Factors To Consider Before You Hire React Native Developers

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Mobile apps are “da bomb” these days. This is because they are one ofthe most advanced, versatile, and convenient applications ever invented by mankind. Mobile apps are used by organizations as well as people for a wide array of purposes. They are used in almost every walk of life. Mobile app developers these days prefer developing cross-platform apps rather than native Android or iOS apps because they’ll be able to cover (sell their apps to) Android as well as iphone users if they develop hybrid apps. Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter are the world’s most popular app development platforms used to develop cross-platform apps. Among the three, the React Native hybrid app development platform is the most popular and widely used because it uses variants of the Javascript coding technology namely React JS (used in front end app development) and Node JS (used in back end app development) to design hybrid apps. Javascript is a relatively easy and familiar web coding technology among programmers hence React Native is the most popular hybrid app development platform among the three. If you’re looking to hire React Native developers for your interim app development needs, there are certain factors that you should consider which is what we’ll be discussing in this article. So, kindly read on.

Factors To Consider Before You Hire Dedicated React Native Developers

The primary responsibilities of a React Native developer include but are not limited to developing a swift and seamless hybrid app, designing an attractive and engaging User Interface (UI) for the cross-platform app, and getting the app tested under all possible use cases. Following are proven methods to hire a proficient React Native developer.

He Must Be Proficient In React Javascript

React Javascript (JS) is a variant of the Javascript web coding technology used to design front end app interfaces and features. Your React JS developer must obviously be thorough with the React JS web design programming language to design hybrid apps impeccably.

Your React JS developer must not only be thorough with React JS; he must also understand the programming language’s underlying working mechanisms thoroughly to be able to design swift and seamless hybrid apps.

He Must Be Able To Design Highly Customized Hybrid Apps

Your React JS developer must be well versed with certain components of the React JS programming language like JSX, Virtual DOM, etcetera to be able to build highly customized hybrid apps. The ability to build highly complex and customized apps is what distinguishes React JS developers from GUI-based app developers.

He Must Be Thorough With The Concept Of Functions In Javascript

Javascript is a modularized Object Oriented Programming language (OOP) that makes use of functions to enable various app functionalities. These functions often communicate with one another or pass values between one another to achieve some common goals.

Hence, a thorough understanding of the concept of functions in React JS is necessary to design modularized and seamless hybrid apps. You must ensure that your React JS developer is well versed with the concept of functions in React JS.

He Must Be Able To Incorporate Changes In Project Requirements

It is only natural that most of the time, your clients’ project requirements change midway through the development of the project. Hence, you must ensure that your React JS developer has a good typing speed, can understand the changes in your clients’ requirements clearly, and can implement them satisfactorily. This level of adaptability is vital to safeguard the reputation of your app development agency.

Knowledge Of App Testing Is Preferable

Proper functioning of your hybrid apps is necessary to preserve the integrity and reputation of your app development agency. If your React JS developer has a sound knowledge of app testing methods, that would be desirable because the smallest lapse in the proper functioning of your app can lead to your customers not being able to execute certain orders and thereby causing them to become frustrated and dissatisfied with your app.

Your app must be tested under all use cases and on various performance parameters to ensure the swift and seamless functioning of your app. If this step is overlooked or not performed properly, the integrity, reputation, and future business prospects of your app development agency will all go for a toss.

He Must Be Able To Integrate Third Party Software Seamlessly

Very often, integration of genuine third party software in any kind of app is necessary for the overall smooth and seamless functioning of the app. An example of a type of third party software required for apps is payment gateways. They enable and validate users’ online payments for various purposes.

Your React JS developer should be adept at seamlessly integrating various third party software with your cross-platform apps so that they can work efficiently and flawlessly all the time. This will lead to heightened customer satisfaction and retention.

An Appetite To Keep Learning All The Time

While it is important to confirm to internationally recognized app development practices, your React JS developer should not be afraid to be creative in his work. He must have a sporting nature to learn from his mistakes and do better the next time. He must never assume that he knows everything in React JS and must always have an open mind to learn new things. Only then he and your company can grow together.

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