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The whole world is going digital these days. Businesses that can go online are carving an online presence for themselves by creating their respective official apps and websites. If you're looking to expand your reach to iOS users, consider following our comprehensive iOS App Development Guide. There is a craze for digitization owing to the reach and influence of the internet.

Among all the mobile apps, iOS apps are the most feature-rich and sophisticated owing to the robust instruction processing mechanism of the iOS platform.

Retaining iOS app users is also relatively easy since iOS app users are usually educated working professionals or entrepreneurs who love high-tech apps and engage more with them.

Such users won’t even hesitate to pay and download advanced iOS apps. If you’re thinking of undertaking iOS app development for business, simply  contact us  and we’ll make you realize your business ambitions.

The elaborate yet effective iOS app development process

The following industry best practices need to be followed while undertaking iOS app development process so that only high-quality iOS apps are developed.

Building A Roadmap Or Wireframe For The App

A wireframe of an app is the roadmap to its final version. It is built taking into consideration the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the business client. The cost may vary according to their client needs.

The wireframe of an iOS app should have an appealing look to maximize user engagement. The wireframe will of course undergo few or several modifications until its design and functionalities satisfy the business client.

Testing The IOS App Thoroughly

Both the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the final variant of the iOS app need to be tested thoroughly for bugs and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure that the iOS app runs perfectly and efficiently. The integrity of the iOS app development process is preserved by thoroughly testing it in all aspects (right from its visual design to performance).

Employing The Appropriate App Store Optimization (ASO) Techniques

Once the final variant of the iOS app is ready, appropriate App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques need to be applied on the app to make it rank on The App Store’s searches. The ASO guidelines can be found on Apple’s official website.

Only white-hat ASO techniques that have been approved by Apple need to be employed to get lasting results and benefits. Employment of gray-hat or black-hat ASO techniques might result in delisting or banning of the iOS app from The App Store.

App Maintenance

Even after listing the iOS app on The App Store, the app needs to be regularly checked for bugs and performance issues so that if they arise, they can be fixed immediately and your customers can enjoy uninterrupted high-quality service. The iOS app can even be upgraded occasionally if necessary.

If you need to undertake iOS app development for your business, kindly avail the service from experts in the business who have successfully executed many iOS app development projects.

IOS App Development For Business Best Practices

The following industry best practices need to be followed while designing iOS apps to ensure maximum compliance with Apple’s app designing and ASO guidelines and to ensure that the iOS app is listed permanently on The App Store. When considering IOS app development for business, these practices become even more crucial for success.

Only authorized app store badges should be used while embedding a CTA button in The App Store where your iOS app is listed. The badges’ designs vary across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices.

Moreover, there are three variants of the Apple badges, namely: the preferred badge, the alternative badge, and the localized badges.

  • The preferred badge has white text with a black background and gray outline. This is the badge that should “preferably be used” in CTA buttons.
  • The alternative badge has black text with a white background and gray outline. This badge can only be used if it suits your app design.
  • Localized badges can have the preferred badge’s layout or the alternative badge’s layout. The only difference is that they are employed in countries where English is not the national language like China, Japan, etcetera.

The Apple badges should be used below the iOS app screenshots as they are without even minor modifications to them like changing the color of their outline, modifying their angle, animating them, etcetera.

Having A Minimum Clear Space

Minimum clear space is the area around the apple badge that needs to be clear or void of images, text, graphics content, etcetera. There should just be a white background around the badge that’s equivalent to a quarter of the height of the badge or 10 mm or 40 pixels. This rule is enforced to enhance the display of The App Store and better user experience.

Image Usage Guidelines

In case your iOS app can run on all of Apple’s devices like PC, iPhone, iPad, and laptops, you can use Apple’s product bezels to show your app’s display/layout on all the Apple devices.

You must use Apple’s product bezels as they are without adding any graphical modifications like reflections, shadows, highlights, etcetera. The bezels can also not be enlarged, shrunk, cropped, tilted, flipped, animated or modified in any other way.

Last but not least, the images must fit the display cross sections of all Apple devices. Your screenshot app images or other images on The App Store listing section must be realistic and as they appear on your iOS app. Graphical alterations, angle or position alterations, or color alterations to create a high visual impact are not allowed.

URL Address Naming

The URL of your official website or app can include Apple’s trademark names but only if the trademark names follow your company’s name.

Correct: or Wrong: or

Advertising The Right Message

The screenshot images and other images that you use to advertise your iOS app on The App Store should not convey the meaning that your company has tied up with Apple in any way.

The images that you use to advertise or give details about your iOS app should also not tarnish the reputation, value, and public goodwill of Apple lest your app can get delisted from The App Store before long.

Push Notification

Your iOS app should show notifications to the user when the Apple device is locked. When the user taps on the notification, he should be taken to the respective location on your iOS app and not the Apple device’s home screen. Aslo, avoid showing unwanted notifications while your iOS app runs as that will only irritate the user.

Status Bar Icons Display

Your iOS app should be designed in such a way that even when it’s running, the status bar icons such as battery, WiFi, current time, etcetera on the top of the screen on any Apple device should be visible to the user. This feature will provide a lot of conveniences and operational flexibility to the user. It will enhance the usability of your iOS app.

What is the Growth of iOS App Development in India?

iOS apps are the most sought-after by tech savvy people. iOS apps are widely used in developed countries like the US, Canada, Japan, and Australia but they are also gaining popularity in developing countries like India and China. The growth of iOS App Development in India is particularly noteworthy, reflecting the expanding global demand for these applications.

The App Store has over 2 million iOS apps listed on it and the number keeps growing every day. The current number of iPhone and iPad users worldwide is 1.8 billion and growing.

iOS app developers are one of the most highly paid software professionals in the world. They are now paid an average of USD 85,000/- per annum! The iOS app development industry was valued at a whopping USD 1.3 trillion as of February 2021 (a year ago) and the industry has created over 1.5 million jobs so far.

Still, the iOS app development industry can grow a lot bigger (at least thrice as big as its current size) as the programming language called Swift, used to develop iOS apps was introduced by Apple only in 2014, replacing its predecessor, Objective C.

The Swift programming language is easy to learn and is able to create almost bug-free and fast iOS applications. It has become the go-to programming language for native iOS app developers. The growth of iOS App Development in India has also seen a significant surge in recent years.


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