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Mobile apps are “da bomb” these days. They are perhaps one of the most versatile and convenient applications ever invented by mankind. That could one of the prime reasons for their global popularity and usage. In the mobile apps market, there are two highly dominant players. One is the iOS apps supported by Apple’s smart devices. The other player is Android apps run on any smartphone brand save iphones and ipads. Android apps have 73% of the mobile apps market share while iOS apps have 25% of the mobile apps market share. The remaining measly 2% is controlled by a few firms like Fuschia, Godrej, Huawei, etc. Mobile apps developers these days prefer developing cross-platform apps rather than native Android or iOS apps so that they can cover (sell their apps to) Android as well as iOS app users. There are quite a few hybrid app development platforms and hybrid app coding technologies. The most popular ones are

  • Xamarin: which uses programming language to develop hybrid apps.
  • React Native: which uses React JS (front end) and Node.JS (back end) coding technologies to develop cross-platform apps.
  • Flutter: which uses Dart (front end) and C++ (back end) coding technologies to develop cross-platform apps.

Among the three popular hybrid app development platforms, React Native is the most popular and preferred by hybrid app developers. This is because it uses variants of the same programming language called Javascript to design front end and back end app functionalities.

Even though Xamarin too uses only one programming language (C#) to design front end and back end app functionalities; Javascript is a more familiar and easier programming language to hybrid app developers than

Hence, hybrid app developers prefer using the React Native hybrid app development platform to Xamarin or Flutter. If you’re looking to hire Node.JS developer for your hybrid app development projects, these are the factors that you should consider before doing so.

Factors To Consider Before You Hire Node.Js Developer

These are the factors taht you should consider before you hire a node.js developer for your hybrid app development projects to derive the best results from your projects.

The Developer Must Be Skilled And Swift In Coding

Your node.js developer must be able to understand your project requirements in great detail and code the hybrid app accordingly. He must have a sound knowledge of the Node.js coding technology and must have a fast typing speed. Above all, he must be dedicated towards completing your project impeccably.

Knowledge Of Backend Database Coding Technologies Is Preferable

If your Node.js developer has a good understanding of frontend and backend database coding technologies like MongoDB, NoSQL, Rest API, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etcetera and frontend app coding technologies like HTML, CSS, VBScript, Angular JS, Vue JS, etc. He’ll be able to understand all the underlying app working mechanisms better and code better.

After all, apps of any kind make use of frontend and backend databases for their normal functioning. Identifying and employing appropriate frontend and backend databases in Node.js programming is also vital to the success of your project.

Must Be Familiar With Restful APIs

One of the most convenient features of Node.JS is the availability of Restful APIs to build complex app functionalities in a giffy. If your Node.JS programmer is familiar with Restful APIs, he will be able to build standard app functionalities quickly when time is short and your project’s deadline is drawing near.

However, to design completely customized and complex app functionalities, a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Node.js coding technology is needed.

He Must Be Well Versed With All Node.Js Framewor

Node.js’s frameworks support app design and functionalities in their own unique way. They also boost the performance of Android apps if employed in the coding process., Express.js, Laravel, etcetera are some of the important Node.js frameworks that boost Android apps’ performance and support advanced web functionalities.

Some Node.js frameworks like Hapi.js, Sail.js, Feather.js, etcetera can also support the development of highly customized app features. If your Node.js developer is well-versed with these specialized Node.js frameworks, he’ll be able to handle highly complicated and customized hybrid app development projects seamlessly, swiftly, and easily.

He Should Be Familiar With How To Use Automated Tools

Node.js has certain built-in automated tools like Gulp and Grunt that automate certain parts/aspects of hybrid app development. If your Node,js developer is familiar with these automated tools, he’ll be able to build certain complex app functionalities automatically, quickly, and flawlessly. This knowledge will come in handy when your app development deadline is drawing near and your time is short.

He Should Have Excellent Project Management Skills

Your Node.js developer should be able to effectively communicate and coordinate with your frontend and backend app development teams and ensure that your hybrid app development project is on the right track and on schedule.

Any lapses or misunderstanding in communication between your frontend and backend app development teams will lead to delays, cost overruns, and an inappropriate app being designed for your client or target audience. It is not an overstatement to say that your Node.js developer’s project management skills play an important role in the success of your hybrid app development project.

An In-Depth Knowledge Of Cyber Security Is Desirable

People and organizations these days give a lot of importance to the security and privacy standards of an app. This is because nobody likes their private data to be hacked and misused. If your Node.js developer has good knowledge of cyber security techniques and practices, the hybrid apps that he develops will be more secure and trustworthy.

What Is The Cost To Hire A Node.Js Developer?

There is no fixed cost to hire a Node.js developer. It depends on his level of technical expertise, experience, and app development portfolio. Freshers in the Node.js technology generally charge only 10 to 30% the charge of experienced and established Node. JS developers. Generally speaking, hiring a Node.js developer for your hybrid app development projects will cost you anywhere between USD 12,000 to USD 150,000.

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