The Manifold Benefits Of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Long gone are the days when traditional means of advertising like tv ads, radio ads, billboard ads, signboard ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etcetera were the only means by which a brand could make itself known to its potential customers. Traditional means of advertising were inaccurate, expensive, not quantifiable and optimizable, and limited in their reach and influence. “Social Media Marketing (SMM)” is the buzzword among people and businesses these days. This is because social media platforms are highly popular among people and organizations alike. They enable businesses to accurately identify and reach out to their target audience. Owing to the global reach and influence of the internet, SMM has a high lead conversion rate. Does SMM provide any other significant benefits to businesses of all sizes? Kindly read on to find out.

The Treasured Benefits Of Social Media Advertising For Brands

The main perks of Social Media Marketing (SMM) that attract hoardes of businesses and people to social media platforms are that SMM can be undertaken 100% free of charge and that social media platforms help brands precisely identify and interact with their target audience. Some of the other noteworthy benefits of smm are as listed below.

Heightened Brand Awareness

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, TikTok, etcetera have billions of people and thousands of brands registered on them.

Therefore social media platforms are a great forum for brands to advertise themselves and interact with their target audience. This will enhance brand awareness multifold. ‘Groups’ on social media platforms help brands to precisely identify and reach out to their target audience.

Via social media platforms, brands can get to know what their competitors are upto, which will help them to devise better business strategies to improve their business in all aspects.

By “listening” to (analyzing) people’s demands and trends and by actively advertising their products or services, brands can provide what their target audiences want and thereby heighten their business volume and profits.

Augmented Website Traffic

Since just a few social media platforms cover billions of people and a wide array of target audiences, brands can utilize this fact and market themselves on suitable social media platforms to reach and influence the maximum number of potential customers.

Every social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages and is better suited for businesses from different industries. So, you must analyze which social media platforms are apt to market your business and focus your marketing campaigns on those social media platforms to derive the best results.

Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

Not many people are aware of this but Google attaches different levels of importance to online traffic from different social media platforms.

Online traffic from LinkedIn ups a website’s DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) by significant amounts. Internet traffic from Twitter marginally improves a website’s DA and PA and online traffic from Facebook does not have a noteworthy impact on a website’s DA and PA.

Even if your website’s authority does not increase shortly due to visitors from various social media platforms, that online traffic will surely become a ranking factor for your website in the long run. Google ranks websites with a lot of online traffic higher on its SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Higher Lead Conversion Rate

Social media platforms give you an opportunity to interact publicly and personally with your target audience. Hence, you can enhance brand awareness, customer engagement, lead conversion rate, sales, and profits all at once via social media platforms. This is not possible via traditional means of advertising.

Social media platforms are vibrant and happening forums where you can interact with your target audience and improve your business in all aspects. You can listen to the demands and grievances of your target audience and address those demands and shortcomings so that the quality of your products and/or services can be improved.

Social media platforms also provide you an opportunity to share your ideas and future plans for your business and thereby “build a personality” for it which will enhance your brand’s reputation and popularity and give it manifold benefits in the long run.

You Can Convert Your Existing Customers Into Brand Evangelists

As mentioned before, social media platforms enable you to interact with your customers and target audience on your business page, related groups, and via personal chats and emails.

This provides a great opportunity for you to build a better rapport with your customers and target audience and augment the popularity and reputation of your brand.

Your interaction with your customers and target audience must be effective and have a human touch to it. Your customers must not feel like they’re chatting with a chatbot.

If you resolve your customers’ queries and complaints in an effective and friendly manner, you can eventually convert them into your brand’s evangelists who will give your brand manifold benefits in the long run.

You Can Run Free Or Cost-Effective Ad Campaigns

Running ad campaigns on social media platforms is one of the most effective yet cost-effective means to augment your brand awareness, customer engagement, lead conversion rate, sales, and profits.

Social media platforms enable you to run completely free or cost-effective ad campaigns with a great deal of user interaction that is not possible via traditional means of advertising.

Social media ads enable precise audience targeting, have a regional or global reach, are engaging and effective, are inexpensive to run, and their performance can be measured and optimized. All these characteristics are lacking in traditional advertising.

You Can Gain Valuable Customer And Business Insights

By going through your customers’ complaints and suggestions (mentioned in their comments on various pages and groups on social media platforms), you can get an accurate idea of their expectations, suggestions, and complaints. If you address them well, you can better your products and/or service and thereby enhance the goodwill of your brand.

By visiting the business pages and social media groups of your competitors you can get to know about their current products, services, business strategies and what their customers are saying about them. Having known all that you can then refine your current approach to your market, your products and /or services, your business strategies, etcetera so that your business in improved in all aspects.

A Chance To Become An SME In Your Industry

By listening to what your customers and target audience have to say and by sharing your ideas and knowledge on appropriate social media platforms, pages, and groups, you can learn a lot about your industry and hone your business strategies to make them the most effective.

Social media platforms give you a great opportunity to interact with your customers and target audience, learn lots of things, and become an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in your domain which will help you and your business in the long run

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