The Manifold Benefits Of IOS App Development

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In the mobile app market today, there are only two dominant players. One is Android apps supported by Google and the other one is iOS apps supported by Apple. Android apps have about 72% of the app market share and iOS apps have about 27% of the app market share. When considering the benefits of iOS app development, it's important to note its significant presence in this competitive landscape. The remaining 1% is controlled by Fuschia and other minor players in the app market. Despite having a smaller market share than Android apps, developing an official iOS app will still be more beneficial for your business and the reasons for it are discussed in this blog post. We are also going to discuss the process involved in developing an iOS app. So, kindly read on.

The Prime Benefits Of Ios App Development

Developing an official iOS app will give your business many benefits in all aspects, especially in terms of the benefits of iOS app development. Some of the important ones are discussed below.

Great UI/UX

It’s easier to design a user interface for an iOS app than an Android app since there is not much size variation between iphones unlike Android smartphones. Also, iOS apps have a far greater native hardware compatibility than Android apps. Hence, they are able to give their users a far better experience than Android apps. iOS apps are faster and work more seamlessly than Android apps.

Greater Securityr

iOS apps have a higher data security level than Android apps. They are better protected against malware, hacking, data phishing and computer virus attacks. All the monetary transactions carried out for in-app purchases and other purposes are end to end encrypted via a very secure encryption algorithm. The occurrence of data theft and manipulation, and duplication from iOS apps is almost non-existant.

Loyal User Base

Iphone and iOS app users are mostly highly educated and well-settled people living in developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Singapore, and Canada. These users will not hesitate to spend more money to buy a good iOS app and for in-app purchases. They will be prepared to spend a significant sum on any iOS app if they get a smooth experience from it.

So, as a general rule, iOS app developers get a much higher ROI than Android app developers and need not take as much effort to maintain their userbase as Android app developers as iphone and iOS app users are more loyal to Apple and trust its products.

The Elaborate Yet Effective IOS App Development Process

The process to develop an iOS app is elaborate yet effective and fail-proof. The App Store has a very high standard and criteria for accepting and listing iOS apps. Hence, iOS apps have to be designed carefully and with perfection. The process of developing an iOS app is described in detail below.

Requirement Analysis

Only apps that are in demand get lots of downloads and positive user reviews. Therefore, iOS app designers have to study their target audience’s requirements first and design their iOS apps to satisfy those requirements to get the maximum possible app downloads and positive user reviews.

iOS app designers can also study the features of their competitors’ apps and look to incorporate any innovate and useful features into their apps. They must also look to incorporate their own unique and useful features into their iOS apps to make their apps stand out among the competition and to gain an edge over their competitors.

Read And Understand The App Store’s Guidelines

The App Store has very strict rules and guidelines to accept and list iOS apps. Therefore, iOS app designers have to be updated with the latest app design guidelines and criteria laid out by The App Store and implement them while designing their iOS apps so that their iOS apps can be listed on The App Store. Even the modifications and upgrades that they make to their iOS apps have to be compliant with The App Store’s rules and criteria.

After all, there is no point in spending a lot of time, money, and effort designing iOS apps and upgrading them if they are not compliant with The App Store’s rules and criteria and will get rejected as a consequence.

Designing A Wireframe For The App

After having understood their target audience’s requirements and The App Store’s guidelines, iOS app designers design a wireframe for their iOS apps.

The wireframe will give the app designer and other team members a fair idea of what the iOS app is going to look like and what features it will have. A wireframe of an app is usually revised many times before the final design can be arrived at.

iOS app designers have to ensure that their iOS app is fully featured, is innovatively designed, is easy to navigate, and is engaging for their users so that their iOS apps get the maximum possible downloads, positive user reviews, and give their respective business owners, an edge over their competitors.

Coding The App

The front end and back end coding for the iOS app has to be done according to internationally recognized app design practices and keeping in mind your target audience’s requirements and The App Store’s latest guidelines.The source code of your iOS app has to be concise and efficient and occupy as little phone memory space as possible. It must enable all the features necessary for the app.

The “Swift” coding technology was invented by Apple in 2014 and has replaced Objective C as the coding language of choice for designing native iOS apps. The Swift coding technology is very robust and is easy to learn. That’s why app designers prefer to design native iOS apps these days.

Testing The App

If you want your iOS app to give its users a great experience, you must test it thoroughly under all use case scenarios. Your iOS app must perform swiftly and smoothly under all use case scenarios to give its users a great experience and thereby heighten your user engagement and retention.

App Maintenance And Upgrade

You must maintain your iOS app periodically and update it if necessary to enable it to consistently give its users a great experience and satisfy their changing requirements.

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