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Mobile apps are a hit among organizations and people these days. This is because mobile apps are swift, secure, and are easy to use. They also fulfill a wide variety of purposes, can be customized, and provide a lot of conveniences to people. As of today, only two kinds of mobile apps are dominant in the mobile app market. They are Android apps and iOS apps. Android apps have about 72% of the mobile app market share and iOS apps have about 27% of the mobile app market share. The remaining 1% is controlled by Fuschia mobile OS. Though iOS apps have a lesser market share than Android apps, developing an official iOS app will still be far more beneficial for your business. If you’re wondering how that is, kindly read until the end of this blog post because that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this blog post.

Why It Is Worth Developing Official IOS Apps

Even though Android apps are more widely used than iOS apps, developing an official iOS app for your business will be more beneficial due to the following reasons.

High ROI

iOS app users are usually based in developed nations like the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etcetera and are more educated and wealthier than average Android app users.

Iphone users will not hesitate to spend more money on buying good iOS apps and in making in-app purchases. Therefore iOS app designers make more income than Android app designers.

A survey conducted in 2019 worldwide showed that iOS app designers made USD 19 billion by selling iOS apps when compared to USD 10.3 billion made by Android app designers by selling Android apps.

Higher Data Security Level

iOS apps have a higher level of data security than Android apps. The monetary transactions and data transfer that happen via iOS apps are more deeply encrypted than those that happen via Android apps. The data structures of iOS apps are better protected against malware and hacking attacks when compared to Android apps.

People these days value the security and privacy of their data as much as they value money. Hence iOS apps are preferred by people for sharing their official and personal data and for carrying out monetary transactions.

Higher Trust In The Genuineness Of IOS Apps

The App Store has stricter rules and higher criteria for listing iOS apps on its store when compared to Play Store’s rules and standards. Hence, people trust more in the quality and genuineness of iOS apps than they trust the legitimacy and quality of Android apps.

Better UI/UX

Iphones have a more sophisticated and efficient internal hardware architecture and working mechanism when compared to Android smartphones. iOS apps are also faster, more versatile, and native hardware compliant than Android apps.

These two factors combined enable iOS apps to have a better User Interface (UI) and give a better User Experience (UX) than Android apps.

IOS Apps Can Be Developed Quicker

Iphones don’t have too much variations between their models whereas Android smartphones come in all sizes as they have many manufactures. Therefore, it is easier to design and test a UI for an iOS app when compared to designing and testing a UI for an Android app.

Also, the Swift coding technology used to design iOS apps is far easier to learn and implement than the Kotlin or Java coding technology used to design Android apps. Hence, iOS apps have a 20 to 28% less development time when compared to Android apps. This factor can significantly reduce development costs for iOS apps.

Ios App Development Cost Estimation Formula

The approximate cost to develop your own iOS app can be calculated using this simple formula.

Cost to develop an iOS app = (Hours take to design its UI/UX + Frontend API coding hours + Backend server programming hours) * hourly rates of your app developers.

The payment to freelance app developers is made based on their hourly rates. Hence, the above mentioned formula to estimate iOS app development cost was formulated.

The Factors That Influence The Cost To Make An Ios App

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no fixed cost to develop an iOS app. This can vary between USD 5,000 to USD 200,000 and it is influenced by a number of factors which are listed below.

Market Research And Analysis

Before designing the iOS app, your app development team should ideally check what the requirements of your target audience are and also see the features that your competitor apps have. Only then you’ll be able to design an iOS app that is in demand, has all the necessary features, and has new and innovative features.

Paying attention to every little detail or requirements before designing your iOS app will give you an edge over your competitors and help you make more online income via your app.

Evaluation Of The App’s Worth

In this stage, your iOS app is evaluated for its worthiness. Your app development team will check if it’s really worth their time, effort, and money developing the intended iOS app. They will check if the iOS app can give positive ROI. Only if they feel that the iOS app is in demand and can give positive ROI they will go ahead with designing the app.

Number And Complexity Of Your App Features

The more the number of features you incorporate in your iOS app, the more app development time it’s going to take and the more it’s going to cost you to develop the app.

If you want very complex, elaborate, and sophisticated features to be incorporated in your iOS app, then too it’s going to cost you a lot as designing such features requires a lot of technical expertise and coding hours.

Experience And Expertise Of Your App Development Team

Experienced app developers charge a lot more for their services than freshers in the same field. This is because they have a lot more technical expertise and proven experience in the app development domain.

Freshers in the app development domain are a lot cheaper to hire than seasoned app developers because they face high competition in their domain and are yet to prove themselves in their domain.

Your app development team should ideally consist of the right blend of experienced app developers and freshers in the field (in the ratio 3:1) so that your iOS app can be compliant with the best app design practices and have an innovative design and functionalities at the same time.

The Nationality Of Your App Developers

In case you decide to outsource your iOS app development project to freelancers then your app developer will charge you an hourly rate in accordance with his nationality.

Generally speaking, app developers from developed nations charge more for their services than app developers from developing nations. Given below is a list of the hourly rates of app developers from various well-known nations.

The USA: App developers from the US are the costliest to hire. They charge anywhere between USD 50 to USD 250 per hour for their app development services. This could be due to the sparse population and competition in the US.

Europe: App developers from Europe charge anywhere between USD 30 to USD 150 per hour for their app development services. So, in Europe, you might get an app developer cheaply, moderately expensively, or very expensively.

Australia: App developers from Australia charge moderately for their services. They charge anywhere between USD 80 to USD 120 for their app development services.

India: Hiring Indian app developers is a delight for many firms that require a mobile app. This is because Indian app developers are cost effective to hire and very skilled at their profession.

This could be due to the cut-throat competition in India to secure high-paying, white-collar jobs like mobile app development. Indian app developers charge anywhere between USD 10 to USD 80 per hour for their app development services.

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