Benefits of IOS Apps over Android Apps

Benefits of IOS Apps over Android Apps

Ever since the invention and advancement of internet technology, the internet and mobile apps have become widely used and loved by people and organizations. This is owing to the conveniences, numerous uses, the global reach, and the influence of the internet.

As you may already know, Android and iOS mobile OS platforms are the most widely used and the only mobile OS platforms in the world. They have managed to subdue all their competitors like Windows, Linux Ubuntu, G2 deals, etc. to rise to prominence. Currently, the Android OS controls about 87% of the global mobile phone market share and iOS controls about 13% of the global mobile phone market share.

Therefore, the main dilemma that entrepreneurs face today is, “Should I develop an Android or iOS app for my business?” That is a really good question as it requires deep evaluation and judgment. Both mobile OS platforms have their pros and cons and you must choose your business app type based on your current business requirements, target audience, and budget (for the app development project).

The Significant Benefits Of Ios Over Android Apps

As mentioned before, both the Android and iOS mobile OS platforms have their advantages and disadvantages but research has shown that developing iOS apps is slightly more beneficial for businesses in any industry and we shall have a detailed study on the reasons for that in the following section.

iOS apps give the following significant benefits to business owners, which Android apps cannot give:

  • iOS app users are mostly highly educated and well-settled working professionals living in developed countries like the US, Canada, Australia, etcetera. They love iOS apps of any kind and spend a lot of time on the apps (i.e., the user engagement is very high). iOS app users are hard to acquire but once acquired, they become loyal users of iOS apps, which is not the case for Android users.

  • Iphone and ipad users spend an average of USD 140 in buying iOS apps every week. Android smartphone users on the other hand spend only about USD 6.19 on monthly native Android app purchases. So, Apple’s users give a lot of income and profits to businesses that have their own high quality iOS apps.

The reason for this could be due to the fact that iOS app users earn at least 2 to 10 times more per month than average Android app users.

  • Iphones and ipads have a more or less standard size and shape. This makes it easy for iOS app developers to optimize the display of their respective iOS apps. An easier task implies a lesser time to develop the iOS app which leads to a lesser iOS app development cost

On the other hand, Android smartphones come in a wide variety of sizes and optimizing an app’s display to suit the vast majority of Android smartphones in the market is very difficult, which leads to much higher app development time and costs.

The bottomline is that even though Android apps have a much larger user base than iOS apps and are comparable to iOS apps in their versatility and sophistication, iOS app users give their respective business owners twenty to thirty times more monthly revenue and profits when compared to Android app users.

When it comes to business, money matters a lot. Hence, developing an official iOS app will be much more profitable and worthwhile for a business in any industry than developing an official Android app.

Technology Stack Used To Develop IOS And Android Apps

The table given below gives in-depth details of the app development platforms and programming languages used to develop iOS and Android apps. The variation in the apps’ coding technologies and features leads to variations in app development costs.

App development aspects iOS apps Android apps
Coding technology used Swift Kotlin or Java
App development platform used Xcode Android Studio
Income and educational level of the target audience Very high Medium
Customization ability and degree of apps Low Very high
App development complexity Low Medium to high
App development time Comparatively lesser Considerably greater
App review process’s time and complexity The app review process is simple and short The app review process is complicated and takes time (about a week).
Digital income and profits derived by enterprises Very high Low

So, as you can see, iOS apps are easier and faster to develop when compared to Android apps. The review and approval process for iOS apps is also short and simple but best of all, iOS apps give their respective business owners a ton of digital income and profits while Android apps give far lower levels of digital income and profits to their respective business owners. Hence, developing official iOS apps would be advisable for businesses in any industry.

A Comprehensive Guide To Estimate The Cost Of IOS App Development

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no binary answer to this question. The cost to develop an iOS app depends on a multitude of factors. Some of the important ones are listed below.

The Complexity And The Number Of Desired Features

This point is quite intuitional. Obviously, the more the number of app features you would want, the more development time it’s going to take and the more it’s going to cost you to develop the iOS app.

Even demanding elaborate and complex features for your iOS app is going to require a high degree of technical expertise from the app development team and a lot of app development time. Hence, it too will cost you more.

The Experience And Expertise Of The App Development Team

Enterprises are beginning to discover that contracting an app development team is way more cost-effective and effective than hiring in-house, full time app developers.

The contracted app development team can be expanded or cut down to suit your dynamic project requirements unlike hiring in-house, full time app developers. Also, once the app development project is complete, the contacted team can be dismantled unlike in the case of hiring in-house, full time app developers.

Even if you approach an app development agency for your interim app development project needs, the hourly charges will certainly vary. Recently launched app development agencies will mostly have freshers who will charge you low hourly app development charges as there is stiff competition in the field and they are yet to prove themselves sufficiently before demanding more.

More established app development agencies will mostly have tenured app developers who would have completed several of their clients’ projects successfully. Hence, such app development agencies will charge a lot more (two to three times more) for their services than recently founded app development agencies. While established app development agencies can certainly complete your app development project marvelously, their hourly rates might breach your project’s budget.

While the hourly charges of newly established app development agencies will most likely fall within your budget, quality of work is not a given. The inexperienced app developers in such agencies may complete your app development project satisfactorily and innovatively or they may also do it in a shoddy and sketchy manner.

Hence, you are best advised to approach a reasonably established app development agency who have successfully completed a few client projects. Always, visit the app development agency in person, interact with their team members, verify their app development portfolio, and read their ex-clients’ testimonials to get a fair idea about their knowledge, experience, dedication, and authenticity.

The Time Taken For Testing The App

Simple business application apps will have brief and easily testable features. Testing simple business apps will require the least amount of time and effort from the app testing team. Hence, if your official app has simple features and a simple layout, getting it tested under all possible circumstances will cost you a considerably lesser amount.

If your app has a complicated design and features, testing it will take a lot more time and effort thus costing you a lot more money. The elaborate features of your sophisticated official app also need to be organized properly for swift testing. If not done already, the testing team will have to properly organize your app’s features before testing your app and that will take a lot of testing time and money.

The Cyber Security Of The Server Hosting Your App

Your business app might host monetary transactions or may involve sharing of important official information and files. Hence, information security becomes of paramount importance.

You can buy one or more dedicated servers with multi-layer cyber security frameworks but that will cost you quite a lot of money. You can also opt for shared web hosting and common cyber security but then you’ll have no control over the level of cyber security provided and your precious official information might be hacked leading to loss of customers’ trust, customers, business volume, revenue, and profits.

So, it is always recommended to go for a higher level of server security despite it costing more because customers or clients are the pillars of any business and the loss of customers or clients will spell doomsday for your business.

The Complexity Of Your UI/UX Design

Apps with simple and easy-to-navigate UIs will cost a lot less to design. A UI with advanced features and heavy graphical content will cost a lot more to design but will surely have a higher user engagement. So, you must choose your UI’s layout and features based on your app’s requirements and your project’s budget.

After-Project App Maintenance

If you need your app development agency to provide certain additional services like App Store Optimization (ASO), run-time bug fixing and app maintenance, and other digital marketing services like Social Media Marketing (SMM), customer/client support, etcetera. After the completion of your project, it’s obviously going to cost you more but will give you numerous significant benefits and will make your app development project worthwhile.

Generally speaking, the average cost of iOS app development varies widely between USD 30,000 to USD 300,000. So, that’s why there is no binary answer to the question whether iOS app development is affordable or expensive.

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