Benefits Of Having Food Delivery Apps For Restaurants & Customers

Food Delivery App For Restaurant Business

Just about a decade back, the only way to enhance your restaurant’s brand awareness was via traditional forms of advertising like newspaper ads, radio ads, posters, sign board displays, and word-of-mouth. These forms of advertising were very limited in their reach and effectiveness. Thanks to the development of mobile applications, restaurant owners can now experience the benefits of online food delivery app heightening their restaurant’s brand awareness, business volume, and profits without breaking a sweat.

Due to the rapid advancements in mobile phone hardware and mobile apps and the conveniences offered by them, people have become inclined towards using mobile apps for all purposes including online food ordering. The pandemic situation has catalyzed the use of mobile phones and mobile apps, especially for online food ordering.

Online food ordering apps have grown so much in India and around the world these days that the online food ordering industry has become very competitive. There are many giants in this industry in India and there is cut-throat competition between them. Restaurant owners need their own sophisticated and engaging app for restaurant food delivery to stay competitive in this industry and grow in it.

Advantages of Food Delivery Apps For Restaurants And Customers

We can't say this just simply by words. Food delivery apps have a lot more features nowadays and these have turned into an advantage from both restaurant's and customers perspective. Some of them are listed below.

  • Heightened Brand Awareness
  • Flawless Order Execution
  • Versatile Admin Panel
  • Valuable Business Insights
  • Edge Over Your Competitors
  • Scale Up Economically
  • Reviews And Ratings

Heightened Brand Awareness

Having an Benefits of using food devivery app will enable you to leverage the reach and influence of the internet and enhance your brand awareness. Even people located in remote places will get to know about your restaurant thanks to the reach of the internet.

Promoting your restaurant business on various social media platforms also becomes easy if you have a mobile app for restaurant ordering. You can simply share your mobile app’s link with catchy captions on various social media platforms to augment your brand awareness and conversion rates (app downloads).

Flawless Order Execution

This is the feature that preserves the integrity of your restaurant business. Traditionally, people used to call restaurants and place app for restaurant food ordering their orders. Sometimes, restaurant owners or customer care executives used to misunderstand customers owing to their vague accents and wrongly execute their orders. Thus sabotaging the restaurant’s reputation.

Since the orders placed on restaurant food delivery apps are in simple English, the chances of customers’ orders being executed incorrectly are negligible. Thus, this feature will preserve the integrity of your restaurant business.

A Versatile Admin Panel That Puts You On The Driver’s Seat

Every app for restaurant food delivery also has a robust admin panel built into it these days. It enables restaurant app for restaurant food delivery owners to seamlessly manage their customers’ orders and complaints. It notifies business owners whenever a new order has been received or whenever any customer has shared a review.

It also updates the customers’ addresses on your mobile app for restaurant ordering so that your Delivery Executives (DE) can deliver your customers’ orders precisely. The SMS feature implanted into the admin panel can also be used to wish your customers on their red-letter days or inform them about your latest offers and loyalty programs, thus winning their goodwill.

Provides You With Valuable Business Insights

Your restaurant’s app can help you keep track of your expenditures on raw items, food deliveries, and food preparation, and also keep track of your revenue and profits. This is just one of the many benefits of online food delivery app. It can give you valuable business insights like information on your customers’ tastes, preferences, and their ordering trends. It will also help you make your business processes more efficient and maximize your profits.

Gives You An Edge Over Your Competitors

Shockingly, only 2% to 3% of the restaurants in the US and around the world have their own mobile app for restaurant ordering. Not having their own mobile app, limits their popularity, business orders, and profits.

Even if they are listed on a third party food delivery app like Zomato, they need to pay 20 to 30% commission on their profits and will have no control over their business’s visibility or promotion. So, it will benefit you in a big way if you start creating app for restaurant.

You Can Scale Up Economically And With Ease

Having your own mobile app for restaurant ordering will enable you to serve more people (greater reach) with minimal investments in additional infrastructure setup and staffing. The seating capacity limitations of your restaurant will be overcome if you have your own app for restaurant food delivery.

Reviews And Ratings

Every app for restaurant food delivery has a feedback section embedded in it these days. Customers’ feedback enables restaurant owners to streamline their business processes and improve the quality of service provided. This is vital to staying afloat in the restaurant business. The advantages of on-demand food delivery app for business are innumerable and invaluable. One must develop a top-notch restaurant food ordering app for one’s restaurant business to leverage those benefits.

Why Food Delivery Apps Have Become An Integral Part Of One’s Life

Customers are the focal point of any business. Satisfying them and adjusting to their trends and preferences is vital for the survival and growth of a restaurant business. Here are the reasons why food ordering apps have become a hit with the masses.

Easy And Convenient For Customers

Via an app for restaurant food delivery, people can get the dishes that they want without leaving the comfort of their homes, without traveling and getting stuck in traffic jams, and without waiting in long queues outside restaurants. It saves them a lot of time, money, and effort.

They can also browse your menu and choose their dishes in their own sweet time. Research has proven that the more time customers are allowed to choose their order items, the more likely they are to place a big order. Who wouldn’t want such numerous conveniences?.

Contactless Delivery Can Save Customers’ Lives

During these pandemic times, this convenience has become the need of the hour. People are averse to going to a crowded restaurant or any other crowded place due to the high risk of incurring an infection. In our humble opinion, online food ordering apps have helped curtail the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

No Disappointment For Customers

Your app for Benefits of using food devivery app will clearly be updated and inform your customers which food items are available and which ones are not. If your customers were to come to your restaurant in person, they might not be able to save themselves from this disappointment.

Since the prices of food items are also mentioned, your customers can check their affordability before ordering. This feature avoids arguments between restaurant owners and their customers.

Real-Time Order Status Updates Implementing KCI

Your restaurant’s app will give live order status updates to your customers once they place an order. Order statuses like ‘Order received’, ‘Your food is being prepared’, ‘Your order is out for delivery’, ‘Order delivered’, ‘Item not available’, etcetera are provided on a real-time basis to your customers.

Even the current location and the movement of your delivery executives is updated on a real-time basis. This feature prevents a lot of anxiety and disappointment for your customers.

Attractive Offers And Loyalty Programs

The appealing discounts and loyalty programs offered on restaurant food delivery apps these days enable people to save a lot of their money. After all, money is precious and people are only interested in earning and saving money these days.

Therefore, offering lucrative discounts and loyalty programs on your mobile app for restaurant ordering will attract more customers to your restaurant business and help you in retaining existing ones.

Customer’s Money Is Safely Transacted Online

People, especially netizens, don’t like carrying a lot of cash with them these days as there is a danger of theft, fraudity (counterfeiting), and the necessity to have a lot of change with them.

Restaurant food delivery apps offer varied, secure, and swift online payment options to customers that they find very convenient. After all, everyone’s money is precious, isn’t it?.

Customer’s Preferences Are Stored And Customers Can Re-Order

Your app for restaurant food delivery will automatically store (via machine learning technology) your customers’ past orders and their tastes and preferences. So that they can order again with the same preferences.

That way, your customers will not have to waste their time and energy telling your waiters about their preferences (like how much salt to put in their food, etcetera) every time they visit your restaurant.

Statistical Data To Prove The Phenomenal Growth Of Online Food Ordering Apps

Now that we have discussed the benefits of a mobile app for restaurant ordering, let’s have a look at some statistical data that proves the point and will encourage you to leverage the advantages of online food delivery apps development services.

1. Mobile phone users and Restaurant ordering apps

2. Spending 19% income on food order

3. 50% of the people discover restaurant online

4. Save 15 to 30% commission on order values

5. Customer retention rate increase to 90%'s

Why Your Restaurant Business Should Adapt To New Trends?

Restaurant food delivery apps have become trendy with people today. It has become exigent for restaurants to stay up to date with this new trend to be competitive in the restaurant business and grow in it. reaping the benefits of online food delivery app.

If you intend to build your own mobile app for restaurant ordering, or any other on demand products like cab booking application, meat delivery, laundry, bakery, and others in the near future, you can contact us. We are the go-to company for mobile app development in India and the Middle East as well.

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