Adroid App Development Cost - Will Developing an Android App Be Worth Your Money?

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Android vs iOS is a clash of titans. Both these mobile operating systems are highly popular and have a large user base. We have to examine a number of factors before deciding which of them is the better choice to use as a platform to launch your mobile app. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

How The Android OS Emerged At The Top

The Android mobile OS platform was founded in October, 2003. It was founded by Palo Alto, California. Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Andy Rubin. The primary purpose of developing the Android OS was to incorporate the GPS feature in it so that people’s mobile phones could track the owner’s location.

Later, in the eventful year of 2005, the tech behemoth Google had acquired Android. It decided to use the Linux coding technology to make the Android OS more sophisticated step by step. Adopting Linux as the coding technology for the Android OS enabled Google to make the OS development project, an open-source one.

As a result, in a very short period of time, a plethora of advanced versions of the Android OS were developed and released into the market. Many useful apps were developed to make them compatible with Android.

Today, the only serious competitor for the Android OS is Apple’s iOS. Even that is a distant second to Android with iOS having only 29.49% market share. Android on the other hand has a whopping 69.74% of the market share of mobile OSs. The Windows OS has become almost obsolete with only 0.77% of the market share of mobile OSs. Android had eliminated its former competitors like BlackBerry, Palm OS, Web OS, etcetera before emerging at the top spot among the most used mobile OSs.

Today, Android 12 is the latest version of the Android OS. Google had undertaken an ambitious project called “Fuchsia” in 2019 to make an Android OS version that could support all types of apps, including apps meant for the iOS and Windows OS so that people do not even have to think about buying an iPhone, an iPad, a Windows smartphone, a desktop, or a even a laptop.

If the “Fuchsia” version of the Android OS is released successfully in the market, it could unhinge all of its competitors unless they come up with such an advanced cross-platform mobile OS soon.

Sadly, Google has kept people in the dark regarding the progress in the development of the Fuchsia version of the Android OS. It is amazing that Google is still embarked on the development of the Android OS despite having released many advanced versions of it.

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Why Organizations Prefer Android App For Business Applications

The trend over android application is increased day by day. Even though the iOS is capable of supporting complex and advanced mobile applications of all types, organizations prefer to develop Android apps for their business applications or product (app) releases because Android smartphones and the Android OS variants offer some key advantages over iOS. Let’s have a look at them below.

Much Better Value For Money

Android apps are just as sophisticated as their iOS counterparts but they can be developed at almost half the price. Android phones are also as advanced (have advanced configurations) as iPhones but don’t cost as much.

Even economical Android smartphones that cost less than USD 250 like the Moto G5 Plus have broad screens (5.2 inches), high definition rear cameras (12 MP), advanced processors (Snapdragon 625), and cost just USD 239.

An iPhone of similar configuration would cost at least USD 350 to manufacture as the working mechanisms (instruction execution methods) of the iOS and the Android OS are radically different.

No Port For Earphones

All successors of the iPhone 7 do not have audio ports to connect earphones. If one wants to listen to music or any other type of audio from an iPhone, he or she has to connect a Bluetooth-enabled pair of earphones or headphones or buy and connect a C-Type to USB cable with the C-Type end being a Lightning Connector that’s supported by iPhones.

Easy And Cheap Availability Of Android Phone Hardware

Most of the Android smartphones today can quickly charge via power adapters with C-Type cables. The hardware/gadgets required for Android smartphones are easily available in the market and are cost-effective.

If you lose the power adapter given for your iPhone, you will find it very hard to get a new one. More often than not, you’ll find yourself using a USB to C-Type cable with the C-Type end being a Lightning Connector to charge your iPhone while your laptop or desktop is powered on. iPhones, more often than not, require special equipments to utilize all of their features. They’re not as pocket friendly as Android smartphones.

More Customization Options

Every person is unique and people cherish that trait. Since Android smartphones give multitudinous options to people to customize their mobile phone display skins and widgets, people love using Android phones as it makes them feel unique and special.

iPhones on the contrary have very few customization options available, both with widgets displayed on the home screen and the skin of the display. Hence, people do not get that personal touch with iPhones and therefore its user base is far lower than Android smartphones.

File Transfer Is Much Easier

To transfer files from your iPhone to your PC, you need to install and create an account on iTunes on your PC. Still, you will be able to transfer only photos from your iPhone to your PC. Audio and video files cannot be transferred.

If you connect your Android smartphone to your PC, it will appear as an external drive, having various types of files and folders, which you can easily cut or copy and paste on the desired location/s in your PC.

The OS barrier does not come into play on Android smartphones. The coupling of Android smartphones with PCs will look seamless and smooth for Android smartphone users. What more could one ask for?

An All-Purpose Back Button

The ‘back’ option/button built into all Android smartphones is usable under all circumstances. You can use it within an app to return to the previous screen or process or you can use it outside of apps to return to the previous screens on your smartphone. You can also press and hold the back button to close some or all of your previously used screens or apps.

Multitasking On Multiple Windows

The latest Android smartphones enable their users to do multiple tasks on multiple windows/screens simultaneously. For example: you could be writing an email on one screen and running a business application on another.

Multitasking on multiple windows enables users to get their work done faster. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the latest Android smartphones are a hit with the masses.

Multiple Secure Login Options

The latest Android smartphones, especially from Samsung, offer a wide array of login options to users. Users can choose from pattern, PIN, thumbprint, retinal, and face-recognition login validation options.

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Is The Cost To Build An Android App Too Much Or Economical?

If you have become convinced that developing an Android app is more worth your time than developing an iOS app, you might be wondering about what is the cost to develop an android app. If so, kindly read further and you will get a fair idea.

There is no concrete answer to this question as its answer depends on a multitude of factors. Generally speaking, the cost to develop an android app ranges from USD 20,000 to USD 2.5 million.

The cost also depends on the country or continent in the world you are developing the Android app from as app developers from different countries charge differently for their service.

Android app developers from Europe are costlier and charge between USD 40 to USD 90 per hour.

Android app developers from the USA and Australia are the costliest and will charge between USD 90 to USD 150 per hour.

The overall cost to create an android app depends also on the time taken to develop the app which in turn depends on the complexity of the app. A simple Android app will take between 500 to 800 working hours to develop and will cost between USD 20,000 to USD 80,000.

A moderately complex and sophisticated Android app will take between 800 to 1,200 working hours to develop and will cost between USD 90,000 to USD 1.2 million.

A state-of-the-art and fully featured Android app will take between 1200 to 2000 working hours to develop and will cost between USD 1.5 million to USD 2.5 million.

The technical aspects that determine how complex an Android app is are:

The type and complexity of the app: Android gaming apps (like Zombie Apocalypse, Call of Duty, PubG, etcetera), CRM apps, ERP apps, and E-Commerce apps are the most complex and involve the most money and time to develop. Simple apps like a hotel room booking app, unit converters, a scientific calculator, etcetera are fairly easy to design and will cost you the least amount of time and money.

Graphical elements involved: The more the number and sophistication of the graphical elements involved, the more the cost to develop the Android app. Generally, mobile games that are graphics-heavy like the NBA 2K21 are the costliest to develop.

Debugging, MVP testing, and additional services: An Android app (or any other app for that matter) needs to be checked for runtime bugs and debugged before the MVP of the app is ready. This of course is going to cost you some money. If the MVP of the app is not upto your expectations, modifications will be required and that of course will take time and cost you money. If you need the app developers to handhold you for a few months after the release of the app or provide any other type of assistance after the project is completed, that too will cost you.

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Will Android Apps Still Be “Da Bomb” In The Future?

Yes! The Android OS has been updated to such an extent by Google that it can support even the most complex and advanced mobile apps. The latest version of the Android OS in the market is the Android 12.

Google is trying to develop an Android OS variant that can support apps meant for any OS platform, be it iOS or even Windows. The variant’s name is “Fuchsia” and is yet to be released into the market. If it is successfully released into the market in the near future, it can flush out its competitors like the iOS.

Both the Android OS and Android smartphones are just as advanced (if not more advanced) and featured as iOS and iPhones but are a lot less expensive. Hence, users and organizations will stick to using Android apps for the foreseeable future.

Apps that center around or employ the following technologies will be mostly built for the Android OS now and in the future.

AI And Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning technologies work best with the Android OS. These technologies are the most suitable for the hardware of Android smartphones which are far more cost-effective than iPhones.

AI and Machine Learning technologies are the most widely used and evolving technologies these days. High-end mobile games, chatbots, business analytics apps, and language learning apps use AI and Machine Learning technologies the most and are mostly built for the Android OS these days.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

For example, your digital weighing machine and your fitness app can communicate with each other using IoT technology to keep your body’s weight and fat content in check. Some traffic signals can communicate with each other using IoT technology to automatically and efficiently manage the flow of traffic. Your refrigerator can communicate with the respective app on your mobile phone to inform you of the groceries needed.

The list of the uses of IoT is endless. It is today’s most promising technology. Since the Android OS is so versatile and robust, almost all the IoT based apps in the future will be designed for the Android OS.

Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies that employ blockchain technology are becoming increasingly popular these days. Though they haven’t fulfilled their original objective of replacing traditional currencies, they are widely used by people as a digital asset these days to trade with and make profits.

Many popular payment gateways in India like Citrus Pay, CCAvenue, PayUBiz India, Instamojo, Bill Desk, Atom, etcetera are considering including cryptocurrencies in their monetary transaction service.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technology invented by Google to enable mobile apps and web pages to load faster. This networking technology works best with the Android OS as it is swift and light on its base code.

In today’s world, speed is everything. If your app does not load fast (within a few seconds), people will lose their interest and close or even uninstall your app. So, mobile apps that make use of the AMP technology will be mostly Android-based in the future.

AR And VR Technologies

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are one of the top emerging technologies of today. They are graphics-heavy technologies that require sophisticated, fast, and versatile OSs to run them. The Android OS hits all the checkboxes.

Android applications are also more cost-effective to develop than iOS applications. Hence, AR and VR oriented apps will be built mostly for the Android OS in the future.

For example, IKEA has launched the Place app which enables customers to see a virtual 3D image of their dream home and check if it’ll fit in the plot of land that they’re going to buy. That way, people can make more informed land purchases.

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