App Marketing Ideas to Increase App Install

1. App Store Optimization

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App store optimization is a marketing method and strategy that focuses on enhancing an app’s performance in order to better match the App Store standards and increase its position on certain keywords for improved search visibility and organic download counts.Because its proven that the app store owners receives more than 40 percent of traffic from play store search so why do still wait go and optimize yours.

Ultimate goal of ASO is to enhance the app’s visibility in the charts and discoverability. As a result, app users are more likely to locate the app in the store, and the number of downloads will automatically grow. But how can you know if your ASO is up to the task? ASO is influenced by a variety of elements, each of which is related to how prominent your app is in the store. Let’s start.

2. Eye-Catching App Icon

Do you wonder how App icons can increase the downloads? My answer is Yes! There is a lot of competition in the queue when users are looking for the app in the playstore.The first impression which grabs their attention is an attractive logo. Keep your logo real with less text and choose your colour wisely

3. Stunning App Store Screenshots & Video

“We could stoutly say pictures speaks better than words”

Even though we used crystal clear App descriptions, users always look up screenshots and preview videos to get the quick information about the app functionally, features , USP and advanced usage about the app.

Keep your screenshots with correct aspect ratio, Different sizes for various devices, Delivered high quality images and share the right message. If you want the images to be presentable for local people . Let’s start the A/B testing which allows you to test which variations of screenshots works better.

4. Effective Keyword Analysis

Be clever with keywords.Find the most competitive keyword which you want to get ranked. It should focus on your brand and it should cover the service you offered predominantly. Think like your customer, Write down the keywords, now more free keyword tools have been available on the internet to find the search volume & competency level , filter the most relevant keywords with most search volume. You can’t stuff more keywords on the content so select 4 to 5 keywords appropriately .Based on the keywords you can optimize the App title, URL & Description

5. Perfect App Title

Cut to the chase, because anything more than 25 characters will be taken out. The app name should be innovative, unique, and convey what the app is about. Because the app’s title affects its ranking, keep in mind that the name should preferably contain a keyword, but do not try to use a key phrase as a name.

6.Simplified App URL

The core keywords should also be included in your URL. Back links to Google Play Store apps are taken into account, which relates closely to SEO. As a result, incorporating your primary keyword within the app’s landing page URL will aid in increasing your app’s positions.

7. Optimized App Descriptions

The very first two to three phrases of your app description should define the app and assist consumers in comprehending its objective. In the short, explain what issues your application solves. Use keywords to improve the effectiveness of the description.

8. Creating Landing Page

Your website is a powerful tool for promoting your service , it acts as a beginning point for your users journey. But how can it help to increase the app? If you are offering a service which will be daily accessible or used by users on a daily basis then it works wonders . for example Grocery app, Fitness app, FM app, Game app, and so on. So for this kind of service people always wanted to have an app to order quickly and get the update instantly.

9. Link With Social Media

When an organization or individuals creates a mobile app, it joins a marketplace where standing out from the competitor might be the difference between success and failure. To increase app visibility, marketers must aggressively advertise their product on relevant platforms.

So it’s easy peasy work to connect with your targeted audience by using your social media platforms. Link your App with your social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter, Linkedin & youtube channel so that you can grab more new users regularly.

Update whatever the service or product or motto of app in to Images, vidoe, GIF, Reels don’t forget to follow the trend

10. Partner Up With Social Media Influencers

With the increase of Smartphone users and online engagement activity on social networking sites, influencers play a significant role nowadays. Intellectuals all around the world use Insta, Facebook, & YouTube to reach out to their thousands of followers every day, which may mean a lot of exposure for applications. Assume your app is for online food delivery. Discover who the best food bloggers are. Simply searching for top food blogs on Google will provide nearly all of the top bloggers in a short amount of time. Then, acquire their email address and inform them about your application. Do it from the very early stage of your app’s development. Educate them about your app and how it’s helpful in users’ lifestyles. If one of the key influencers tests your app and tweets about it, you’ll receive enough visibility for your app by sending only a few emails. This, I feel, will be the simplest exposure you can obtain overnight. Consider how much it would cost you to contact a million members of your target group with paid marketing. The solution is rather extensive. However, you may get it for free by proposing to split your app income with a popular social media influencer.

11. Boost Organic App Installs With Contest Promotion

Launching a social media giveaway or contest is an excellent method to start an online discussion about your brand. You can not only raise brand recognition, but also create more prospects.

A giveaway contest is an excellent way to attract new users to your app. It will not only assist to increase interaction, but it will also increase app exposure by bringing in new users. Giveaways can only be successful if they are well-organized. It is more necessary to have a strong approach than to select a reward in order to succeed.. Advertising your application does not always need you to spread it personally through every media; it may also imply igniting a little spark and allowing your users to race towards the finish line. Including a contest in your app will encourage customers to download it and retain it till the duration of the contest. Announce them to tag their friends, Share the post and follow the page. It helps you to reach a large base of audience immediately. Branding is all we want to do in order to achieve user acquisition.

12. Introduce Offer, Deals, Coupons In App

Reducing price does not necessarily imply immediately lowering your rates. It has a psychological element to it. There is a Technique making it appear as if you are giving a lower price without jeopardising your profit margins. Whether you run a Food delivery or Grocery delivery company, providing offers, discounts, and deals can help you meet your financial goals. In fact, 96 percent of customers utilise coupons, and 92 percent always search for a good bargain when they are shopping. As a general rule, most buyers are more likely to purchase a product if they perceive greater value in it. Now, let us look at some of the most common ways to use discounts to increase customers’ trust, conversions, and, of course revenue.

    1. Discounts For Certain Products

    Do you have a food item that you’d want to advertise at a specific time? Do you want to boost your company’s sales? Setting a discount for a certain item or set of items in an online food ordering app is a fantastic concept.

    2. Discount For Orders Exceeding A Specific Amount

    Customers will be more inclined to order more and return to your business if you centre your efforts in offers and discounts. A client who puts an order worth more than INR500 will automatically receive a 10% discount.

    3 .Free Shipping

    Free shipping is a popular service that may be used in a variety of ways. You may provide this service to your users anytime they purchase a product on their first order.

    You can adjust your criteria if you want to save money while still giving free shipping. simply, to acquire free delivery allow your user to purchase more

    Alternatively, you may only offer free delivery to users who live in a certain location where you know shipping costs are cheap or it is more convenient for you to deliver.

13. Push Notification

It may be a subtle, enthusiastic alert about the most recent update, special offers, and time-limited deals on any service or product featured on your application.

14. Keep Your Rating On High

Once a prospective customer discovers your application, they may require some persuasion to believe that your service is reputable and useful enough to download.Even though you kept everything perfect from app icons to screenshots, one thing that changed the user decision. This is where user reviews come in helpful. More favourable user comments can help your app gain attention and rank higher.. Consumers trust word-of-mouth endorsements, such as user reviews,is powerful over other forms of promotion, according to the survey. Encourage users to leave a review after they complete an activity or purchase a product in your app by delivering them in-app messages or follow-up emails.

15. In App Referral Marketing

Getting new users regularly is a big challenge nowadays, so there is one effective way of marketing that helps you acquire new app users without spending money on paid campaigns. Yes it’s true! Have you ever heard about referral points earning? You must give the user a reason to refer to others. If anyone joins your app by using the existing app users referral link then both the referrer & referred are compensated with referral points when the user sign-up successfully. The referrer is allowed to use their earned points to get discounts or avail special offers in return

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