In the modern era, people lead very hectic and fast-paced lives. These days, people don’t even find the time to do their daily chores like washing their clothes, shopping for groceries, cooking food, etcetera. Hence, mobile apps, via which people can avail these services, have become very popular.

The time is ripe for you to develop a top-notch laundry delivery app for your business and grab a lion’s share of the laundry delivery business.The laundry delivery industry in India is expected to grow manifold in the coming decade. So, this is your golden opportunity to try your hands at the business and become a millionaire or a billionaire fast.

The gargantuan growth of the laundry delivery industry in India

The laundry delivery industry in India was pegged at USD 3.6 billion by the end of 2020. It is expected to witness a 4.96% Year on Year (YoY) growth for the next decade. Hence, by 2030, it’s valuation will grow to USD 5.40 billion!

According to a survey conducted in 2020, among all the laundry services, wash and fold and steam ironing were the most in demand with 72.93% of the customers ordering those services. Click 2 Wash, Laundrokart, Pick My Laundry, Jyothy Fabricare Services Ltd., and Laundry Basket are the frontrunners in the laundry delivery industry in India.

4 advantages of starting your own laundry delivery business

Unlike the myth or mental blockade that aspiring entrepreneurs have, starting your own laundry delivery business is not at all difficult or expensive. Rather, it’s just the stark opposite. Here are the reasons why starting your own laundry delivery business is easy and cost-effective.

Cost of laundry app development is low

The cost to develop your own laundry delivery app of course depends on the number and complexity of the features you want installed in it but viable laundry delivery apps with essential features can be developed for as low as USD 1,700!

Apart from that you still have to bear other expenses like logistics cost, staff salaries, store running costs, official website installation and optimization costs, buying a license for your laundry delivery business, getting your store insured, etcetera but even so, all those expenses can be kept under USD 4,000. So, the total cost of setting up a basic laundry delivery business/service will be under USD 6,000. Isn’t that convenient?

Convenience of in-home business setup

Many micro laundry business owners are providing clothes washing service from their homes. This way, no additional infrastructure setup costs need to be borne by the laundry business owners. Only the cost of logistics (transport of clothes back and forth) needs to be borne by them.

Setting up a micro laundry delivery service can save you a lot of money. It will also enable you to work from the comfort of your home. This micro laundry delivery business model is the most suitable for women or home makers.

Opportunity to tap into this industry and become rich

One of the primary reasons why laundry delivery apps are a hit with the masses is because people can schedule their laundry pickup and delivery. This ensures their availability at their homes whenever the respective delivery executive arrives.

People can also choose the type of laundry service they want on their set of clothes. This enables people to get highly effective and desirable laundry services on their clothes set. Fast pickup and delivery and the conveniences offered by laundry delivery apps are other factors for their large user base.

The laundry delivery industry in India is expected to boom in the near future. So, exploit its enormous scope for growth and become a successful laundry business owner by consulting with us and developing a fully-featured laundry delivery app.

Availability of many potential clients and customers

As far as the laundry delivery business is concerned, a lot of people can be your potential customers or clients. Your customers can be regular people like office goers and homemakers.

Your clients can also be businesses like hotels (budget hotels as well as five star hotels) and spas or you can serve both customers and clients at the same time! The business opportunities are myriad in the laundry delivery industry.

Get a clear estimate of laundry app development cost

The cost to develop a laundry app depends a lot on the number and complexity of the features involved. The laundry business app development cost varies widely between USD 2,000 and USD 30,000.

A top-notch laundry delivery app would have the following app variants to enable smooth business operations.

Customer app

The customer app enables customers to avail a variety of laundry services on their set of clothes. They can choose different types of laundry services on different sets of clothes. This makes the laundry service more effective, desirable, and customized.

The customer app also enables customers to schedule their laundry pickup and delivery. This ensures their availability at their homes whenever the respective delivery executive arrives.

Delivery app

The delivery app enables delivery executives to accurately navigate to customers’ locations and pick up or deliver their laundries. This is made possible by the advanced and precise GPS feature embedded in the app.

The delivery app also enables delivery executives to accept or reject customers’ orders depending on their availability. Delivery executives will also have the option of calling or chatting with customers in case any hurdles arise in the course of laundry pickup or delivery.

Admin app

This is the most advanced laundry app variant. It enables laundry business owners to swiftly and perfectly handle all aspects of their business operations like maintaining their delivery fleet, buying raw materials like detergents, fabric conditioners, etcetera, disbursing staff salaries, etcetera from a single platform. It provides laundry business owners with a lot of convenience.

Developing a high-end laundry delivery app with the above-mentioned app variants will cost between USD 10,000 and USD 30,000. The exact price is influenced by factors like

The mobile OS for which the app is designed

Designing a laundry delivery app for the Android OS will certainly cost you far less than designing a laundry delivery app for iOS as designing an iOS app requires a far greater number and complexity of code owing to its complex architecture and working mechanism.

On an average, designing an iOS app takes at least 50 working hours more than the time taken to design an Android app. Therefore, the cost involved is also higher.

The coding technology employed

Until about seven years ago, mobile app developers had to use different coding technologies to develop separate apps for Android and iOS platforms. This costed organizations a lot of money.

Fortunately, from 2015 onwards, a handful of cross-platform mobile app development platforms like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, etcetera were developed. These cross-platform mobile app development platforms use only a single coding technology to develop apps that can run on Android as well as iOS. Hence, they greatly reduce mobile app development costs for companies.

Even so, they all employ different coding technologies to develop cross-platform apps and will generate different app development costs for organizations.

Number and complexity of features required

A feature-rich laundry delivery app will take between 140 to 200 working hours to develop while a basic and viable laundry delivery app can be developed in 48 to 72 hours.

Also, if the laundry business owner demands an advanced and complex UI and app features, it will obviously cost him more. So, the number and complexity of app features heavily influences its development cost.

Region in the world where the app is being developed

Mobile app developers in different countries or regions of the world charge differently for their services. Given below is a list of their approximate hourly rates.

The USA: Mobile app developers in the US are the most expensive. They charge between USD 50 to USD 250 per hour for mobile app development.

Australia: App developers in Australia charge between USD 80 to USD 120 per hour for mobile app development. They are cheaper than the US but still quite costly.

Europe: Mobile app developers in Europe charge between USD 30 to USD 150 per hour for mobile app development. They can be cheap or expensive to hire.

India: Mobile app developers in India are the cheapest to hire. They can develop top-notch mobile applications for as low as USD 10 to USD 80 per hour.

So, the cost to develop a laundry app varies widely taking all of the above-mentioned factors into account. You must choose the features of your laundry delivery app in accordance with your business needs and your budget.

If you need an advanced laundry delivery app at reasonable costs, please consult with us and we’ll design the app in such a way that you won’t be needing any revisions to it.It will be ideally designed in accordance with your business requirements.