How To Identify Genuine Staff Augmentation Service Providers?

The corporate environment is highly dynamic and ever changing. IT firms in all nations face ever new project requirements. If all those IT firms were to hire full time developers to meet their interim project requirements, it would cost those firms a lot of money and the newly hired developers would not be required after the completion of the interim projects. Hence, the new trend for IT firms around the world is to contract developers from staff augmentation service providers.

How do I choose a good staff augmentation service provider company?

Your Resource Augmentation (RA) service provider is the organization that’s going to execute your interim project. Hence, you must take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your team augmentation service provider is genuine and established in the industry. The parameters to be checked before entering into a contract with a team augmentation service provider are as follows.

The Skillset, Experience, And Commitment Of The Software Developers

You must visit the Resource Augmentation company in person and interact with their staff. Only then you’ll get to know for certain, the skill level, commitment, and experience of their staff. You must also check if the staff have the required skill sets to complete your transient project successfully.

You can assign the staff the prototype of your required software to develop. If they do a fine job with it, you can go ahead and enter into a contract with the resource augmentation service provider.

Their Hourly Charge

The team augmentation service provider must charge considerably lesser than if you were to hire full time software developers. Only then it makes sense to enter into a contract with the Resource Augmentation firm.

Cost effectiveness and flexibility of the contracted team size are two of the major parameters to consider before hiring an Resource Augmentation service provider.

Go Through Their Project Execution Portfolio And Client Reviews

You must visit the Resource Augmentation firm’s official website and read their project execution portfolio. Only if they have completed at least a few client projects successfully, should you consider entering into a contract with them.

You can also go through their clients’ testimonials and see what their ex-clients have said about their project work. This is another fool-proof way to verify the genuineness of the technocrats augmentation service provider.

Verify The Organization’s Culture

The RA firm must have internationally recommended and a conducive work culture. It must give its staff the right amount of liberty so that their creativity can be utilized constructively. Organizations that follow a strict management directive implementation culture tend to have disgruntled staff over time.

On the other hand, those rare organizations that give full freedom to their employees with little to no project supervision tend to get varied performances. Sometimes, their clients’ projects are executed marvelously and innovatively but at other times their clients’ projects are totally messed up due to lack of uniform software development techniques.

So, you must ensure that the team augmentation service provider you intend to enter into a contract with has the optimal and conducive work culture and business environment so that you get the desired results for your interim project.

Ensure That An Understandable Medium Of Communication Is Employed

The Resource Augmentation organization must employ a medium of communication that you understand very well lest it will become very difficult to coordinate with them and coordination is vital to the perfect execution of your project.

The Significant Conveniences And Benefits Of Team Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services offer a few important conveniences and benefits to IT organizations which are as given below.

Cost Effectiveness

Both in the short and long term, availing team augmentation services is cost-effective for IT firms. As mentioned before, if an IT firm were to hire full time developers to meet its interim project requirements, it would cost the IT firm a lot of money and the newly hired developers would not be required after the completion of the project.

Another disadvantage of hiring full time developers is that their salaries and incentives have to be paid on time irrespective of the successful completion of your project but that’s not the scenario if you enter into a contract with a reputed project management team augmentation service provider.

You’ll need to pay your team augmentation service provider only if your interim project is completed to your satisfaction. This contractual condition eradicates anxiety and vainful expenditure for IT firms and almost guarantees the successful completion of their interim projects.

Flexible Team Size And Talent

The size of the contracted team and the type of skilled labor in your contracted team can be expanded or cut down in accordance with your dynamic project requirements unlike in the case of hiring full time employees where they cannot be sacked without any concrete reasons (like performance based issues or behavioral issues).

During the course of a project, different skill sets may be required for the execution of the project. Contracting resources from a team augmentation agency makes it easy and cost-effective for an organization to add new skilled resources to their team doing the project or remove used ones to suit their current project requirements.

Complete Transparency And Flexibility In Operations

Unlike outsourcing your project, the programmers augmentation service provider is bound by the contract signed to keep you periodically updated on the progress of your project. You can also introduce new requirements during the project execution period unlike in outsourced projects. In short, availing team augmentation services provides more transparency and flexibility than outsourcing software development projects.

Maximum Productivity And Availability Of Resources

Full time programmers of an IT firm are likely to be deeply involved in the company’s internal politics and may occasionally oppose the ideas or directives of their management.

These risks do not come into play in your contracted team. The contracted resources will try to fulfill your project’s deliverables without feeling the need to be involved in your company’s internal affairs. Hence, the productivity of your contracted team will be high.

Attrition is another serious issue that IT firms face these days because as IT professionals become more skilled, they will most likely look for better opportunities. Hence, most IT professionals these days “jump” from one IT firm to another after completing just two to three years of service in an IT company.

This problem is not faced when contracting skilled resources from a renowned project team augmentation service provider. The resources will be temporarily provided every time you have a project at hand. So, you don’t have to waste a lot of time looking for replacements for your full time programmers who have quit your company.

The team augmentation service provider will ensure that your contracted team has adequate skilled resources at any point in time. The contracted resources will also most likely be experienced and thereby would not require any training. This practice will take a lot of burden off your shoulders and help you concentrate in the successful execution of your interim project.

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