10 Reasons Why Should You Hire SEO Company For Your Business

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SEO is not only the services to optimize your website search engine friendly it requires lots of efforts to improve your ranking on search result and drive organic traffic to your site.

Of course it is very important to hire the SEO Company for your business. If you read completely at the end of the article you will definitely know the reason why it is requires to hire an SEO experts

1. Site Analysis – Initial Report

A professional SEO company perform site analysis before they going to audit your website. The report contains website domain information, server information, server header response details, website status in search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo Likewise), Directory listings and some other primary details of the website. This report can be used as a basic benchmark for further analysis. Followed by this the SEO Team will further move on to the detailed Website Auditing. It is very important to understand the basic information about website.

2. Website Audit Report

SEO experts perform website auditing that results the in-depth analysis about various factors that need to be addressed to make the website search engine and user friendly. They analysis the site and specify the key information for you to help make your site better performance and the things that holding the site from getting ranked.

A full audit gives you an actionable plans and recommended things that help to fix the site issues to make the site search engine friendly. Paid campaigns drive conversions, while SEO enhances conversion potential.

  • SEO Friendly Tests
  • Check broken links and redirects
  • Google Page speed
  • HTML validation check
  • Fix your site structure
  • Crawling issues
  • Internal Page Rank
  • Content Quality
  • Text Statistics

  • These are the basic metrics that will support you understand how well your website is performing and what areas in specific that you need to target.

    3. SEO Work Allotments

    It’s not a single day work to improve your site ranking overnight. It involves lot more activities, On page and Off page activities. So the SEO team head allot your project to the team of SEO experts to keep analysing and doing things regularly which is necessary for boosting organic traffic. Our SEO Company using project management and tracking software which helps us to allot and keep tracking the working process to deliver the best outcomes as much as possible.

    4. Tools To Deliver Best SEO Service

    In this Search engine optimization, it is highly significant to use SEO tools to analysis and complete search engine optimization process that rapidly support us determine areas of SEO opportunity on our website pages to make sure that they get ranking highly in search results.

    Tools used by our SEO Experts to deliver the best result

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • HubSpot’s
  • Moz Link Explorer
  • Ubersuggest
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Yoast SEO
  • Screaming Frog

  • 5. Keyword And Competitor Analysis

    The major goal of keyword research is to discover what your targeted audience is looking/searching for that may be a word or phrases used to types in the search engine on the internet.

    The SEO experts known how to analyse the keyword properly by using high prominent keyword tools which deliver the precise report based on a combination of most searched phrases, search volume and best suggested list of keywords.

    They have not only used tools to find out the keywords and also do the competitor analysis manually, it’s very important to know what is working for others in your niche. By analysing what keywords your competitors are aiming, then the team can finalize the keywords by evaluating both the keywords to capturing more organic search traffic by

    In SEO we use the following types of keywords to optimizing the landing page

  • Short-tail keyword
  • Long-tail keyword
  • LSI Keywords
  • Geo-targeting keyword
  • Intent targeting keywords
  • Product/service keywords

  • 6. On Page Optimization

    On page optimization has hundreds of on page techniques to implement which tends to increase the ranking of the page on search result.

    Here are a few On page optimization factors that make your page SEO friendly

  • URL structure
  • Meta tags /title/keyword/description/h1/h2/h3/img alt
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Anchor text
  • Call to action
  • Copyright update
  • Robots.txt
  • User sitemap
  • Xml sitemap
  • Use rel =nofollow
  • Custom 404
  • Broken link checking
  • Page duplication

  • 7. Off Page Implementation

    Search engine always tries to bring the best search result to the searcher. To accomplish this , they take in to account the Quality content , On page SEO and Off page seo factors.

    Off-page SEO simply tells search engine what others think about your site. If we got a lot of High quality backlinks links pointing to our pages, it assumes that we got great content.

    Anyone can build a backlinks and most of the low quality directories generate spammy links. Only the SEO specialist can build quality backlinks by analysing the site authority, Page rank, spam score and other important metrics to qualify the sites & directories and they can do some professional link building activities through blogging, business listing, creating referral links and more.

    Here are a few Link building Techniques that helps to generate backlinks

  • Directory Submission
  • Business Listing
  • Competitor Backlink Directory Analysis
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Contribute as Guest Author
  • Creating Shareable Content
  • Document Sharing
  • Video Submission
  • Question and Answer
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Forum Participation
  • Info graphic submission

  • 8. Monthly Website Status Report

    The Professional SEO company create Monthly Website status report and Keyword Ranking status Report at the beginning of each month about the previous month site and keyword performance.

    Website status report shows the following metrics

  • Website Audience Overview
  • New Visitor
  • Returning visitors
  • Traffic Country Overview
  • Traffic Browser Overview
  • Traffic OS Overview

  • We have prepared Source & Medium Website Traffic and more

    9. Monthly Keyword Ranking Report

    We have prepared keyword Ranking report by comparing the on-going month keyword performance with the previous month Keyword Position. We have send action plan along with the reports to improve the site traffic and sustained the tops position in search result.

    10. Help And Support

    Help And Support

    Our Team members are working 24/7 to help and support you you.

    With a proven track record in SEO optimization, we have delivered exceptional solutions for industries such as grocery applications, restaurant aggregation, pick-up and delivery services, hospitals, and personalized industries. We have solely assigned you a SEO specialist to assist you at anytime Via Chat, Email or Phone call.

    The Author

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    Managing Director