Importance of Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

digital marketing for educational institutions

Ever since the internet was invented, it has become widely used and immensely popular. The internet has become a hit with organizations and people alike. This is due to its global reach and influence. Over the past decade, many brands have taken their businesses online. Many organizations are also resorting to Digital Marketing practices rather than Traditional Marketing practices these days, as Digital Marketing is more cost-effective and effective than Traditional Marketing. The importance of digital marketing for educational institutions is now evident, as they also benefit from its strategies. If so, what are the digital Marketing techniques that are appropriate for educational institutions? Kindly read on to find the answers.

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Digital Marketing is marketing done for a company’s products or services on online platforms rather than via traditional means like giving newspaper ads, billboard ads, radio ads, TV ads, etcetera. The online platforms utilized could be a company’s official website, social media ad campaigns, in-app ads, etcetera. In today's digital age, educational institutions know the importance of digital marketing, it helps to reach and engage with their target audience effectively.

Digital Marketing techniques enable any organization to reach out to its target audience across the globe with a little to no costs. Hence, it’s no wonder that digital marketing services are highly sought after by organizations of all types.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Educational Institutions

Gone are the days when there were only a few schools and colleges in every village, town, and city and therefore admissions used to pour in without any effort from the part of the schools or colleges. However, in a modern world, the benefits Of digital marketing for educational institutions have become crucial for reaching a wider audience and ensuring continued growth.

These days, many educational institutions have opened up in every village, town, and city in India and across the world. Therefore, there is fierce competition between them to attract students for admission.

In the coming section, we shall see why Digital Marketing methods to attract students are preferred and adopted by educational institutions rather than traditional marketing methods.

Ability To Do Far-Reaching And Precise Targeting

Due to the global reach of the internet, educational institutions are now able to advertise their services far and wide. Various Digital Marketing tools with advanced filters like Google Ads are now available to make an educational institution’s website or online ad campaign globally visible or only visible in certain regions to the target audience. Via these online marketing tools, far-reaching and precise audience targeting can be done by educational institutions.

Compelling emails can be sent to prospective students on every level (school, college, or PhD) to heighten an educational institution’s conversion and admission rates. In short, if educational institutions employ the right digital marketing practices, they can make big profits and stay ahead of their competition.

Digital Marketing Is Far More Cost-Effective And Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Due to the speed, influence, and global reach of the internet, online marketing is always more quick, effortless, and effective, yet more cost-effective than traditional means of advertising. The benefits of digital marketing for educational institutions include reaching a wider student base, engaging with prospects in real-time, and optimizing campaigns for better results. Traditional Advertising is limited in its reach and influence. Moreover, it is quite costly to undertake, and the performance of ads given via traditional means cannot be measured and optimized, unlike digital ads.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook have online ad campaign management tools like Google Ads and Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) respectively that enable users to set a budget for each of the keywords they use in their online ad campaigns. Once the budget balance for a keyword reduces and reaches nil, the keyword is delisted from the online ad campaign.

Online tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and CBO help users to measure and optimize the performance of their online ad campaigns. For example, they can remove non-performing keywords in their online ad campaigns and allocate that same budget for another promising keyword as they see fit.

Research has shown that companies earn much more or achieve their targets more easily via online ad campaigns than via traditional forms of advertising. In other words, Digital Marketing gives organizations much higher ROIs than traditional means of advertising.

Ability To Send Personalized Messages To Enhance Lead Conversion Rates

When you’re giving an ad on any traditional medium like newspapers, flyers, posters, radio, TV, etcetera, you will have no idea if the person who’s coming across your ad is among your target audience or not. The chances of you reaching uninterested or inappropriate people are very high in traditional means of advertising. Traditional media ads waste a lot of your ad budget and are quite ineffective and inaccurate. Here you got to know the importance of digital marketing for educational institutions.

Digital Marketing tools and techniques enable educational institutions to identify their target audience correctly by gathering data on prospective students’ future study plans and fields of interest and then send them appropriate and personalized emails, SMSs, or pings on suitable social media platforms to heighten their lead conversion rates.

It Forms An Alternative Mode Of Communication With Students And Staff

Schools, colleges, and universities can create their respective groups on appropriate social media platforms to make an alternate mode of communication with their students and staff.

Announcement of special courses, holidays, exam schedules, award ceremonies, college events, workshops, seminars, etcetera can be made on social media groups apart from on notice boards and speakers fitted in various classrooms and labs.

Posts on social media platforms and websites give educational institutions a chance to interact with their students and staff. Social media posts and blog posts receive a far greater level of interaction and excitement than notices printed on plain paper or announcements made over mikes.

If students or staff post any valuable suggestions on social media platforms regarding any academic event, they can be implemented by the respective educational institutions to better their management and organizational skills.

Online forums also enable students and staff to voice out their complaints or grievances regarding certain issues they face at their respective educational institutions more easily than they would at their educational institutes. The benefits of digital marketing for educational institutions include reaching a wider audience and engaging with prospective students effectively.

Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Educational Institutes Can Employ

Now that you know that digital marketing techniques and practices help an educational institute advertise its courses far and wide and also precisely target prospective students, you must also know about the most effective digital marketing strategies for educational institutions can apply to improve their business in all aspects. They are listed below.

Build A Strong And Vibrant Social Media Presence

The youth these days are highly active on popular social media platforms. Hence, implementing an effective digital marketing framework for educational institutions and building a strong and vibrant social media presence will give rich rewards to an educational institute.

A strong and vibrant social media presence will make an educational institute popular among its students and staff. It will help the educational institute interact with its students and staff better and implement the meaningful ideas and suggestions given by them on various matters.

Interesting information regarding the current trends and challenges in various courses/fields of study offered by an institute can be posted on the institute’s social media pages and its official website to heighten its user engagement and retention. Such a practice will heighten the institute’s popularity and admissions.

Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

Though the internet is immensely popular and has a big impact on people, millennials and netizens who constitute the vast majority of the world’s population access and use the internet via their mobile phones and apps.

Therefore, it is very important for an educational institute to optimize its official website’s display to best suit popularly used smartphone models. This practice will heighten the use of the institute’s website and make the institute more popular.

An institute’s official website must have an attractive display and must be easy to navigate. It must load very fast (within a couple of seconds) on PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It must also have a helpful FAQ section and an inquiry form built into it to make life easier for its users.

Acquire A Lot Of Positive Student And Staff Testimonials

An educational institute can send personalized emails to its current and ex-students and staff requesting them to post positive reviews about the institute if they have had a good experience at the institute.

If a large number of positive student and staff reviews are acquired and posted by an educational institution on its official website, it will eradicate the doubt in the minds of other people that the reviews are fake and bought.

Numerous positive reviews will make Google rank the institute’s website higher on its SERPs (it’s a contributing factor) and it will also give a good impression to other website visitors who may visit the website for various purposes.

Embed Informative Videos On Your Official Website

An educational institute can create and embed informative videos on its official website that provide a virtual tour of its campus, mess facility, hostel facility, libraries, labs, auditorium, etcetera.

The website can also have informative videos on the courses offered, campus, hostel, mess, library, lab, loan, and transport facilities provided. Such informative videos will spike the interest of prospective students and enhance an educational institute’s lead conversion rate. After all, videos are immensely popular and have a big influence on people in the modern times.

Create An Official App For Your Institute

You can create an official app for your educational institute as using apps for any purpose is the trend these days. Your app can provide information on the courses offered, the facilities available, exam time tables, events time tables, etcetera.

It can also provide notes and previously published question papers on various subjects pertaining to the various courses offered and help students keep track of their exam, fees payment, and project schedules. The more an educational institute’s app simplifies life for its students, the more it will be used and rated.

SEO Optimize Your Official Website

No matter how great a content you have on your official website, if it’s not SEO optimized, your website will not rank on Google’s SERPs and will not be visible to your target audience.

Therefore, you must SEO optimize your educational institute’s official website to make it rank on the first page of Google’s search results thereby making it visible to your target audience.Applying appropriate SEO techniques will also enhance the readability, trust, and authority (DA and PA) of your official website.

Your website must also be easy to crawl and must not have any broken links to give both Google and your users a great experience when visiting your official website.

Qualify Your Website For Google’s AdSense

Once you apply appropriate SEO techniques and make your official website rank on the first page of Google’s search results, you can apply for Google’s AdSense program so that appropriate ads, relevant to your target audience will be displayed on your website. You must choose the position of these ads in such a way that they are visible to your users but are not a hindrance to their browsing and viewing experience.

You Can Undertake Retargeting Campaigns To Heighten Your Lead Conversion Rate

You can retarget prospective students who had expressed interest in your courses before to heighten your lead conversion rate and admissions. You can employ email or social media chat campaigns to retarget prospective students. Retargeting campaigns take time to implement but are reasonably effective.

Regularly Upload Webinars From Industry Experts

You can upload webinars from industry experts on a regular basis on your educational institute’s official website. The webinars can educate students about their respective industry’s current trends and challenges and about the latest innovations that have happened in those industries.

The webinars can also provide further high quality education and practical knowledge from industry experts to enable your students to be industry ready when they graduate from your university or college and get employed by various firms.

Such a practice will augment the credibility and quality of your educational institute and make it more popular among your ex, current, and prospective students. Digital marketing strategies for educational institutions play a crucial role in reaching a wider audience and effectively conveying the benefits of your programs. After all, students attend your university or college to gain valuable and useful knowledge in their fields of interest and to get employed by reputed firms in their domains of interest.

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