Effective App Marketing Strategies To Rank Your App

“Apps” is the buzzword these days. Mobile apps are a hit among people and corporations alike because they enable people and organizations to leverage the reach and effectiveness of the internet in a convenient and cost-effective manner. However, just developing an official app for your business is not enough. You must apply appropriate app promotion mobile app marketing strategies to make your official app rank on app store searches and get the maximum possible downloads but how exactly to do that and are there any other benefits to applying appropriate App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques to your official app? Stay tuned to find out.

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Marketing, also known as App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of applying appropriate optimization techniques to one’s app to make it appear on app store searches namely Play Store for Android apps and The App Store for iOS apps.

Only if an app is visible on app stores will users get to know about it, check out its screenshots and description, and ultimately consider downloading the app. The process of ensuring that users download the app once they visit the app’s page on app stores is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

ASO is quite similar to the SEO process applied for websites. Keywords optimization, getting valuable backlinks, and maximizing the lead conversion rate are common to both the processes.

However, there also exist a few differences between the processes. Prominent among them are two facts. One is that ASO techniques are applied to mobile apps whereas SEO techniques are applied to websites. The other one is that a few ranking criteria and parameters vary between the two processes.

2. The Importance Of App Marketing

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, merely developing an official app for your business is not enough. You need to apply appropriate ASO techniques to make your app rank on app stores and appear in app store searches. However, the benefits of ASO techniques don’t stop there. There are quite a few other significant benefits to ASO which we’ll have a look at in detail in this section

How do I get organic traffic to my apps

If you have applied the appropriate ASO techniques to your official app, it will rank organically in the app store it was designed for or both the app stores in case of hybrid apps. You don’t have to pay Google’s Play Store or Apple’s The App Store any amount to list your app on them. You will get free global or regional visibility and a high amount of app downloads if you organically rank your app on app stores. Isn’t that convenient?

Your App Will Be Seen By Your Target Audience

Applying appropriate ASO techniques to your official app will make it visible among your target audience on the target app store or app stores in the case of cross-platform apps.

By incorporating the target keywords that your target users are searching with and by applying the appropriate category filters to your app, your app will only be visible among your target audience who are searching for the services that you provide. This will maximize the chances of your app getting downloaded by your target audience.

Your app will not be displayed to people who are not seeking your services and thereby rendering your app development effort useless.

A Lot Of Earning Potential

Once you organically rank your app on app stores and once your app gets a lot of downloads, you can earn a lot of money from your app if you have monetized it in one or multiple ways.

You can earn money via in-app ads, in-app purchases, and a subscription model. Since there are a lot of millennials and netizens in the world who extensively use mobile apps on a daily basis, the earning potential of mobile apps is truly enormous.

Stability In App Downloads And Digital Income

Once your app ranks on the target app store/s, you must not sit back and relax. You must frequently listen to the reviews of your users and implement any meaningful suggestions given by them. You can also address their pain points stated in their complaints.

This is the best way to keep your app up to date and your users satisfied. If your users are satisfied from time to time, app downloads and online income via your official app will keep flowing.

What Are The Best App Marketing Strategies?

Now that you have understood the importance of app marketingfor your official app, you also need to know about the most effective and practices so that you can apply them to your official app and reap the manifold benefits of those practices including app store visibility and numerous app downloads. The most effective app mobile app marketing Strategies are as given below

Understand The Demands Of Your Target Audience

Before even beginning to code your app, you must thoroughly analyze and understand the requirements and expectations of your target audience and design your app accordingly.

An app that does not address the target audience’s requirements is just a complete waste of time, money, and effort. It will not be in demand on app stores and will hardly get any downloads leave alone being able to generate online income.

On the contrary, an app that is well-designed and addresses users’ needs and meets their expectations will be in high demand on app stores and thereby receive a lot of downloads and it can even generate online income for its business owner.

Incorporate Suitable Keywords

You must ensure that your app is optimized for those keywords that your target audience uses to search for apps on app stores so that your app can be discovered on relevant app store searches.

The keywords that you choose must be relevant to your app and niche. They must also have high search volumes but low competition. Only then will you get the best search results for your app.

Research has found that 63% of people discover and download apps by searching on app stores. This fact just underlines the importance of the application of appropriate App Store Optimization (ASO) practices.

Select A Catchy Name For Your App

The name of the app is the first thing that people see on app stores. Only if the name of an app is catchy will people even bother to read its description, ratings, and reviews. Research has shown that catchy app names augment app downloads by 10%.

If you’re developing hybrid apps, you need to be mindful of the character limits set by Play Store and The App Store. The character limit of Play Store is 50 characters and the character limit of The App Store is 30 characters. Therefore, the names of hybrid apps should be less than or equal to 30 characters to be eligible to be listed on The App Store as well.

Write A Compelling App Description

On both Play Store and The App Store, the character limit for app descriptions is 4,000 characters. You can make good use of this wide character limit to write a compelling app description that will heighten your app downloads.

Your app description has to be as appealing and informative as possible. It has to clearly state what pain points the app addresses, what are the app’s unique features (if any), what are the minimum configuration requirements of the app, how good will be the performance of the app, and how your app is extraordinary and not a “run of the mill” app.

Have Informative And Appealing Screenshots

People, who don’t have the time to go through your app description will have a look at the in-app screenshots that you have uploaded. The quality of those screenshots will determine if users download your app or not.

The screenshots taken from important use cases of your app, should convince potential users of your app’s usefulness, its convenient features, and the simplicity of your app’s UI/UX amongst other important parameters. Attractive and appealing screenshots have been proven to enhance app downloads by as much as 30%.

Add A Demonstration Video If Possible

A demo video on how to install and use your app will really simplify life for your potential users. Such videos will convince your target audience on the usefulness and simplicity of your app.

In the US, 85% of smartphone users prefer to download apps that have a demo video on them. The App Store as well as Play Store permit demo videos upto 30 seconds long. These days videos have a big impact on people on anything.

Your App Needs To Have An Attractive And Relevant Icon

Having an attractive icon for your official app is almost as important as having a catchy name for the app and having a compelling description for the app. You must select the most suitable color, design, shape, and size for your app’s icon to make a highly positive visual impression on your target audience.

A meaningful and attractive icon for your app will create a good impression in the minds of your target audience. It will speak volumes about your company’s technical expertise, professionalism, and professional ethics.

If you’re designing a hybrid app, you must be mindful of the app stores’ minimum icon size requirements. The minimum icon size requirement of The App Store is 1024 * 1024 pixels and the minimum icon size requirement of Play Store is 512 * 512 pixels. Therefore, the minimum icon size of hybrid apps must be 1024 * 1024 pixels to become eligible to be listed on The App Store as well.

Acquire Many Positive Customer Reviews

You must design your official app in such a way that your customers’ needs are fulfilled and the app performs upto their expectations. Your app must be sophisticated, versatile, yet simple to navigate and use. If that is the case, your official app will get many downloads and positive customer reviews.

Research has shown that 90% of smartphone users check an app’s average rating before they download the app. The average rating of an app must be at least 3.5 to make people consider downloading the app. The more positive reviews an app has, the higher app stores will rank it on users’ searches.

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