The Guide To Mobile App Development In 2023

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“Mobile apps” is the buzzword amongst organizations and people these days. This is because mobile apps are swift and easy to use. They also provide numerous conveniences and benefits to people and organizations alike. Every organization that can have an online presence is building its official website and mobile app to heighten its brand awareness, lead conversion rates, business volume and profits. Mobile apps are feature-rich and thereby enable organizations to micro-manage their business operations. Organizations can scale up their business with minimal additional staffing and infrastructure costs if they have their own official mobile apps. Are there any other benefits that mobile apps give to organizations? Do organizations face any challenges while building their own mobile apps Kindly read The Guide To Mobile App Development In 2023 on to find out.

The Different Types Of Enterprise Mobile Applications

Employee Level Apps

Employee level apps are usually customized for each and every employee. They are basically apps that enable employees to update the status of the tasks assigned to them. Some employee apps may even contain business analytics tools so that the concerned employees can prepare and share business performance reports.

Employee level apps are usually customized because employees’ designations and roles vary greatly in an organization and so will the procedure to update the statuses of their tasks.

For example some high rank employees in an organization may do complex tasks that consist of various phases and each of those task phases have to be updated separately. Some employees may have to prepare more elaborate and complex business performance reports. So their respective customized official apps will have more sophisticated and elaborate business analytics tools.

Department Level Apps

Department level apps are the most varied and customized official apps you’ll come across. They are tailor-made to cater to the requirements of every department in every organization. The types of department level apps are listed below.

Staff coordination apps: These apps enable a company’s staff to communicate and coordinate with each other on a real time basis. These apps usually enable live chat, messages, and file sharing.

Via these coordination apps, a company’s staff from various departments can communicate and coordinate with each other to finish the allotted official tasks and update the statuses of their respective official tasks.

Marketing apps: These apps enable the marketing and sales departments in any firm to devise marketing strategies, schemes, offers, and customer loyalty programs. These official apps help enhance the reach, lead conversion rate, business volume, and profit of any business.

CRM apps: These apps provide all the necessary and relevant details of all the customers of any business such as customers’ names, their D.O.B.s, their other red-letter days, their tastes and preferences, their buying trends, etcetera.

Using all these business insights and data, businesses can wish their customers on their red letter days and devise effective business strategies to heighten their customer engagement, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

Financial apps: These apps help a company remain compliant with some of the local government’s statutory laws. They help an organization correctly maintain its balance sheets and accounts. Swift and secure online official payments are also possible via official finance apps.

Logistics control apps: These apps help an organization keep track of and control its logistics related activities such as tracking if an item has been shipped, tracking if an item has been picked up by their courier service provider, tracking if an item has been delivered to its client or customer, communicating and coordinating with their truck drivers, etcetera so that the organization can keep its business operations running smoothly.

HR apps: These apps enable a company’s HR to view and evaluate the resumes of the company’s candidates. They also enable HRs to communicate with their candidates and update the status of their job applications. Last but not least, these apps enable HRs to keep track of their selection process.

Partner apps: Some businesses don’t hire full-time employees at least not for all their departments. They instead hire business partners to aid them in providing their service or selling their products.

Business partners don’t get paid a fixed salary unlike regular employees. Instead, they get paid according to the amount of work they do. Partner apps help businesses keep track of their partners’ business activities and payments made to them.

Industry news apps: These apps are not like your regular news apps. They provide entrepreneurs with the latest news pertaining to their industry. Entrepreneurs can also cutomize/filter in which sub-domain they wish to receive news updates on.

Company Level Apps

Company level apps are the final app products that companies sell to their customers or clients. Some organizations may even have their own dedicated training apps to train new joinees in their various departments.

What Are The Challenges In Undertaking Enterprise Mobile App Development?

It might be surprising to know but even in modern times, corporations face challenges while designing mobile apps for official or commercial purposes. Some of the major challenges that organizations face while designing mobile apps are as listed below.

Not Knowing The Needs Of The Target Audience

Some companies do not invest the time and effort in getting to know the needs of their target audience thoroughly. Hence, they end up designing apps that their target audience don’t need.

Apps that are not in demand will never get many downloads even if they are marketed well. Before designing an app, app developers should ask themselves these questions:

  • What is the purpose of designing the app?
  • Is the app’s design purpose aligned with the requirements of our target audience?
  • What are the features and functionalities that need to be incorporated into the app to fulfill its design purpose?
  • Are there any extra and unique features that can be incorporated into the app to heighten users’ convenience and engagement?
  • Is the app’s design/wireframe appealing, engaging, advanced, and easy to use?

  • Disgruntled Design Team Due To Paltry Pay

    While the quality of the work/final product is impotant, it is equally important to pay your app design and marketing team satisfactorily to ensure the commitment of your employees to the app design project lest your employees will become disgruntled and do shoddy and sketchy work on the project which will ultimately lead to your app not selling. Hence, you must set an appropriate budget for your project before beginning work on it.

    Having Only Inexperienced App Developers In Your Team

    While freshers in the app development domain are the best in coming up with innovative app design ideas, they perform relatively poorly when it comes to understanding what needs to be done and employing the best app design practices.

    Hence, your app development team should ideally consist of 75% experienced professionals and 25% freshers in the app development domain to incorporate the right blend of internationally recognized app design practices and innovation in app design. High performance and innovative apps are always the ones that get the maximum number of downloads and positive user reviews.

    Low Level Of Data Security

    The security level of an app is as important as its performance and layout. After all, nobody likes their data leaked/compromised. An app that has a low level of data security will make its data structure prone to malware and hacking attacks and thereby compromise its users’ data.

    Once you lose the trust of your users by compromising their data or by tinkering with their data privacy, it’s very hard if not impossible to gain back their trust and usage of your app. So, high importance has to be given to data security and privacy while designing your app.

    Designing An Unappealing And Cumbersome App

    No matter how great the performance of your app is, if your app is not easy to navigate and has very palin and unappealing design, you will not get many downloads for your app and will thereby not make much revenue and profits from it.

    People always like and prefer to use only attractive and easy to navigate apps. Research has proven that the UI/UX of an app is as important as its performance and features.

    No Backup Available

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus necaThese days, personal data is as precious to people as money. People prefer to download apps that automatically backup their data for later retrieval and use. Users may need their backed up data in case their app or smartphone crashes or get damaged. Users may also need their past data for current reference and use. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

    Inappropriate And Ineffective App Marketing

    Before marketing your app via online social media platforms, the unique characteristics and the advantages and disadvantages of each social media platform has to be understood fully. You then need to choose the appropriate social media platforms and digital marketing strategies to market your app online to market your app online.

    Even if your app has been stunningly designed, the efforts of your design team will go in vain if your app is not marketed properly. After all, only if your app has been marketed properly, it will sell and give you revenue and profits and only if you get good revenue and profits, you will be able to pay your staff their salaries and incentives.

    How Much Does Enterprise App Development Cost?

    Unfortunately or fortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. The cost to develop an app for your business depends on a multitude of factors as listed below.

    Number And Complexity Of The Desired App Features

    Obviously, the more the number of app features you want, the more development time it’s going to take and the more it’ll cost you. If you want advanced and complex features to be installed in app, then too it’s going to cost you more as developing complicated and elaborate app features requires a great deal of technical expertise and app development time.

    UI/UX Design

    A simple app interface will only cost you an average of around USD 4,000 to design whereas a swanky and feature-rich UI that is versatile yet simple to use will cost you between USD 15,000 to USD 20,000 to design. Advanced yet simple to use UIs have a higher user engagement rate when compared to simple UIs.

    The Nationality And Experience Of App Developers

    Experienced app developers will obviously charge you more for their app development services as they have more proven technical experience and expertise whereas freshers in the app development domain will be a lot less expensive to hire as they’ll be facing high competition, yearning to get good app development projects, and have to prove themselves first before they increase their hourly rates.

    App developers from different regions of the world also charge variedly for their app development services.

    App developers from developed nations like the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etcetera charge more for their app development services when compared to app developers from developing nations like India, China, Malaysia, etcetera.

    This could be due to stiffer competition in developing countries for high-paying, white-collar jobs like mobile app development. The table below shows the average per hour rates of mobile app developers in various nations.

    The US: Mobile app developers from the US are the costliest to hire. Their average hourly charge ranges between USD 50 to USD 250. This could be due to the sparse competition in the US in the mobile app development domain and also due to the high technical expertise of mobile app developers there.

    Europe: European app developers may be costly or cheap to hire. Their hourly app development charge varies widely between USD 30 to USD 150.

    You may hire a cost-effective European app developer depending on your budget and app functionality requirements but kindly ensure that you get value for your money and not a poorly designed app that will bodge the public image and reputation of your restaurant business.

    Australia: App developers from Australia are somewhat expensive to hire. They charge anywhere from USD 80 to USD 120 per hour for their app development services.

    India: Indian app developers are the most sought-after by firms around the world. This is because they are skilled yet cost-effective to hire to hire. Indian app developers charge only between USD 10 to USD 80 per hour for their app development services. This could be due to the exceptionally high competition in India to secure high paying, white collar jobs like mobile app development.

    The App Development Platform Used

    Different app development platforms and coding languages are used to develop native or cross-platform apps for Android or iOS. The “Kotlin” programming language is used to develop native Android apps. The “Swift” programming language is used to develop native iOS apps.

    Certain app development platforms like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter are used to develop cross-platform apps. The employ different app coding technologies like Javascript,, and Dart respectively to design cross-platform apps.

    The different coding technologies differ in their capabilities (the functionality of the respective features) and complexity. Hence, app developers using different app development platforms and coding technologies charge varied hourly rates for their app development services.

    Generally speaking, designing an official app for your business will cost you anywhere between USD 5,000 to USD 200,000 depending on the above-mentioned factors.

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    In conclusionThe Guide To Mobile App Development In 2023 A successful enterprise mobile app is one that aligns closely with the organization's goals and processes, effectively addressing pain points, enhancing productivity, and improving customer interactions. Collaboration between cross-functional teams, including developers, designers, business analysts, and end-users, is paramount to ensure that the app's functionality and design are cohesive and user-centered.

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