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Mobile apps are “da bomb” these days. They are popular among and widely used by people and organizations alike. Mobile apps are perhaps the most versatile and convenient applications ever invented by mankind. They enable people and companies to leverage the global reach and influence of the internet in a convenient and easy manner. In the mobile apps market, there are two major players as of today. One is Android apps, supported by the Android OS, designed by Google. The other is iOS apps, supported by the iOS, designed by Apple. Together, these two types of apps hold 98% of the mobile apps market share. The remaining paltry 2% mobile apps market share is controlled by other firms like Fuschia, Godrej, Huawei, etc. In that 98% app market share portion, 73% is held by Android apps and 25% by iOS apps. Looking at these stats, you can get a fair idea of just how important Android apps are to people and organizations. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits and common features of Android apps. We’ll also give you a guide on how to choose top-notch Android app development agencies. So, kindly read on to know more.

Benefits Of Android App Development

Developing an offical Android app will bestow many benefits in many spheres to your business. All you have to do from your end is to ensure that your official Android app is designed and marketed perfectly. The android app making process is as follows.

Native Android apps are designed using the app coding technology called “Kotlin” and the app development platform called “Android Studio”. Android apps are advanced but cost-effective to develop and buy unlike iOS apps. The other tangible benefits of developing native Android apps for your business are described below.

It Gives You A High ROI

The only costs involved in building Android apps is the cost involved in buying the license for Android Studio and the cost involved in paying your Android app development team their salaries and incentives but even that is nothing compared to the ROI your official Android app will give your company overtime. Research has shown that Android apps give an average ROI of 200%. That’s truly amazing, isn’t it?

Releasing Android Apps On Play Store Is Quicker And Easier

The app regulations employed on Play Store are more lenient than the ones employed on The App Store of Apple. Hence, it is quicker and easier for native Android app developers to release their native Android apps on Play Store. This ease of app release and shorter app release time give the companies developing native Android apps a significant competitive advantage.

Native Android Apps Can Be Run On Any Android Smart Device

Owing to the numerous robust features present in Android Studio, native Android apps can be run on any Android smart device such as smartphones, Android TVs, wearables like wrist watches, etc. So, native Android app developers really have their work cut out once they finish developing an Android app because it can be deployed on any Android smart device.

Moreover, the Android OS is continuously evolving. The latest version of the Android OS is the Android 12, developed by Google in October 2021. It and a few of its predecessors can support very complex and sophisticated technology like Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), CAD, etc. Hence, undertaking customized native Android app development is beneficial even to those firms who are in hi-tech fields like the once mentioned above.

Android App And OS Security Standards Have Come A Long Way Over The Past Decade

In the past, the only major criticism to Android apps and the Android OS was their somewhat low security standards. However, that has been patched up over the last few years. Since 2016, Google has been releasing frequent security updates to the various versions of the Android OS designed in and after 2016.

The Android OS versions designed in and after 2016 especially have a high level of in-built cyber security. They can protect Android apps against malware, phishing attacks, and computer viruses. Even native Android apps now come with their own cyber security code that protect them against cyber attacks like the ones mentioned just before.

The Android Studio supports development of highly customized Android apps

Every organization needs a highly customized native or hybrid app for its business operations. An app development platform can be considered useful only if it supports the development of highly sophisticated and customized native or hybrid apps.

Since the Android Studio has numerous robust GUI elements, it can support the development of highly sophisticated and customized native Android apps. The Kotlin app programming language employed by Android Studio, being a concise and secure form of the popular and robust Java programming language can also support the development of highly sophisticated and customized native Android apps.

So, the invention of Android Studio and the Kotlin app development technology is a great boon for firms in any industry. Advanced official Android apps can improve any kind of business in all aspects.

The Android OS And Android Apps Are Deeply Integrated With Google’s Services

Even the average Android smartphone can support every product Google has ever launched like GMaps, Google search engine, YouTube, Google Duo, etc. Even though Apple’s smart devices too support many of Google’s services, deep integration of Google’s services is still lacking in them unlike Android smart devices.

The Indispensable Android App Development Features Or Characteristics

When you’re developing an Android app for your business or for your customers, you must keep the following things in mind to make your app perfectly functional and a hit among your target audience (if applicable).

It Must Load Quickly

We live in a world of 5G internet and instant gratification these days. Hence, people expect every kind of service to be very fast these days. Your Android app must open within three seconds from clicking it.

If it takes more than 5 seconds to open/load, your users will surely get frustrated and some may even ditch your company or service altogether. If you don’t want to lose your customers. Care must be taken in this regard.

It Must Have An Engaging And Easy To Navigate UI

The way in which your app’s UI has been designed creates a good or bad impression about your company in the minds of your users. Your app’s UI must be attractive, feature-rich, engaging, and easy to navigate to engage and retain your users.

If your app is too cluttered with information, difficult to understand and operate, and not engaging; your users will quickly lose interest in your app and brand and some may even switch to your competitors.

Categorized and organized information, the presence of a search bar, having a voice search feature, availability of navigation shortcuts, and auto-fill options contribute to an attractive and engaging UI. So, kindly see to it that these features are present in your official app.

Integration Of Payment Gateways

If your official app is any kind of revenue generating app, it most certainly must have a renowned payment gateway integrated into it to verify, authenticate, ease, and catalyze financial transactions. The integration of any popular payment gateway with your app also augments the credibility of your app and your brand.

If your app also has cloud storage and if possible other cloud services, that would be preferable as sometimes apps of various kinds get uninstalled from smartphones due to lack of storage space in the smartphone.

Social Media Login Options

As mentioned before, we live in a world of 5G internet and instant gratification. People these days like things simplified and fast tracked for them.

Hence, allowing your users to login to your app via their popular social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Tik Tok, etcetera will boost your app downloads, user engagement, and retention as this process is very simple and swift and does not require any details from your users.

Needless to say that your login authentication process should be made as secure and as confidential as possible lest you will face legal cases from your users as it happened in the case of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2015. Facebook had to pay a fine of USD 65 million for leaking its users’ private and confidential data to third party companies.

Your App Should Support Multiple Languages

Even if your app is limited only to India, making your app available in multiple languages is preferable so that you will not miss out on any of your target audience. If your app is available internationally then making your app available in international languages such as French, German, Spanish, Latin American, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, etcetera is strongly preferable.

Effective Tips To Choose The Apt Android App Development Agency For You

When you decide to approach an Android app development agency to develop an official Android app for your business, the following are the factors that you should check and evaluate to ensure that your official Android app is developed impeccably.

Check The Experience Of The App Development Agency

Your Android app is going to be like the face of your company that you present to your target audience once you launch your app. Hence, it goes without saying that extra care must be taken to ensure that your app is designed impeccably in all aspects. It must work seamlessly and swiftly once it is launched lest your app users will get frustrated and may even abandon your app and brand.

You must check if the app development agency under consideration has proven experience in the Android app development domain. If they have designed Android apps in the past that closely resemble your current app requirements, the chances of that app development agency being the right one for you goes up manifold.

Check Their Ex-Clients’ Testimonials

Reading an app development agency’s ex-clients’ reviews is one of the most reliable ways to judge if the app development agency is a trustworthy and reliable one or not. If the app development agency under consideration has loads of positive client reviews listed on its official website, there is a good chance that it’s a genuine and a reliable one because it’s impractical to buy a lot of positive client reviews.

Check If Their App Development Cost Falls Within Your Budget

Ofcourse you must check if the app development agency under consideration is capable of developing high quality Android apps but you must also check if their app development cost falls within your budget otherwise it’ll lead to cost overruns and will diminish your ROI.

Check If The App Development Agency Is Transparent In Their Communication And Business Dealings

Ofcourse you must check the experience and technical expertise of your app development agency but you must also check if they’re honest and transparent in their communication and business dealings because the swift progress of your app development project and the successful completion of it depends on it.

You and your app development agency must communicate, understand, and co-ordinate with each other very well to ensure the swift and seamless completion of your app development project.

Check The Dedication Level Of Your App Development Agency

Your app development agency must be highly dedicated towards the successful completion of your app development project. Their full-time Android app developers must be willing to work overtime if necessary in order to complete your project on or before the agreed upon deadline.

It would be preferable if your app development agency offers post app launch app maintenance services for at least a few months to ensure the swift and seamless functioning of your app and thereby your users’ satisfaction.

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