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Create a Successful Food Delivery App in 2023

Food delivery app development guide in the food industry, there cannot be a better time than now. With the help of modern computing and internet technologies, the food delivery industry in India and around the world has ballooned to unimaginable sizes and now it is easier than ever to create a a food ordering app

The pandemic situation and the myriad conveniences provided by food delivery apps have also significantly contributed to the growth of the food delivery business in India and around the world. In the next section, you’ll get an accurate idea of the growth of the food delivery industry in India and around the world.

The Elephantine Growth Of The Food Delivery Industry In India

The food delivery industry in India was valued at only USD 16.5 million in 2015. The industry’s size swelled to a whopping USD 4.66 billion by the end of 2020. The industry is projected to be valued at USD 21.41 billion by the end of 2026. Almost a 500% growth rate! If you want to cash in on this golden opportunity and develop a food delivery app, simply contact us and we’ll make your dreams come true.

The food delivery business in India has witnessed billions of dollars of FDI over the past few years. India’s top food aggregator firm, Swiggy, has received USD 4.5 billion investment from Softbank at the end of 2021. This investment has taken the valuation of Swiggy to a staggering USD 5.5 billion.

India’s second-largest food aggregator company, Zomato, has secured an investment of USD 3.9 billion from its current VC investors like Tiger Global, Temasek, Baillie Gifford, Kora, Luxor, Fidelity (FMR), D1 Capital, Baillie Gifford, Mirae, Steadview, and Ant Financial. This investment has taken the valuation of Zomato to mammoth USD 5.4 billion.

Even smaller players in India like Foodpanda were acquired by bigger food aggregator firms like Delivery Hero for USD 7.5 million in May, 2017. The bottom line is: if you invest in the food delivery business in India presently, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, don’t waste your time, get in touch with us now and make a food delivery app.

Are There Really Different Types Of Food Aggregator Firms?

The food delivery business model that everyone’s familiar with is the food ordering and delivery model employed by the major food aggregator firms in India like Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats but you might be surprised to know that there are other kinds of food aggregator business models. Let’s have a look at them now.

Food Order Facilitator Model

Restaurants that have a physical presence and their own delivery fleets but no mobile app of their own make use of this service. Here, a third-party food aggregator app acts as a mediator or interface between restaurants and their customers. If you're interested in Food delivery app development Guide, this model might be of interest to you.

The restaurants’ menus are categorized and displayed on the app and customers can choose any cuisine from any restaurant listed on the app. The customers’ orders will be notified to the concerned restaurants and they will be in charge of delivering their customers’ orders.

The third-party food aggregator firm gets commissions from the profits the listed restaurants make. One rarely gets to witness this type of food aggregator business model in India as umpteen facilities are available for restaurants to build their own mobile app for food ordering these days.

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Food Ordering And Delivery Model

As mentioned before, this type of food aggregator business model is the most commonly employed, even by big-shot firms like Swiggy, Zomato, Delivery Hero, etcetera.

Restaurants and cloud kitchens that have a physical presence but no app and delivery fleet of their own, make use of the services of food aggregator companies like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, Delivery Hero, etcetera.

Even restaurants that have an app and delivery fleet of their own, pay commissions to food aggregator organizations like Swiggy, Zomato, Delivery Hero, etcetera to get listed on their app because of the enormous user base and brand loyalty that these food aggregator firms have.

So, the bottom line is that even established restaurants and kitchens pay commissions to get listed on food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etcetera. If you build and launch a top-notch Swiggy clone or Zomato clone app, your business will definitely succeed.

If you plan to mint money from the highly promising food delivery business in India and want to develop   create food delivery application, please contact us now and we will guide you every step of the way.

Full Stack Food Delivery Business Model

Here, the restaurant or kitchen takes care of the entire process of food delivery, right from order processing to food delivery. Generally, only highly reputed restaurants or kitchens with a large labor force employ this model of food delivery.

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An Advanced Guide To Build A Food Delivery App

If you want to develop food delivery app that is to be considered a Swiggy clone or a Zomato clone, it should have the following variants of the app and the below-mentioned sophisticated features embedded in it.

Customer App

The customer app should be simple to use yet precocious. It should have a robust yet engaging and easy-to-navigate UI/UX. Ordering food and paying for it should be a breeze to your customers if they’re using your food ordering app. These are some of the high-five features your customer app should have if it is to be considered a Swiggy clone app.

Registration and login: Your customer app should enable your customers to easily register on your app via their phone numbers and an OTP. It should also enable customers to login using their email or social media platforms’ credentials.

This is a trademark feature we get to see in most of the advanced apps and websites these days. Your customer app should also have a “Forgot username” option in case catastrophe strikes.

Searching for restaurants nearby: Your customer app should automatically list all the restaurants in the customer’s vicinity i.e., restaurants within a 10 km radius from the customer’s location. Your customers should be able to search restaurants by category, type of food, or by simply typing the restaurant’s name in the search bar.

Live order status updates and delivery boy tracking: Your customer app should Keep Customers Informed (KCI) by notifying them the live order status updates and also enabling them to track the location and movement of your delivery executives.

This feature prevents anxiety for your customers and keeps them informed regarding the order’s status. Your customer app needs an advanced and accurate GPS built into it to enable this feature.

Swift and secure online payment options: Money is precious to everybody. So, your customer app should have a plethora of swift and secure online payment options built into it to provide a lot of options and conveniences to your customers. Paying for food orders should become a breeze to your customers owing to the multitude of online payment options embedded on your customer app.

In-app notifications: Via in-app notifications, your customers should be informed of your latest offers and loyalty programs. They should also be notified in case any restaurant comes up with some peculiar dish like the Bahubali Thali. This feature will make your food delivery app more engaging and beneficial to your customers.

Reviews and ratings: Your customer app should also enable your customers to submit their reviews and ratings on the food delivered. Their feedback should be taken positively and improved upon to better the Quality of Service (QoS) you provide. After all, the higher the QoS you provide, the more popular your food delivery business will become.

Delivery Executive App

Your delivery executive app should be simple but accurate and laden with the essential features for your delivery executives. Let’s see what essential features are required right now.

Registration of essential details: Your delivery executives should be able to easily register themselves on your delivery app.

All their vital information like their names, address, blood group, etcetera should be uploaded on your company’s database to enable their families to get some compensation from your company in case something terrible happens to them like an accident or worse, dying in an accident. This feature will earn the goodwill of your delivery executives.

Precise navigation and order execution: Your delivery app should have an advanced and accurate GPS feature embedded in it to enable your delivery executives to navigate to your customers’ locations unerringly. They should also be able to view customers’ orders and call or chat with them in case some help is needed in the delivery process.

Admin App

The admin app should be the most advanced variant of your food delivery app. It should be fully-featured so that you can handle your business processes and customers’ complaints flawlessly and with ease. It should also have these features to make it the best-in-class.

State-of-the-art online security: Your business’s data is the most precious to you. It is what enables you to run your business operations smoothly. Any breach in your online security will result in theft or mal manipulation of your business data with disastrous consequences for your food delivery firm.

Restaurant management: You should be easily able to coordinate with and manage the restaurants that have tied up with your food delivery organization.

In case customers’ orders are getting delayed or certain order items are not available in the concerned restaurants, your admin app should enable you to contact the concerned restaurants and your customers and manage the situations impeccably and with ease.

Payment management: This feature is perhaps what you’re looking forward to and a very important one, no doubt. The admin app should give you a clear visibility and control of all the monetary transactions happening in your business.

It should enable you to detect and nullify fraudulent users, orders (orders placed by a user on someone else’s account without authorization), and monetary transactions. After all, money is very precious to everyone.

Automated business analytics: The admin app should automatically give you valuable and actionable business insights using the sophisticated business analytics AI embedded in it.

Using the given business insights, you should be able to streamline your business processes, curtail your expenditure, and maximize your revenue and profits.

We hope that by now, you would have gotten a complete blueprint to launch online food delivery app. If you plan to build a food aggregator app anytime soon, please  get in touch with us  and we’ll provide you with an explicit guide for food delivery app development.

Our Recommended Technology Stacks For Developing Your Food Ordering App

There are umpteen front-end and back-end coding technologies that you can use to develop food delivery apps but given below are the front-end and back-end app development technologies that we recommend.

Type of service Possible options Recommendations
Backend services Java, Node.js, or Python Python
Message Broker/Queue Kafka, Google pub sub, RabbitMQ, Amazon Kinesis, or ActiveMQ Kafka
Authentication/Authorization Own Service, Amazon Cognito, or Radius Single Sign Amazon Cognito
Database SQL MySQL, PL SQL, Amazon RDS, or Amazon Aurora MySQL
Database NoSQL Cassandra, Elastic Search, MongoDB, or HBase MongoDB
User Interface (UI) React JS or Angular JS React JS
Notification service Your own technology or Amazon SES Amazon SES

Will Developing Your Own Food Delivery App Cost You A Fortune Or Is It Economical?

Well, this is a tricky question to answer and there is no definite amount that we can tell you because the cost to develop food delivery application depends on a multitude of factors which are given below.

The Number And Complexity Of Your App Features

Obviously, the more the features you want to have on your food delivery app, the more it’s going to cost you. If you want to incorporate really advanced and elaborate features on your app, they will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Always, have the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your food ordering app tested before adding additional features. Carefully think about the features you want on your food delivery app and add them only if you think they’ll give you tangible benefits.

Functionalities Of Your User Interface (UI)

If your app’s UI is too simple and has the minimum number of features, it will not cost you much to develop but it might not be engaging enough for your users and may not serve all of their needs.

If your app’s UI is graphics heavy but too complicated to read, it might look appealing but your customers will not be able to navigate on the app easily and that factor could seriously affect your app’s downloads. A graphics-heavy UI will also cost you a lot to design.

Therefore, striking a balance between the two factors is necessary to make possible the maximum number of downloads for your app. Your food delivery app’s UI should be simple to read and easy to navigate while at the same time look attractive and have all the vital features.

Top food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, and Delivery Hero have all of the above said factors in balance and thereby have witnessed millions of app downloads.

The App Development Platform Used

Different cross-platform Develop food delivery app platforms like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter have their pros and cons and employ different coding technologies to build cross-platform mobile apps. Depending on the platform you choose, the cost of food ordering app development will vary significantly.

The Geographical Location

App developers in different countries or continents charge differently for their services. Their experience and the number of app development portfolios also affects how much they charge. Given below is a list that gives you a generic idea of how much food delivery app development would cost in different regions of the world.

The USA: App developers from the US will charge you between USD 50 to USD 250 per hour for food delivery app development service.

Australia: App developers from Australia will charge you between USD 80 to USD 120 per hour to develop a food delivery app for you.

Europe: App developers across Europe will charge you between USD 30 to USD 150 per hour for food delivery app development service.

India: Indian mobile app developers are the most skilled and the most cost-effective. They can build you top-notch food delivery apps and charge as low as USD 10 to USD 80 per hour.

The reason behind the low rates is the vast availability of skilled app developers in India and the fierce competition between them to get high-paying white-collared jobs such as mobile app development.

Generally speaking, developing a good quality food ordering app will cost you anywhere between USD 10,000 to USD 40,000. If you want to contract seasoned and skilled mobile app developers to make a food delivery app at a very reasonable cost, think no more and knock at our doors. We will marvellously execute your project.

Want The Best-In-Class Food Delivery App? Just Consult With Us And We’ll Make It Happen!

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