How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Beauty Application

5 Factors That Determine the Cost of Beauty On-Demand App Development

1. Platform:

The on-demand beauty app development cost is highly dependent upon the platform you choose to develop your app. If you are planning to launch an Android app, you will have to pay a one-time charge of $150. Whereas the iOS developers need to purchase an annual membership of $99, which is mandatory for uploading the app to the App Store.

2. Features and functionality:

The more features and functionality you want to add to your app, the more you will have to pay your developer. This also depends on the type of app you want to develop. For example, if you want to build a simple booking app, then it will cost less than an app that connects users with stylists in real time.

3. Frontend and backend:

 The front end of the app consists of all the functionalities that the user can see and use. Whereas the backend of the app consists of all the functionalities that make the app

4. Design complexity:

The UI/UX design of an app can be a major factor in determining the total cost of beauty app development. A captivating, straightforward design that performs smoothly can require multiple rounds of testing, adding to the price tag. An interactive user interface is the preferred option, as it encourages user retention and amplifies engagement.

5. Development Wireframe:

If you’d like your development team to create an on-demand beauty app, you can include the wireframing costs in the total price. Wireframing is essentially a blueprint of the software development process, and requires a variety of tools such as Figma, PhotoShop, and more, adding up to the total cost. The wireframing cost of such an app usually varies between $500 to $3,000.  

Must-Have Features of On-Demand Beauty Services App Development (App Version Wise)

When it comes to the top-performing on-demand beauty apps, there is a common set of features that they all possess. To understand these features, it is crucial to know that investing in an on-demand beauty service app involves developing three different app versions: one for users, one for beauty experts, and one for the admin.

Each of these app versions will have its own unique set of features, which will contribute to the overall cost of developing a beauty service app.

So, let’s take a closer look at the essential features that are present in the successful on-demand beauty app market leaders.  

User Side of the Application

The user side of the on-demand beauty app must be designed to be easy to navigate and visually appealing. This will ensure the success of the beauty salon app.

Standard features such as easy login and sign-up screens are present in most apps, regardless of the category. However, there are several other features that must be included on the user side of the on-demand beauty service app, such as:

View and Schedule Services:

Users should be able to view and schedule their desired services.

View Beauty Package:

There should be a dedicated section within the app where users can view the details of services offered in a package format, rather than individual services.

Book Appointment:

Once users have viewed the services, they should be able to book an appointment at their chosen time, select the address, and choose the payment method.

Integrated In-App Payment:

Users should be able to make in-app payments for their appointments and for the services they receive.

Rating and Review:

This feature is important for the success of any app, and the same is true for beauty service apps. Users should be able to rate and review the services they receive and see how others have rated the beauty experts.

Booking History:

Users should be able to view their booking history, including the date, services received, and price. They should also be able to repeat bookings and re-contact the same beauty expert.

Contact Beauty Experts and App Team:

Users should be able to call or message beauty experts and the app support team if they have any questions or concerns.

Beauty Experts' Side of the Application

The beauty experts’ side of the app allows salon owners to confirm and manage their bookings, receive payments, make promotions, launch offers, and more. Essential features for this side of the app include: 

View Bookings:

Beauty experts should be able to view the bookings they have received.

Manage Calendar:

This feature will help beauty experts schedule appointments and keep organized.

Accept or Reject User Requests:

Beauty experts should be able to accept, reschedule, or reject appointments in real time.

List Services and Prices:

Beauty experts should be able to list their services and the prices they charge for each service.

Receive Payments:

Beauty experts should be able to receive payments and invoices.

Service History:

This feature will allow beauty experts to keep track of the services they have provided and the amount they have earned from those services.

Admin Side of the Application

The admin side of the on-demand beauty app should be developed with features that give the admin complete control over the app. The admin panel should allow the admin to manage user requests and salon profiles from the backend.

What is the Cost of Making an On-Demand Beauty Service Mobile App?

The cost of a salon app development can range drastically, with estimates varying from $25,000 – $60,000. depending on the features, tech stack, development location, and other considerations such as UI/UX design, wireframing, and the hourly rate of developers.

Discover the surefire way to calculate the cost of creating an on-demand beauty services app:

Beauty service app development cost = Total number of development hours X hourly rate of developers

The mobile app development cost is a complicated calculation that encompasses more than just the tech stack and feature set. To get a clearer understanding of what goes into developing an on-demand beauty app, let us examine the various factors that contribute to the total cost. These include the hours for wireframing, UI/UX design, coding, maintenance, and any other anonymous development hours.

How Does a Beauty Salon App Work?

The on-demand beauty services app has revolutionized the business prospects of individual stylists, hairdressers, and makeup artists, providing them with a golden opportunity to expand their trade. This rapidly-growing industry has even become a source of employment, given the surging demand for it. If you’re curious as to how these apps work, think of it like Uber but only for beauty services.

After downloading the app, users can effortlessly select and book a local stylist from the range of options provided in the on-demand beauty app. When the booking is secured, the stylist will arrive at the designated time and provide the desired services. With this convenient Beauty salon app development cost, users can enjoy beauty treatments in the comfort of their own home.

Types of Apps for Beauty Services you Must Look Upon

  • On-Demand Hair Styling Apps
  • On-Demand Makeup Application Apps
  • On-Demand Nail Art Apps
  • On-Demand Skincare Routines Apps
  • On-Demand Facial Care Apps
  • On-Demand Cosmetics Shopping Apps
  • On-Demand Spa & Massage Services Apps
  • On-Demand Hair Color & Cut Apps
  • On-Demand Image Consultant Apps
  • On-Demand Wardrobe & Style Advice Apps


With beauty salon apps in such high demand, business owners are scrambling to find a top-notch mobile app Development Company to give them the edge they need. By hiring a salon app developer, businesses can benefit from a convenient salon app, enabling them to better reach their users and address their customers’ needs. Investing in a beauty salon app for your business is an excellent way to fast-track growth, and with the right firm, you can get all the help and advice you need.

Are you looking to build a beauty service application? Our blog is sure to equip you with the essential knowledge required to get started. However, if you need assistance with any queries or doubts, our experienced consultants are readily available to help you turn your business dream into a reality.