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Digital” is the buzzword these days. Every business that can have an official website has one or is building one. This is due to the global reach and clout of the internet. Just building an official website for your business is not enough to rank it on the first page of Google’s search results. You need to apply appropriate and effective Digital Marketing techniques on it to make it rank on the first page of Google’s search results.

Before we proceed on to whom to consult regarding availing search engine optimization services for your official website, let’s first understand the invaluable and innumerable benefits that SEO services give to a company’s official website and business.

Convincing Reasons Why You Should Hire SEO Company

Consulting with a renowned SEO service provider can do wonders for your official website and business. Appropriate and effective website optimization services can make your official website rank on the first page of Google’s search results organically and thereby give your business global visibility. You don’t have to pay Google anything to rank your website organically on it.

As far as the benefits of top-notch web page optimization services are concerned, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are myriad other invaluable benefits which are mentioned below.

People Trust Organically Listed Websites

Although paying for your website to be listed on Google’s first page of search results (via Google’s paid ad campaign) is enticing, people tend to trust and click on websites that have been listed organically.

This is because people trust Google’s search algorithms and know that only high-quality websites get listed on Google’s first page in contrast to websites of unknown quality who have paid to reserve the slots on Google’s first page.

So, if your website is listed organically on Google’s first page of search results, people around the world will view your website and most likely click on it. The brand awareness of your official website and company will sky-rocket if you apply appropriate Digital Marketing techniques to your official website and make it rank organically on Google.

SEO Services Will Make Your Website Rank Ahead Of Your Competitors In Google

Since the internet has a global reach and clout, getting your official website ranked organically on the first page of Google’s search results will give your business global visibility and brand awareness.

The same cannot be said about businesses that don’t have an official website. They will at best be popular in their service area but not beyond that. Scaling up the business will not be easy for organizations that don’t have an official website.

They will have to resort to expensive yet not very effective traditional forms of advertising like TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, billboard ads, etcetera to scale up their brand awareness and business volume.

They will also have to incur a lot of additional infrastructure and staffing costs to scale up their business. All these outdated advertising and business expansion techniques will give very low ROI for companies that resort to them.

Hence, having an optimized official website by employing the appropriate Digital Marketing techniques will certainly give an organization an edge over its rival firms that don’t have an official website for themselves.

You Get Valuable And Actionable Business Insights

These days, many digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, SEM Rush, Ahref, Mangools, Keywords Everywhere, WordPress, a wide array of plugins, etc. are available to measure and optimize the performance of your official website in all aspects.

Once your website is made to rank organically on Google, it will give you a stable online income in various ways (like ad revenue, lead conversions, commissions on online sales, etcetera) automatically. Then you can sit back and relax for most of your time.

Always stick to only white-hat SEO techniques to rank your website organically on Google. Gray-hat or black-hat SEO techniques may yield the desired results quickly but will damage your brand’s integrity and reputation in the long run as both people and Google’s algorithms have become smart enough these days to identify and delist shady and sketchy websites.

Gets You High Quality And Relevant Website Traffic

Getting good-quality and relevant backlinks to your official website is one of the main techniques involved in off-page SEO. It will enhance the DA and PA or in common man’s terms, the genuineness of your official website.

If your website is genuine and has high-quality and relevant backlinks to it, it will attract a high amount of relevant web traffic to your website, elevating its popularity further.

Gives Better User Experience

Your readers are the fulcrum of your official website. Therefore, it is important to keep your readers engaged by optimizing your website’s layout and performance. People always prefer visiting and reading the content on neatly formatted and genuine websites rather than visiting and reading the content on shoddy, shady, and sketchy ones.

After all, more readers equals more brand awareness, conversions, income, and authenticity for your business. A well-designed and optimized official website is the hallmark of genuine organization and speaks volumes about its authenticity.

If you’re willing to hire the best SEO company to take your official website to the next level by making it organically rank on Google, we’re the apt company for you. We provide affordable yet effective search engine optimization services. We have quite a few years of proven experience in this services domain.

Higher Lead Closure Rate

Email Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing services. High quality email marketing techniques can heighten your lead closure rates. It is one thing to get a list of relevant leads via plugins or forms on your website. It is quite another to have a decent lead closure rate.

Leads contacted via ordinary email marketing techniques have a positive response ratio of only 1.7%. Leads contacted via appropriate and modern email marketing techniques have a closure rate of 14.6%, which is way higher than the 1.7% closure rate of ordinary email marketing techniques.

The difference in lead closure percentage implies more business volume and profits for the company applying modern email marketing techniques. So, always consult with the best SEO services company.

Is The Future Of SEO In India Bright And Shiny Or All Doom And Gloom?

It’s definitely the former. SEO firms have a bright and shiny future in India with a lot of scope for growth. This is because just building an official website for one’s business is not enough.

One must apply appropriate and effective Digital Marketing techniques on one’s official website to augment its DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) and make it rank on the first page of Google’s search results. Only then will one’s official website be globally visible and start generating a steady online income and high-quality web traffic.

The size of the SEO industry in India was about USD 65 billion in 2016. It grew significantly to USD 89 billion by the end of 2020. The SEO industry’s size in India now stands at a whopping USD 180 billion (2022). Still, the industry is expected to grow further in the coming decade.

The industry currently (2022) has created around 6 lakh jobs in India with an average salary ranging from 5 to 6 lakhs per annum. The number of job opportunities that the industry creates in India is expected to shoot up further in the coming decade. So, if you’re seeking an SEO job or high-quality SEO services for your official website, this is the golden era for you as the industry in India is presently booming.

How To Choose The Apt SEO Services Company For Your Website Needs?

Genuine SEO companies provide affordable optimization services while fraudulent SEO companies provide shady and sketchy website optimization services. That’s how you distinguish between genuine and fraudulent SEO firms. If you’re asking, “What is meant by affordable and shady and sketchy SEO services?”, we’ll answer that question too in the coming section.

Distinguishing Characteristics Of White-Hat SEO Services

Affordable SEO services are characterized and identified by the following traits.

Team of expert SEO professionals: The Digital marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firm that you approached will have seasoned SEO experts who know how to identify and apply the appropriate optimization techniques to your official website.

The experts will also know how to get relevant and high-quality backlinks to your official website to enhance its DA and PA and make it rank organically on the first page of Google’s search results.

The professionals will not make false or unrealistic promises to you like getting you a very high DA and PA, very high conversion rates, promising that your website will rank on the first slot of the first page of Google’s search results, etcetera.

They will only promise you the results they can deliver and build a clear roadmap to achieve your project’s objectives. They will communicate with you elaborately and transparently throughout the project so that you are informed of your website’s progress.

Above all, the professionals will employ only white hat SEO techniques to rank your website on the first page of Google’s search results. They will abstain from resorting to black hat SEO techniques that will damage your website’s ranking, authenticity, and even survival (listing on Google) in the long run.

Applying all the suitable types of SEO services: The experts in the Digital Marketing firm will apply all the appropriate techniques that fall under search engine optimization. They will not apply only easy optimization techniques and neglect elaborate and complicated ones.

They will take their time (as discussed with you) to apply various white-hat optimization techniques and gradually enhance your website’s DA, PA, and Google ranking. Your website’s progress may be a little slow but it will be genuine, authorized, and give you long-lasting benefits. White-hat SEO techniques include but are not limited to:

  • Thorough analysis of your business/website requirements.
  • Identifying and applying the suitable optimization techniques to your official website.
  • Thorough and accurate website analysis, competitor analysis, and keywords analysis and implementation.
  • Content analysis and creative alteration that benefits your official website.
  • Periodic revamping of your website’s content as per the latest SEO guidelines.

  • Top-notch project management services: The knowledgeable and devoted project manager will ensure that appropriate and effective Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques are applied to promote your website.

    The project manager will ensure that your website is promoted on relevant groups in the most suitable social media platforms and that too at the right frequency. The project manager will also ensure that your paid-ad campaigns (if requested) are run optimally. In other words, they will give you the maximum ROI or result with the minimum Cost Per Clicks (CPC).

    Transparent progress reporting: Digital Marketing firms that provide affordable search engine optimization services will periodically and transparently share the Google Analytics data with you.

    They will create your own Google Analytics account for you and share with you the login details so that even by that rare scenario, if you decide to part ways, you will still have access to your Google Analytics account. They will not send you screenshots from their own website analytics software where the data is cooked/false.

    Positive reviews from ex-clients: Any organization that provides any kind of service will openly and proudly display the positive reviews they’ve got from their clients.

    If your Digital Marketing firm gives you links to their official website, where they have displayed the positive testimonials they’ve got from their clients, you can be sure that they’re a genuine company and will employ only white-hat website optimization techniques.

    Traits Of Shady And Sketchy SEO Services

    Fraudulent website optimization service agencies that provide shady and sketchy website optimization services can be identified by the following traits and they should not be approached by any business owner at any point in time.

    Unrealistic promises made: The “professionals” in these companies will either be too noob and inexperienced or nefarious.

    They will give you impractical promises like making your website rank on the first slot of the first page of Google’s search results in just a few months, getting your website’s DA and PA to 90 plus in a short time, achieving a very high conversion rate in the near future, getting abnormal amounts of organic website traffic and customer actions like likes, comments, and shares in just a few months, etcetera.

    The moment you hear such far-fetched promises, simply walk out of the deal. There is no point in damaging your website’s credibility, quality, and existence just to achieve quick results that lack in quality and long-term benefits.

    Applying one pajama fits all SEO techniques: Every business is unique and has unique business requirements.

    For example: an IT organization might be interested in promoting its website/services on relevant social media groups and platforms to get more relevant organic website traffic and augment its brand awareness, an affiliate marketing firm will be more interested in heightening its conversion rates and customer actions like likes, comments, and shares, a B2B company might be more interested in relevant lead generation and follow ups, a well-established firm might want more brand evangelists, etcetera. So, clearly, there is no one pajama fits all SEO strategy. However, Digital Marketing firms that provide shady and sketchy website optimization services resort to such techniques and give their clients minimal benefits.

    Applying only easy SEO techniques like on-page SEO: For Digital Marketing firms that give shady and sketchy website optimization services, everything has to be spoon-fed for them. They will simply view your blog posts, implement the suggestions that the SEO plugin tells them and be done with their work/project.

    They will not bother to review and research your website’s content and make it of quality. They will not bother to apply the appropriate and tedious off-page SEO techniques and Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques to make your website rank on Google. They will only do what is easy for them and give you incomplete and faulty work and results.

    Not committed to delivering you the results: Digital Marketing firms that provide shady and sketchy website optimization services will only apply easy optimization techniques on your website and wash their hands off your project.

    They will say, “We have done what we could, you’ll have to wait for a long time to see the results”. The so-called results will of course never be satisfactory and the whole project outsourcing will become a waste of your time and money (no matter how shady and sketchy).

    Applying black-hat SEO techniques: Scammy Digital Marketing firms will resort to employing quick and easy black-hat SEO techniques to make your website rank on Google.

    Though, this practice will give you immediate “results”. It will damage your company’s reputation, online organic traffic, business volume, and integrity overtime as people and Google have become smart enough to spot fishy or sketchy content and paid pop up ads on your website.

    Employing black-hat optimization techniques that do not bode well with Google’s current algorithms will invite penalties and even a ban/delisting of your website from Google and that would be the final nail in the coffin for your business’s online presence.

    If you’re looking to hire a genuine SEO company that provides only white-hat and affordable SEO services, look no further than us. We have a team of experienced and expert search engine optimization professionals who will treat your project/website requirements as their own and provide you with the most suitable and customized white-hat search engine optimization services. Through years of experience in digital marketing, we have successfully catered to diverse industries, including grocery applications, courier aggregators, hospital industries, and other bespoke applications.

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