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Scale up and popularize your bakery business with our top-notch and Intuitive on-demand bakery delivery application development services. Our skilled developers will design a competitive gourmet online delivery app for you

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bakery app model

Our versatile apps for bakery business models

Our apps for bakery business models are so customizable and sophisticated that they can satisfy the requirements of any bakery delivery company irrespective of its size and complexity of its organizational structure.

single bakery delivery app

Single Bakery Shop

If the intention is to scale up your single bakery shop business in a cost-effective manner by having an internet presence, we’re just the right company for you. We can build you customized and advanced bakery business apps that can fulfill your business requirements.

bakery chain management app

Bakery-Chain Business

If you manage a lot of gourmet food shops that are a part of your bakery-chain and if you want to simplify the process of managing your bakery outlets, we can build bakery apps for that too. Our next generation cake delivery customization apps have a robust admin panel that can streamline your business orders and enable you to manage your bakery outlets with ease.

startup bakery application

Gourmet Delivery Startup

If you’ve decided to try your hands at the gourmet food delivery business and want a bakery business app, we can help you with that too. Apps are the need of the hour for most of the businesses these days and we can build state-of-the-art and customized apps for bakery business.

sweet and cake delivery

Be Your Own Boss!
Automate Your Gourmet Delivery Business

Do you want to establish an online cake business but aren't sure where to start? But how simple is it to transform a passion for baking into a lucrative part-time business.

While new bakeries start every day,not everyone recognises the value of having an internet presence Launching an online cake marketplace will allow you to reach a large audience based on your target region, and sending cakes across a geographical area allows you to earn more profit At G Tech Solution, we provide full-cycle mobile app development services. that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations We are the ideal choice for developing a bakery item delivery application.

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Essential Features Of Gourmets App Development

We at GTech Solution, as a well-known on-demand bakery item delivery app development business,we combine knowledge, experience, and creativity to give the finest bakery delivery app development solution.

  • Search products
  • Shop by categories
  • Discounts & coupons
  • Secure payment mode
  • Customized cake ordering
  • Manage address
  • Schedule delivery
  • Order management
  • Delivery management
  • Order status tracking
  • Order history
  • Favourite to save product
  • Review & rating
  • Reorder

features of bakery app

How our online cake order app works

Our feature-laden and engaging bakery business apps have truly simplified and streamlined the whole process of gourmet food delivery. Their working mechanism is really simple and is as follows:
Through the app, the customer may place an online order from a local bakery. The bakery is notified, and the product is subsequently prepared. Finally, the bakery delivers the goods to the customer's front door.

how does bakery app works

The cutting-edge features of our tailor-made apps for bakery business

We are proud to say that we provide the best app development for bakery business. So, you won’t be disappointed if you consult with us. We’ll coordinate with you every step of the bakery app development process so that you are void of anxiety and get the best results.

User App

Customers are spoilt for choice in our bakery business apps. They are designed in such a way that navigating through them and placing orders becomes a breeze for customers. Our apps for bakery business are very modern and they enable customers to do other tasks such as avail discount coupons on orders, choose a payment mode, etcetera.

User Registration
Search Products
Manage Delivery Address
Add to
Uploading cake picture
Multi Payment Options
Real-Time Order Tracking
Offers and Discounts
Ratings and Feedbacks
Schedule Delivery

Store Manager app

The store app version of our bakery business apps enables store managers to track and manage orders. It also enables them to communicate with customers and Delivery Executives (via chat or call) and address their queries or concerns if need be. Our versatile apps have made the whole process of order execution very easy and straightforward for store managers.

Login Registration
Store Locator
Manage Order
Set Opening/ Closing Hours
Live Tracking Path
Manage Business Info
Manage Payments & Receipts
Customer Details
Manage Products
Help & Support

Delivery app

The Delivery Executive version of our apps for bakery business has the most accurate GPS feature integrated into it. It enables Delivery Executives to precisely go to the store’s location and pick up the order, and then go to the customer’s location and deliver the order. This feature will enable Delivery Executives and store managers to have an impeccable track record of executing customers’ orders.

Create Profile
Check Orders
Check Delivery History
Push Notification
Route / Navigation
Delivery status
Contact customer
Help & Support

Admin app

The admin panel of our bakery business apps is the most advanced and feature-packed. It has numerous features that enable gourmet delivery business owners to seamlessly and effortlessly manage their bakery outlets. It streamlines their business processes and workload and thereby helps them derive the maximum profit in the minimal amount of time.
We are pleased to say that we provide one of the best customized cake app development services in India. Our apps for bakery business are highly renowned and useful.

BakeryAdmin Panel
Manage Offers & Discounts
BakeryAdmin Panel


We provide a comprehensive suite of customer food delivery application solution, which is e used by customers to select food items, place an order, make a payment and rate the food and also track food order. This allows you to make customer centric decisions based totally on those insights.

User Registration
Multi Language
Food Search Option
Food Menu Listing
Food Offers and Coupons
Favourite Foods
Frequent Food Orders List
Food Order History
Takeaway Food Delivery
Manage Profile
Schedule your Meal
View Cart
Multiple Payment Options
Track Your Orders
Order details via Whatsapp
Email/SMS Order Alerts
Help & Support

Technology we use

Work speaks louder than words

Here are some of our recent bakery delivery app development portfolios.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our cost-effective yet effective on-demand gourmet delivery app development service has placed us in high reputations among our clients. This is evident in the feedback. We’ve offered them a seamless experience with our innovative solutions, and our outputs never fail to delight them.

Why Choose us?

Our robust & affordable solutions make it easy for anyone to start out their very own online grocery delivery venture in no-time We offer you a sophisticated, automated, and efficient grocery ordering application. We’ll assist you attract more users to your business with an attractive UI/UX which will make your customers visit once more. Grow your grocery delivery business with the best grocery delivery app.

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FAQs on bakery delivery app development

G Tech solution gives you the advantage you need to create a bakery delivery app that stands out from the crowd. Our app developers formulate a development strategy for your company that ensures success in taking the lead. With hundreds of Bakery Apps available on the app stores, yours must be engaging and simple to use.

Of course there is! People in India and around the world order large cakes on their red-letter days. They also order small bakery items like cupcakes, samosas, puffs, bread, and cookies on regular days. So, the bakery delivery industry in India and around the world will grow leaps and bounds and not shrink in the coming decade.

Yes, absolutely! All you need are the right ingredients, cooking equipments, knowledge and a fully automated delivery app solution. You will also need a leased or your own dedicated delivery fleet to deliver your customers’ orders.

There are umpteen ways to do this. They are:

  • Make your bakery products genuinely more flavorful and aromatic.
  • Try to introduce a special bakery product at least once a week to keep your customers interested in your service.
  • Keep them updated on their orders via push notifications on your app.
  • Give free samples to people to give them a taste of your quality of products and service.
  • Promote your products and service appropriately and effectively on various popular social media platforms.
  • Conduct in-app surveys among your customers. Take their suggestions and feedback positively and sincerely try to better the quality of your products and service.
  • Offer attractive discounts and loyalty programs on your app to retain your existing customers.
  • Offer neat and attractive packages because everybody loves a treat to the eyes and it speaks volumes about your professionalism.

The bakery delivery industry in India has witnessed an elephantine growth over the past few years. During 2015, its evaluation stood at USD 0.53 billion. Five years later i.e., during 2020, its valuation was USD 7.6 billion. It is projected to grow to USD 12.39 billion by the end of 2025. Every bakery delivery business in India is expected to witness an average of 8.5% YoY growth rate in revenue for the next decade. Cash in on this golden opportunity by consulting with us and developing a top-notch bakery delivery app for your bakery business.

There is no concrete answer for this question as the cost to develop a bakery delivery app depends on a multitude of factors like:

  • The number and complexity of the desired features.
  • The sophistication and design of the UI.
  • The experience and expertise of the app development team
  • The country or geographical region in the world the app is being developed from.
  • The time taken to develop the app and the number of other customizations and other services (like social media marketing) required.

Share your plan with us and get a customized quote for bakery app