Your Fruits & Vegetables Delivery Business With The Powerful Delivery App Solution

G Tech Solutions offers a unified Fruits & Vegetables ordering & delivery solution that supports growing profits for your online food marketplace in many ways.




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Other On-demand Delivery Industries We Served

As heavyweights in the app development ecosystem, our range of services extends fruits & vegetables  delivery app development services to several other sectors.

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Fruits & Veg
Taxi Booking
Beauty Service
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Advantages of Investing in Food Delivery App Development

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Mato Fresh

It was a great experience for me to cooperate with G Tech Solutions. Their team has high level of professionalism. I am very much satisfied with the output I got from front end to back end and graphic design/Digital Marketing.


Our team was extremely happy that we now have an app for our fruit shop. I’m happy that we were able to find an app that was affordable and very user friendly to maintain.


We approached G tech Solutions for the mobile app development service and we are satisfied with the results,they also clearly understood our requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fruits & Vegetables App Development

Yes, of course there is. Indians buy fruits and vegetables on a daily or weekly basis. So, fruit and vegetable delivery businesses do very well in India. Last year (2021), India’s largest grocery ordering firm, Big Basket recorded a net profit of USD 1.1 billion!

The working mechanism of a fruit and vegetable delivery app is as follows:

  • The customer opens the app and sees the list of fruits and vegetables available.
  • He then adds the desired fruits and/or vegetables to the cart and places his order.
  • He then pays for his order either via secure online payment options or via Cash on Delivery (CoD).
  • He then gets live order status updates and the delivery executive’s location and movement information via the push notification feature built into the app.
  • The company’s delivery executive finally delivers the order to the customer.

The different types of fruit and vegetable delivery business models are:

  • Single store model: Here, the business owner has only a single fruits and vegetables store. He creates a fruits and vegetables delivery app for his store business and sells fruits and vegetables to a large number of people in his locality thanks to the enormous reach provided by the internet. The cost to develop a fruits and vegetables delivery app for a single store is relatively less. It will only cost between USD 5,000 to USD 15,000 but will give a high ROI.
  • Chain store model: Generally, established entrepreneurs in the fruit and vegetable delivery business have this business model. Here the business owner would have established different fruit and vegetable retail outlets in different localities of his city or town. He would want to augment his reach and sales by building his own fruits and vegetables delivery app. When the customer orders, the fruits and/or vegetables are delivered from the nearest branch store.
  • Warehouse model: This business model is quite rare. Here, the business owner does not run a fruits and vegetables store or store chains but rather just owns a warehouse in which he stores the purchased fruits and vegetables. Customers can order fruits and/or vegetables from the warehouse only via the business owner’s official app. The business owner would have his own dedicated delivery fleet to deliver his customers’ orders.

Yes, of course it’s possible to develop a multilingual fruits and vegetables delivery app. Such multilingual apps ask the user to select their desired language before installation of the app.

The fruits and vegetables delivery industry in India was valued around USD 0.66 billion in 2015. By the end of 2020, the industry’s size swelled to USD 2.9 billion. The industry’s size is expected to balloon to USD 20 billion by the end of 2025. Every fruits and vegetables delivery business in India is expected to witness an 8.02% YoY growth in business volume for the next decade. If you want to tap the potential of this promising industry, kindly consult with us and get a top-notch fruits and vegetables delivery app for your business.

The top 5 fruits and vegetables delivery firms in India are:

  • Grofers
  • Big Basket
  • Zopnow
  • Dmart
  • Amazon Pantry

We are unable to give a precise answer to this question as the cost to develop a fruits and vegetables delivery app depends on copious factors which are:

  • The number and complexity of the desired features.
  • The experience and expertise of the app development team.
  • The country or region in the world you are developing the app from.
  • Any number of additional customizations or services (like SMM) you might want on the app.

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